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  1. peel1

    Ledger vs Trezor?

    ledget supports staking so thats my choice and its more secure than trezor if you get the nano X
  2. peel1

    New Here

    welcome to gamblers paradise
  3. never made a bet with it unless i end up with it from rain or something else.
  4. highest i ever got was 100x 1000X would be CRAZY
  5. id hope they had announced whhy it happend but clearly not
  6. i thought XRP was the last coin lol. Hope stake dont add TOO many more
  7. Share your spotify 2019 overview here heres mine:
  8. extremely good luck everyone one
  9. just look at this detail its CRAZY they got stats the probability and it all looks super smooth i mean lets be real no one after using this is going to use another sports book again. What are you opinions on it
  10. ive never but thats quite amazing really shows you how popular stake is getting good job eddie and the gang
  11. i roll that sort of way with slots with rain and sometimes get lucky and hit a fat 50x or 100x then bam you got some money to do it all over again
  12. recently whilst looking for a way to turn my BTC into money to spend on amazons black Friday deals i discovered bit refill. A SUPER EASY direct transfure of crypto to gift cards and when i say gift cards i mean all countrys and almost everything you could ever want (uber eats - arsenal) super easy and quick. Quick proof bellow (ive already claimed it so dont bother checking) Heres the clean link :https://www.bitrefill.com/buy/?hl=en And my ref :https://www.bitrefill.com/signup/?code=aqpCDJX8 (would be highly appreciated)