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  1. i keep my gambling at a min due to getting sucked in very easy however i do it from time to time and when i do its normally a responsible amount. Its all about self control
  2. peel1

    Starting To Love Dice

    Dice is really good in some aspect however it can screw you over super fast if your not careful
  3. peel1

    New to this

    Welcome to stake you can read the guides if you need any help
  4. Bitcoin at the moment is so volatile im not ultimately sure it really could go either way due to less trust in the typical markets or people could just mass panic and sell all crypto. It could REALLY go either way its very difficult to predict what will happen
  5. peel1

    Ledger vs Trezor?

    ledget supports staking so thats my choice and its more secure than trezor if you get the nano X
  6. peel1

    New Here

    welcome to gamblers paradise
  7. never made a bet with it unless i end up with it from rain or something else.
  8. highest i ever got was 100x 1000X would be CRAZY
  9. id hope they had announced whhy it happend but clearly not
  10. peel1

    Tron is here now.

    i thought XRP was the last coin lol. Hope stake dont add TOO many more
  11. Share your spotify 2019 overview here heres mine:
  12. extremely good luck everyone one