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  1. долбаёб зачем ты все мои темы удалил

  2. In the future, use the main URL for your codes. The use of mirrors is suspicious. Thank you for understanding.
  3. Can you show me how you got this URL? All API addresses are displayed in but I cannot find this address there.
  4. Hi guys. Please read the text of the message in our TG channel carefully. You don't need to complain about these new rules. And you don't need to bet $ 1-2k per day. This is the wager level for a whole week. (I note that when performing challenges on the forum, you usually make this wager or a significant part of it) Chat and play. Don't make getting rain a top priority. It's just a bonus 😎
  5. step1: step2: step3: Find the physical medium for this code (it can be anything, paper, a file on a flash drive, or even a secure archive in the cloud). The main thing is that you know which coding sequence you used.
  6. Следуя вашей статистике, вам вообще нечего выкладывать. Тут даже мелкие это много
  7. больше 2 часов что за хуйня?

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