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  1. What is a Whatsapp Clone Script? Whatsapp is a popular messaging app that connects billions of users around the globe, primarily, the messaging app lets users text/message each other through its app and over the years, they have added the ability to make a voice call and video call. Whatsapp clone script allows anyone to easily start an instant messaging app business. Getting a Whatsapp clone script empowers you to start the business quickly as it is ready-made and gives you to advantage of saving development time. How does the Whatsapp Clone script work? The Whatsapp clone script allows the users to message and pay each other wherever they are located. The user signs up on the platform using their phone number, they can choose a profile picture, else they can proceed. The app then asks for their permission to sync their Phone's contacts list to check if there are any other users who have signed up on the platform.( You can only message users who have signed up on this WhatsApp clone script platform) How is this Whatsapp clone script different from others? This Instant messaging app script was built with Cross Border payments in mind. We wanted to empower forward thinking entrepreneurs who were keen on building Cross-border payments simple, reliable and faster. Plus, we wanted to combine the ease of getting people across different countries closer. We harnessed the power of cryptocurrency powered payments so any entrepreneur starting their business can get started right away! and The buck doesn't stop there. If you're building some other cool features over it to make the platform truly yours, you may, with the robust API layer provided. Why Cryptocurrency powered payments are the next big thing? Blockchain (cryptocurrency) powered payments platforms offer accelerated secure, low cost, near instant international payments transfer faster than traditional systems. The validity of the transactions are verified by the globally distributed ledger that apply a consensus mechanism. How does the platform owner make money by using whatsapp clone script? As a platform owner, you can earn a small commission fee for every transaction done on the platform. It's technically revenue on Auto pilot. As you onboard more users, your revenue increases. Stellar blockchain is used so as to minimize the transaction fee that you will incur, also stellar plans to reduce the network/transfer fee to 0% in the near future. We are constantly identifying newer revenue channels to add into our products, they'll help thrive the business. What are the features of the Whatsapp Clone script? Real-time Messaging Protocol : Real-time messaging is powered through the use of Firebase and Php. Firebase is a Google backed technology that most modern enterprises use to build real-time communication apps. One on One Messaging: Based on the phone number the user can chat with other users easily through the intuitive chat interface on the mobile app. Groups Messaging: Your users can create interest groups, add and message others to the groups. Groups is an essential feature that brings people together for a myriad of reasons. Pay friends abroad with Cryptocurrency powered payments : With the Crypto Payments capability, make it convenient for your users to pay each other across the border. Cross-border, fast and low fee transactions now made simple using Cryptocurrency. Broadcast Messages : Your users can broadcast messages to other users in their contact list, broadcasts can be used in times of emergency or for sending out a quick update to people who do not want to be part of any group. Sticker Store (Upcoming): Sticker packs can make it more fun and engaging for users while having a conversation with others. Selling stickers is also another revenue channel for the platform owner. Admin moderation tools: If a conversation is reported as Spam or abusive, it will be made available to the admin to take action. They can limit the conversation, or ban the user based on the phone number on the platform. Thanks for watching our content, to know more about our services. Kindly Visit our Website: ICO App Factory 101, Kumaran Colony 3rd street, Vadapalani, Chennai-600026 https://www.icoappfactory.com/ icoappfactory@gmail.com +91-7397224461
  2. What is an Asset Token or Asset Based Tokens ( ABT )? With the emergence of Blockchain, the concept of ‘Tokenization Blockchain’ is becoming mainstream. Lets go back a little and start with Cryptocurrency. The era of crypto witnessed many coins being born ( Bitcoin, Ether, Neo, Zcash etc. ). It became clear to the world that anyone can create a coin based on an algorithm and pre-defined logic ( There are 4000+ coins at this moment ). This trend shifted to people creating Utility tokens, which are again a cryptocurrency that was used to facilitate an event or transaction in a business logic ( Ex: XRP is used to transfer money across borders ). These coins or tokens were priced and traded. This gave launch to something called the Initial Coin Offering (ICO ). But then many ICO’s crossed the barrier of being just a Utility token, to being a share of the issuing company. The regulatory bodies across the globe took notice and started issuing strict warning on this. So, was born the Security Tokens. These Security Tokens were created with the prime Moto of issuing shares or stocks of the company. It followed all regulations the bodies like SEC required. It gave rise to the Security