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  1. If I had to guess, it's because their fights feel like less of a pressing matter when there's so many awful things happening in the world. Kind of need urgent action to stem the bleeding before people get hurt, and there's all kinds of people getting hurt all the time ☹️
  2. Hello, I would like to point out an issue I've been having a lot. When playing Hilo, after I lose on, say, Ace of Spades, I can hit the green Bet button again, and the first card is of course my previous losing card, the Ace of Spades. However, if I exit and come back, or even reload the page, I get a new card instead, presumably the next card provided by the seed. I probably speak for all Hilo players when I say cards shouldn't just change without our manual input, in the interests of perception of fairness. If I were playing Dice and the site skipped a dice nonce every time the page reloaded it would be seen as ridiculous, yet don't forget that every single card is still an event as important as the outcome of a dice roll. Come to think of it, it's even more important, since high and low outcomes - literally the entirely point of the game - rely on the previous card.
  3. Do people really care about complexity of games? I thought it was all just a nice way to bust in different ways. As far as I know, blackjack and video poker are the only games where you can lose money on purpose, excluding house edge. Other than that, you can just insert money and always get a comparatively fair chance to win depending on the amount of risk taken, regardless of what you are betting on.
  4. Started playing poker in school grinding up from freerolls. It was a magical time and anything was possible. I tryharded and read up and did lots of reviewing. Nowadays I don't think I could beat even the lowest stakes players.
  5. I'm only buying a bit here and there when I can spare the money. Not for gambling though 😋 Gotta add to my stash. Overall not very worried about price but I try to buy when it's cheaper so I can get more. Averaged out it's still pretty good.
  6. The "press R to cash out in Hilo but accidentally hit another button and win more" strategy has given me many good results so far. Unfortunately it's not something I can do a lot consciously, just gotta let it happen.
  7. Maybe not every time will be a competitive mode 🙂I don't mind rolling with a higher base bet but the stakes are a bit too rich for me. Still, the idea is nice and some people will love it, it's just the first week so I'm sure they are reading the feedback.
  8. Am I the only one who prefers DC comics? I usually only read old classics so the DC ones are the most memorable for me. The Killing Joke, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Vertigo titles like Gaiman's Sandman, Mike Carey's Lucifer, Alan Moore's works are among the best. They may not be doing so well in Hollywood but I'll always have a soft spot for them because it's titles like these that shaped my ideas of comics.
  9. Since only both numbers are switched, the chances are exactly the same, I think? But I would choose more diamonds because more mines feels worse.
  10. KENO: 10,416,808,053 placed by allisonn on 21/10/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 270x Profit 8.07000000 KENO: 10,417,329,214 placed by allisonn on 21/10/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 270x Profit 8.07000000 KENO: 10,418,324,128 placed by allisonn on 21/10/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 270x Profit 8.07000000 KENO: 10,436,203,540 placed by allisonn on 22/10/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 270x Profit 8.07000000 KENO: 10,438,011,113 placed by allisonn on 22/10/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 270x Profit 8.07000000
  11. 2 years is quite some time, congrats on your successful Dinabot (who is probably richer than many players on Stake 😎) As for what stake means to me, I remember when I registered, it was my first time trying out online casino, so I did everything extremely seriously. Did a lot of research and reading! I wanted to win, losing was unacceptable! Then slowly I made more friends with people in chat and gradually learned from them that winning and losing is not that big a deal, as long as you take it easy and take it as pure entertainment. There's no use asking others how they play, just do what seems naturally to you and don't worry too much. After seeing Eddie stream I felt that people like him not because he did something great, but because he doesn't feel like what he did makes him special, and he's happy to chill and drop us some advice. So even though I have less time nowadays to log on I can play without a heavy heart, there's no use yelling at clouds.
  12. Congrats, that's really impressive hit, saw it live in race and couldn't believe it.
  13. If there's one thing I have learned from history, it is that you can be 100% right about a technological or product advance and still circumstances won't be in your favor for a long time. The future might not come as soon as you think, or in the way you expect.
  14. Not too worried about it, the price goes up and down and nobody can really explain why. Wouldn't mind if it goes up though 😀 However I've held btc for a few years now and it's normal for the price to fluctuate, doesn't matter in the long term if you feel it's a winning proposition. I guess people who busto would want it to go down, so they can buy back their losses and feel like they didn't lose anything?😑
  15. Seed makes a huge difference, problem is the difference it makes is out of our control, so there's no use worrying too much about it. We can only hope that it is good for us. If I'm not mistaken, since the same seed is used in all games but the way the games use rolls are different, the same seed might give you nonstop wins in Blackjack or Baccarat, and nonstop losses in Dice and Slots.