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  1. Stalkerjex

    Kuleguten Stream #40! Giveaways

    Goodluck @kulegutten
  2. Stalkerjex

    "Who Sent me Giveaway"

    My self send me here
  3. Hilo Hilo:299,421,928 placed by Stalkerjex Wagered: 0.00002048 Payout: 11.88x Profit: 0.00022291
  4. Stalkerjex

    📢 Easter egg hidden secret + Reward

    Nice, it's this features possible at mobile phone or any gadget
  5. Stalkerjex

    📢 Easter egg hidden secret + Reward

    @Dan "April fool's day" the egg never exist try all the hunt but cant find it ... Tnx you fool's me XD Nice I see it now it's working gunuis it's a command
  6. Stalkerjex

    📢 Easter egg hidden secret + Reward

    Cellphone mode in desktop the cursur is the egg it can be seen when you do it on your pc
  7. Stalkerjex

    Bets for Pacquiao vs Matthysse (boxing Fight)

    Pacman will win K O at 8 round
  8. Stalkerjex

    Trivia Day ng Pinoy

    apply ka na kase MOD xtine ayaw nio naman ni @ravenyvolle2 kau talga ang legend dto ehh
  9. Stalkerjex

    Kuleguten Stream #38! Giveaways

    Good luck bro
  10. Stalkerjex

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    im back so i always won
  11. Stalkerjex

    New stream

    goodluck and win
  12. code: BTC invested: $40,000 code: DOGE invested: $10, 000 code: ETH invested: $20, 000 code: MONERO invested: $15, 000 code: LTC invested: $15, 000
  13. im back @Shinjo rainbowsheep say wb to me
  14. Stalkerjex

    Mirela gonna stream !!! Or not??

    hmmmnnn im waiting @Mirela pm me im back after 5 day sick
  15. Stalkerjex

    Error when reading chat

    yah it always an issue at mobile