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  1. OMG! Happy accident, haha. Congrats!
  2. LTC, ETH, BCH, BTC... 100, 40, 10, 1 satoshi respectively. Sometimes i raised the bet to manualy play.
  3. About a month ago I decided to try to find my luck ... For this I set up 15 mines 10 diamonds, chose a betting pattern and let the auto-bet on. After 200000 rolls the closest I got was 7 diamonds found, I decided to change seed and then I did this whenever I made 50000 rolls. In the fourth seed rotation I realized that I found 8 diamonds many times and only 2 were missing to hit the pattern. So this seed had a better chance for me, and I let it run on the automatic. I went to watch a movie and I fell asleep, suddenly I woke up scared with the light of the TV... I looked at the computer and saw the balance and thought "WTF?", I got up half sleepy to confirm and...
  4. To be honest, some of the names you mentioned I did not even know they were girls. Very beautiful girls!
  5. What about the rain, what is the minimum amount?
  6. Keno is kind of a trap to me, don't know why...