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  1. ETH not really a alt coin but its v good to hold for now as the price is extremely cheap for the potential use it holds
  2. if im gambling and the site is as good if not better than it is now yes
  3. open cmd with admin (right click it) type ipconfig its under default gateway
  4. peel1

    Drug test

    cant you get detox stuff?
  5. peel1

    STAKE coin

    would be intresting thou im not sure thats as easy as it sounds
  6. Thats legit so good
  7. its more like i knew bitcoin and thats how i found stake
  8. SLOTS: 10,222,320,576 placed by peel1 on 17/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 42.25x Profit 0.00004125 i legit love slots especially this bonus spin feature its v epic. lets boycott stake until they reduce the house edge like eddy told us to do (its a JOKE calm down support )
  9. u gotta appeal thou tbh support are quite nice with the appealing and im sure will let you off a perma mute but good luck never the less