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  1. peel1

    NY's fun and games :)

    it was summary
  2. peel1

    NY's fun and games :)

  3. peel1

    NY's fun and games :)

    well ik it wasnt me riparoni
  4. peel1

    NY's fun and games :)

    Jason Momoa
  5. peel1

    [Roll hunt] Warming up!

    gg welp I tryed
  6. awsome please say if it works as it seems ridiculously good
  7. GG hope you get some big wins
  8. its a anti spam I belive the way to fix it (please find another way) delay the bets by a few seconds
  9. peel1

    [Giveaway] [Code Prize] [Prize Pool] Merry Christmas!

    Love your giveaways (really hope to win ofc) GL to everyone else and thanks for the giveaways always appreciated
  10. A few months ago I found this website --->https://www.coinlend.org/ and they are a coin lending bot that generates interest based off lending coins to other Ive heard they are apparently legit however I don't have the bitcoins to check if there legit. Also they CLAIM to get really really high interests rates (70.75% on JP-yen)(69.85% on DASH) so Im doubt full in its legitimacy however if there are legit theres some money to be made. if anyone checks them out (be carful please) please tell me so when I get the bitcoins ill use that to invest
  11. peel1

    [Closed] Christmas Spirit Giveaway!

    @ttt29 Should win $10 because he is generous and tipped me enough to recover. @OlegBarcaShould win $20 because he dose lots of livestreams where he runs a giveaway @DarkBlood069Should win $30 because he dose lots of great giveaways (where I almost always win ;D)
  12. peel1

    Discord Giveaways

  13. o wow 1BTC yes please. GL everyone
  14. 100000% where can I get signed up that's a amazing idea. (plz gimme the stake card pack that's something I really want lol)