Token Offerings ( STO ) via. Which people were able to raise funds for their business idea from across the globe seamlessly. Think of it like a normal IPO, but more scalable in nature. As Security Tokens and STO became a trend, there was more research going into tokenising more assets. People wanted to tokenise other things like Commodities, Real Estate, Gold, Agriculture yield, Art, Credit Card… anything …you name it. Soon was born the concept of Asset Tokenization. These tokens were backed by real world assets. They were called as Asset token or Asset Based Tokens (ABT). Investors who bought the Asset Tokens were given Proof of Asset Tokens which they can hold or trade these tokenized assets in Asset token exchanges. Also was born the trend of Token Generation Event (TGE) or Initial Token Offering (ITO). Since any Asset of any form was tokenised, this trend also got to be known as ‘Tokenizer for X’ or ‘Token for X’ ( where X can be substituted by any Asset or commodity etc. ). How does Asset Digitization work? In the modern world, digitizing assets of any type is possible in a snap. The Asset can be anything ( Real Estate, A High Rise, Apartment, Gold, Art, Agriculture, Cannabis, Textile etc.). Using an Asset Tokenizer, you digitize the asset by splitting it into any number of Asset Tokens. Once the Asset Digitization is done, you can price each asset token and sell it. Using an Asset Tokenization Platform, you can sell the Asset Based Tokens ( ABT ) to investors world wide. Thanks for watching our content, to know more about our services. Kindly Visit our Website: ICO App Factory 101, Kumaran Colony 3rd street, Vadapalani, Chennai-600026 https://www.icoappfactory.com/ icoappfactory@gmail.com +91-7397224461
  3. Community Marketing: Writing promotional data as like end users in many crypto communities like Bitcoin talk, Cryptocurrency talk, Bitcoin garden, Bitcoin forum and Ico examiner. Influencer Marketing: We’ll Strategically Align with You to Achieve Your Business Objectives. Services: Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Paid Media, Paid Search Marketing, Influencer Marketing’s. ICO Listing: Lorem ipsum dolor sits amet, consectetur adipiscing elite. To do so, she is loosed, to be elected are less interesting, be due to the agony of pains. Minneapolis, takes a similar fault so hated. Crypto PR Service: Global Reach · Targeted Press Coverage · Digital Strategy Experts · Special Startup Programmed Services: Media Expertise, Digital Strategy, and Content Creation. ICO Digital Marketing Agency - ICO Launch Services: Bridging The Gap between Web Development, Search, PR and Content Marketing for Block chain Startups and ICO’s Specializing in ICOs: Marketing ICOs is hugely different from marketing traditional start-ups. We are marketing agency we focused on ICOs. We have expertise in website and content design. We will assist you with creating your website and all documents, including the whitepaper. We use all channels to reach out to investors, including paid ads, press releases, social media and communities. It’s essential we address brand development and marketing communication in a holistic way; and rely on analytics to continuously fine-tune the campaign. Thanks for reading our content. To know more about our services, please visit our website: ICO APP Factory icoappfactorygmail.com 108,Level 9,Brunsfield Oasis Tower, Petaling Jaya,Malaysia. +60 116409615
  4. After the phenomenal success of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream in many countries and international territories. As everyone knows, Bitcoin is the real inspiration behind hundreds of new cryptocurrencies existing in the market since most of the cryptocurrencies have been derived from the Bitcoin’s codebase. For this reason, these alternate coins are also known as Altcoins. The Blockchain Technology was designed for the exchange of the world’s first cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin. It is a huge success and has grown manifolds since inception. It has not only created a space for itself in the industry, but it also has paved the way for other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Preecoin, Primecoin, Namecoin, Quark and more. We also do Blockchain software and ICO Solution, Blockchain Mob specializes in custom blockchain-based software development Services, Smart Contracts. The best and most efficient ICO software can't create by all. Only highly experienced developers like us can build ICO software with error-free efficiency. With full of experience in initial coin offering consultancy and Software development. Our Wide Range Of Cryptocurrency Development Services Include: · Cryptocurrency Wallet Development · Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development · Smart Contracts Audit · Crowdsale · Cryptocoin Creation · Blockchain Development · Smart Contracts Development · Cryptocoin Mining · Cryptocurrency Software Development By blending their skills and knowledge, our developers deliver cryptocurrency trading & exchange script, and cryptocurrency software & exchange platform development solutions as per the needs of our clients. So get in touch with us now & avail the benefits of the flourishing cryptocurrency market! Thanks for reading our content. To know more about our services, please visit our website: ICO APP Factory Icoappfactorygmail.com http://icoappfactory.com/ 101,Kumaran Colony, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026 +91 73972244 61