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  1. apparently that isnt due to a virus most times its a script on a website that runs on your memory so before reinstalling windows i would have restarted but atleast you know your safe now also download this please: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/
  2. Really what happened with you?
  3. So i just had the luckest day of my life. i just won a lithograph DOOM its one of 1000 EVER MADE. The odds of winning that where REALLY low
  4. highly depended on the game but min would be 10k for sure
  5. good luck dude remember to keep betting and DONT STOP
  6. i feel this on a spirital level its quite annoying but also pretty handy and keeps me on my toes with interpreting value of BTC into fiat equivalent
  7. peel1

    Remove rainbot

    rains more there for poor people like me. I think there should be a option to opt out of rain but def not remove it thats crazy
  8. as far as ive seen its unheard of to have as good support as here on stake. Honestly no clue how its so good but im very glade it is and i couldnt agree more with you
  9. blackjack why? easy because lowest house edge and just follow this for the best odds https://www.blackjack-chart.com/. making profit couldn't be easier on the site (well with my luck atleast lol)
  10. ill say dwarf fortress (ik its not on the list) because 1 its free and 2 its FUCKING HUUUUGE and has massive modding support fully open world with procedural generated everything so rich and such a joy to play fortress mode (make a fort) or adventure mode (do anything). Not a fan of the graphics dw get a tile set that make the world look really nice. Its seriously a incredible game. base game: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ tile set (and like everything else you would ever need): http://dffd.bay12games.com/download.php?id=13407&f=Meph+Tileset+V5.1+-+44.12.rar
  11. I would love that to be a thing as it would really give you major bragging rights in chat if you got either of those
  12. Your not talking to god as to talk to god you must have the intention of talking to him. Your just talking to yourself im very sure everyone dose it. It definitely wont convert you but i do see how you could think that.
  13. just stop with the faucet meme its just annoying at this point im happy stake disabled it cuz then we can talk about more important stuff instead of going over the same point about 100 times about bots abusing the faucet
  14. i tryed for it but as you can see in my poster about the odds most people realize its a pipe dream and dont bother