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  1. DICE: 11,043,267,986 placed by allisonn on 05/11/2019 Wagered 0.01040000 Multiplier 0x Profit -0.01040000
  2. Good for you to stop, the stress is too much sometimes and stepping away just solves everything. 🙂 Now you have a lot of time to do anything you want! Have fun!
  3. I don't play that big anyway and I don't like rushing through games, the final part of races is always a frenzy of wagers trying to shove as much into the site as possible and I don't think I could handle that. I'd rather go slow and let the others fight it out, it's more fun to watch and follow the action.
  4. I wonder how satoshi might feel if a decade from now it turns out he inadvertently created one of the tools used for wide-scale oppression and economical domination of countries.
  5. The thing is that the costs of KYC are never borne by the people who insist on it. It doesn't even benefit anyone, the main purpose of it is to exclude people from the "wrong" geographical areas, and they usually find ways around it anyway. I've seen KYC used as a tool for lots of shady gambling sites to avoid paying out winnings too. They just delay the payouts and keep asking the winning customer to submit documents and accuse him of faking this and that. Doesn't always work but when it does and the customer gives up, it's free house edge.
  6. I've managed to run up a small amount to... another small amount. 😋But at least I can reach the minimum amount to withdraw now. It's not a big amount so I don't mind keeping it on the site for future gambling, but I feel like taking out some would be nice, to confirm that I've gotten a nice profit. At what point when playing do you think "this is good, I'm going to withdraw", and how much do you take out, 50% of profits? 100% of profits? 50% of total balance? Edit: For clarity, percentage-wise my balance is currently about 12x the original deposit.
  7. Don't look at it as bad, it's just negative profit! 😆 Seriously I don't even know, all my numbers are big fat negatives and I don't really care. It's for entertainment and I can afford it.
  8. If bust everything then there's nothing to gamble 😋 Why care about these things, as long as you can then go ahead, if you can't then no need to force yourself 😐
  9. It's better to separate gambling stuff away from your normal accounts, I think. The reason why they want to get into social media is to constantly remind you of their existence and form the beginnings of a habit. You'll scroll around on Facebook or Twitter or whatever and get hit by the nonstop stream of updates, then it's back to the site. One day you may actually quit gambling and want to cut it out of your life, and don't want to be burdened by all this stuff. It's easier to delete a social media account than slowly prune it and get reminded of the old days.
  10. I'm already preparing some bankroll to deposit for it, hope it comes soon! Maybe I should keep that separate from normal casino roll so I don't tilt and bust everything in Keno.
  11. Two months is a long time in the crypto world. I wouldn't mind no change, 9-10k is fine with me for this year. However things are never straightforward, it's very possible any moment might bring us some not-so-nice surprises.
  12. Hilo the absolute worst. Can't ever win anything but I keep going back.
  13. And yet I really wonder about all these blockchain use cases, how many of them are more efficient and effective than a single shared access excel sheet? I'm quite confident that in 5 years at least 50% of them will become embarrassing moments when brought up by shareholders or journalists.