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  1. peel1

    Reviews for the new Vault Feature

    I would like to see if it gets a compound/ normal interest addition then im very much down for it cuz atm I don't really see much use for it personally
  2. peel1

    Which one make you the best "Gambler"

    Anything that makes you hype so you got more balls. Cuz risk = reward
  3. peel1

    What does 2019 hold for Stake?

    I legit CANT WAIT for sports betting you have no idea (maybe cuz im good at it :D)
  4. gl hope you get a lot of profit today
  5. most news outlets are paid (conspiracy theory) by banks and the government to make it seems stupid and fake. Ive seen a lot of the news about it and they really try make it seem like a terrible idea
  6. peel1

    1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12.

    I mean I don't really play roulette as the 2.7 house edge scares me off as its so much higher than the rest
  7. peel1

    Games you hate ?

    I hate chart bet as it always screws me over
  8. peel1

    Do you trust the random tile picker?

    I very much don't trust it as I feel if I do it ill always loose
  9. peel1

    What your strategy on dice guys?

    I use fibbonatchi but you gotta be REALLY careful how much you wager for it as it can really fast dick you over if you get a loosing streak
  10. peel1

    Most profit you had in your gambling career

    pfft I mean I haven't made a big win ever really ive made a the most off sport gambling by playing it safe ive recently made £20 from £0 in about 4 days
  11. lowest withdraw is BCH I believe and to find out the rest do the above ^
  12. So I know a lot of you guys are using westland storage and I want you guys to stop as its a ponzi system and atm it may be paying out however at some point it will lock all your crypto and the site will shutdown (more here :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme) Anyway so a legit system is freebitco.in ik a lot of you guys know about it and they offer a nice interest rate of 4.08% annually to help they pay out giveaways, faucet and there gambling game (you can read up more on it on there page) id highly recommends it as they give interest DAILY so you can take out whenever and still get interest off it. My Ref link (plz use ) :https://freebitco.in/?r=16163145 clean:https://freebitco.in
  13. peel1

    Rainbot on stake.

    I agree with min wager but the captcha would be really annoying
  14. peel1

    Preferred Amount of Risk

    Id rather go for a high chance at low multipliers than hunt big ones because I find its more profitable