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  1. linkrmf

    My Accidental Win with Automated Mines

    OMG! Happy accident, haha. Congrats!
  2. linkrmf

    My road to 3 million X

    LTC, ETH, BCH, BTC... 100, 40, 10, 1 satoshi respectively. Sometimes i raised the bet to manualy play.
  3. linkrmf

    My road to 3 million X

    About a month ago I decided to try to find my luck ... For this I set up 15 mines 10 diamonds, chose a betting pattern and let the auto-bet on. After 200000 rolls the closest I got was 7 diamonds found, I decided to change seed and then I did this whenever I made 50000 rolls. In the fourth seed rotation I realized that I found 8 diamonds many times and only 2 were missing to hit the pattern. So this seed had a better chance for me, and I let it run on the automatic. I went to watch a movie and I fell asleep, suddenly I woke up scared with the light of the TV... I looked at the computer and saw the balance and thought "WTF?", I got up half sleepy to confirm and...
  4. linkrmf

    Your favourite game at stake ?

    I'm playing dice now. But I like plinko, mines, blackjack and hilo too...
  5. To be honest, some of the names you mentioned I did not even know they were girls. Very beautiful girls!
  6. linkrmf

    I decided not to deposit because....

    I criticized Stake a lot after the upgrade, but I said that in time we would get used to it and that is what is happening. Over time they are fixing the bugs and improving some things, of course it will not please everyone here but they are making improvements always and this is important. To be honest, there is no betting site that is 100% good, there are always some things that can improve and be added. And especially in crypto gambling, we have to take into consideration that does not have many reliable sites like Stake is being so far.
  7. linkrmf

    Mines Automated Betting

    I only managed to change the settings of the auto-bet in the Chrome browser, but sometimes it freezes everything and I have to refresh the page ... Firefox is still not working for me.
  8. linkrmf

    Minimum tip amount

    What about the rain, what is the minimum amount?
  9. linkrmf

    What is your favorite crypto for your rolls?

    I like to try some strategies with LTC, when I get some strategy that works I bet some BTC
  10. linkrmf

    I got 666 together in thread

    Iron Maiden has already said... "... 'Cause I just had to see, was someone watching me..." "... This can't go on, I must inform the law Can this still be real or just some crazy dream..."
  11. Is the team aware that the auto-bet is not working correctly? Are there any predictions of when they will fix this? I also want to know if there is any possibility of adding an "exchanger" so that we can exchange coins without having to withdraw and deposit again? And once again, will the Portuguese chat be added or not? Thanks in advance!
  12. linkrmf

    5m-x hack?

    After all, why are they stating that he used a hack? There are other cases of multiplication of 5 million and 3 million with low bets. Is this just because of the big profit? Who is the player who won 5 million x with less than 200 plays, I can not remember the name...
  13. linkrmf

    Avoiding total zero balance

    What happens is that the person thinks that raising the bet will cause him to recover quickly, when in fact it will only make him lose even more. And yet there is the fact that the person becomes almost blind when he loses a lot, it is like being out of his mind.
  14. by the way, how did you make it "hidden"?
  15. It is not, unless it takes too long to update.