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  1. just use virus total before downloading it to make sure its safe https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload
  2. Ill def watch the stream. Also thats for the giveaway Stake: peel1
  3. $50 for 10 people as theres alot you might awell make as many people happy as possible
  4. Its just the fact that it uses up more GPU as the sites more pretty now so your PC has to try harder to load it
  5. O wait i did just get a copon thanks for notifying me i got 0.0073 ETH Wheel: 3,856,238,527 RIP
  6. id love bingo on stake and tbh id probably use the site abit more if they added it as the games will last longer making me feel im spending my money well lol.
  7. Keep trying its just pure luck. Change seed if your fed up maybe you will get a lucky one
  8. Great changes to prevent spammers and beggars getting rain i just wonder how heavily it rely s on waged
  9. Seems interesting if that come to a cinema near me ill def give it a watch
  10. Oh yeah crypto is the future maybe not right now or next year but its 100% going to be a MASSIVE thing in the future. Alot of county and basically everyone has started to realize its not a "scam" and "criminal money (thats what the UK seemed to tell everyone that it was)" and that its useful and helpful (especial for privacy something that disappearing real fast). Crypto really is the future
  11. peel1

    Back to $4k

    ive done some research and looked into the current market. Most people have no clue whats going on however i see alot of people saying ti will go down after this bump to 3000 -3500 who say to buy then as it will bounce to 5000-6000. Not to sure myself about this however i reckon i agree about it bouncing back up after going down (which is doing rn)
  12. Id love for you to produce some nice art work for us to use as advertise on Instagram face books groups etc.
  13. peel1

    Hidden tricks?

    Other than using bots im pretty sure its just down to luck and dedicating enough time to it.
  14. I dont use my mobile for gambling that a PC thing . Id end up doing it all the time and i cant afford to do that lol
  15. Can we get a F in the chat for rainbot?