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  1. code: BTC invested: $40,000 code: DOGE invested: $10, 000 code: ETH invested: $20, 000 code: MONERO invested: $15, 000 code: LTC invested: $15, 000
  2. im back @Shinjo rainbowsheep say wb to me
  3. [Seeking] Looking for 500k loan!!

    @Dan pls close this
  4. Mirela gonna stream !!! Or not??

    hmmmnnn im waiting @Mirela pm me im back after 5 day sick
  5. Error when reading chat

    yah it always an issue at mobile
  6. Last letter game!!

  7. [Seeking] Looking for 500k loan!!

    i just paid you check your tip log thanks for the consideration
  8. nice video thanks for sharing @Han2x
  9. End of year bitcoin prediction!?

    damn its too near for my prediction 9500usd wtf
  10. 3 days for 1000x

    grats bro hitting 1000x is one in a thousand times
  11. Last letter game!!

  12. [Seeking] Looking for 500k loan!!

    Ok thanks if i go max ill back 150k ok i loan to you today 10%per day good day @GodLoft
  13. [Seeking] Looking for 500k loan!!

    What is the condition bro percent per day?
  14. Looking for 500k loan!! ill back after 48hrs, ill pay 600k after in 2 days thanks
  15. goodluck @Shinjo #rainbowsheep win