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  1. low ball on that payout i guess you will be back soon
  2. Ok about Instagram you cant advertise crpyto i have lots of convos with them they REFUSE to advertise crypto point blank even after correctly filling in the forum they just hit me with some copy paste bs and wont respond on anything to me. About Adfly here are my stats: Links opened: 15087 Downloads: 50 Installs: 22 Active Miners: 0 good for site vists thats about it. Instagram was like 1000x better but you can advertise on there. Now im trying reddit and ill try bitcointalk thanks for sharing
  3. i asked him on stream awhile back why it was so high he said because its high in real life and he dosnt want to give the impression that slots are fair (aka money plz ). He said if people liked it enough (if it profitable) he would lower the house edge so go play it lol
  4. holy shit thats a CRAZY big win gg falchionman
  5. peel1 also good luck man (try 3 numbers classic keno)
  6. I looking for places to advertise stake and other such places. Please give ideas on places to advertisers as im pretty stuck for places. I know Facebook Instagram ad.fly mellow ads. If you know how well one you knows preforms please let me know im building a list of efficiency on places to find the best place for crypto advertising that ill share when completed
  7. the fees stack up at that point sadly. Coversions pricy from my findings anyway
  8. this website is for BCH only
  9. KYC is mandatory for anything
  10. Oh shit thats really luck one has legit just popped up in 14km of me (the other ones are like 50-60km away) thats quite nice its in a dodgy shop thou if anyone has another suggestion i would love to hear however thanks for making me check again
  11. Dose anyone know of a way to buy BTC (UNDER £100) without KYC and preferably low fees(VISA and bank trans only). ive looked around for ages but even localbtc prices are HORRIBLE i mean its 3% ontop of paying 20% more than the current price. Any help would be appreciated
  12. tbh the fact stake manage to find support of the same quallity of the pre-existing ones shocked me cuz there so dam good and i never see customer support so good anywhere else
  13. tbh VIPs are gunna get all the free money cuz they will spend it on the site where the non-vips are just gunna withdraw lol. if you spend alot on the site and lose alot the coupons are essential stake giving there losses back to them in a way that incentives them to use/spend more on the site so stake MAKE MONEY OFF COUPONS where they work make enough or any to justify doing it as much with non VIPS its more of a nice gift that you should be grateful stake gives you *wont
  14. Christ that was a really nice hit lol how long did that take you to hit