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  1. frompz

    Bitcoin Fees

    i heard that it depends on miners but i think that depends in wallet also !
  2. Claim faucet and play ! REPEAT !
  3. well idk about you but sometimes captchas are slow for me maybe bad internet ? ?
  4. frompz

    How to hit 1000x in PLINKO (share ur trick here)

    1000x well the biggest that i hit is 130x GG
  5. frompz

    I finally won something

    Plinko , i hitted 170x in that game ! it was low bet at the end i got 13$ from faucet !
  6. frompz

    How i play plinko

    Will try this ! hope the luck is with me !
  7. frompz

    Does anyone actually play on /hack mode?

    Didn't know about /hack i saw this and i tried ! damn so amazing !
  8. frompz

    Creating a Jackpot

    that seems great hope we see a jackpot in the future !
  9. He means dark mode for forum i think !
  10. frompz

    1satoshi to million satoshi

    I tried it , and ended up losing my faucet satoshis
  11. frompz

    Creating a Jackpot

    Great idea , btw or maybe a jackpot game where the players can put their money ? ?
  12. frompz

    Yoo Yoo

    Hello , Just i want to know is any Albanian Guy in this forum ! Btw I'm new here !