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  1. It shouldn't be, the code for the sites are incoherent, therefore implementing such feature shouldn't be a problem in this regard. Not sure, if you checked the repo, but even the unusual socket connection that yolodice uses is implemented, but the WebSocket - which is a well known protocol used on many sites - is not.
  2. Not bad, but may I ask why don't you use the API via WebSocket? Games are faster and it uses less resources.
  3. They could do such, but why would they? I'm more worried about technical related issues, especially the bugs. To give you an example: one day, I can't recall what was it, but I remember I noticed something strange, while I was playing. I decided to download my bet archive to check the previous bets. To my surprise, I discovered that the bet archive is missing some bets! To be specific: it missed 8 bets in total! 7 of those were sequential, 1 was not to far from it. Which is kinda strange, since the bet archive should have info about all the games that you played on the site, it is made on the server, it is stored on the server, normal user has no access to it. So I asked support about this and this is the response I got: "I will forward this to our developers and admins for a check. As soon as I get a reply, I will contact you here". This was 40 weeks ago. They had quite some updates since, but I still haven't heard anything about it. I checked my other bets from that time and I noticed in some of my archives, the bets are not sequential, as if they were randomly sorted during a short period of time. In some other archives the bets are even reversed. Today, I downloaded the archives again to check, if anything has changed, but the bets are still missing and the order or the games are still not sequential. This was just one example and I'm quite sure there are more, maybe just people don't see it because it happens very very rarely. They also decided to obfuscate their code and hide their API, which makes the site less and less reliable for me. Even their provably fair page has incorrect codes, which raises the question: if your publicly available documentation has errors, then what about the code which is not available for the public? In case if someone is wondering, this is one of the errors:
  4. Thanks for reversing their code @Lucas Holder!
  5. I was curious enough to check my favorite numbers: Client seed: 83e27f682128eb1852b048203dfd6931 Server seed: e8df2cc3b9ccb583ce5ea92336842387 Nonce: 1942124 I asked the support about this 6 weeks ago and they said "Seems like the issue is with [the 3rd party] verifier."
  6. There are 2 kind of tokens on the site: one in the settings menu one in the local storage The one in the settings menu is restricted and you get such errors for certain API actions. Swap it with the one from the local storage and you should be fine.
  7. mutation rouletteBet( $currency: CurrencyEnum! $colors: [RouletteBetColorsInput] $numbers: [RouletteBetNumbersInput] $parities: [RouletteBetParitiesInput] $ranges: [RouletteBetRangesInput] $rows: [RouletteBetRowsInput] ) { rouletteBet( currency: $currency colors: $colors numbers: $numbers parities: $parities ranges: $ranges rows: $rows ) { ...CasinoBetFragment state { ...RouletteStateFragment } } } fragment CasinoBetFragment on CasinoBet { id active payoutMultiplier amountMultiplier amount payout updatedAt currency game user { id name } } fragment RouletteStateFragment on CasinoGameRoulette { result colors { amount value } numbers { amount value } parities { amount value } ranges { amount value } rows { amount value } } variables: { "currency": "btc", "numbers": [{ "value": "number1", "amount": 0.00000001, }, { "value": "number2", "amount": 0.00000001, }, { "value": "number3", "amount": 0.00000001, }] }
  8. There is a bot for every single game.
  9. They just decreased the speed with today's "update". Not to mention, speed worth nothing when you have no or limited control over it.
  10. There is a request limit, but if you use the websocket and you wait for the responses then you should be fine. I didn't notice any speed increase when I increase my bets. I can play just as fast even with 0 bets. Based on my observations, the speed depends on how many users are on the site. It could go up to 8-10 games per sec or down to 2-3, but usually around 4-5.
  11. Try it without the connection part: query ChatList($offset: Int = 0, $limit: Int = 10) { user { id name chatList(limit: $limit, offset: $offset) { ...ChatFragment lastMessage { ...MessageFragment } } } }
  12. You can check the latest direct messages with this: query ChatList($offset: Int = 0, $limit: Int = 10) { user { id name chatList(limit: $limit, offset: $offset) @connection(key: "ChatList") { ...ChatFragment lastMessage { ...MessageFragment } } } } Direct messages with a specific user: query MessageList($userId: String) { chat(userId: $userId) { ...ChatFragment messageList(limit: 30, offset: 0) { ...MessageFragment } } } You can use this subscription, if you want to process the messages you receive as soon as you possible: subscription MessengesSubscription { messages { chat { id members { user { id name } } } ...MessageFragment } } Finally, some fragments you might need: fragment ChatFragment on Chat { id updatedAt members { user { id name } } } fragment MessageFragment on ChatMessage { id data { ... on ChatMessageDataText { message } } createdAt user { id name } }
  13. Yes, they are allowed. I already have a bot for each casino games. I could build one for you too, just send me a message.
  14. I'm not @Dan, but yes, it is possible: query BetList($user: String) { user(name: $user) { houseBetList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { ...BetFragment } } } fragment BetFragment on Bet { id iid type bet { ... on CasinoBet { ...CasinoBetFragment } ... on MultiplayerCrashBet { ...MultiplayerCrashBetFragment } } } fragment CasinoBetFragment on CasinoBet { id active payoutMultiplier amountMultiplier amount payout updatedAt currency game state { ... on CasinoGameDice { ...DiceStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameLimbo { ...LimboStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameHilo { ...HiloStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameKeno { ...KenoStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameMines { ...MinesStateFragment } ... on CasinoGamePlinko { ...PlinkoStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameBlackjack { ...BlackjackStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameRoulette { ...RouletteStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameVideoPoker { ...VideoPokerStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameWheel { ...WheelStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameDiamondPoker { ...DiamondPokerStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameBaccarat { ...BaccaratStateFragment } ... on CasinoGameSlots { ...SlotsStateFragment } } } fragment DiceStateFragment on CasinoGameDice { dice_result: result dice_target: target dice_condition: condition } fragment LimboStateFragment on CasinoGameLimbo { limbo_result: result limbo_multiplierTarget: multiplierTarget } fragment HiloStateFragment on CasinoGameHilo { hilo_startCard: startCard { suit rank } hilo_rounds: rounds { card { suit rank } guess payoutMultiplier } } fragment KenoStateFragment on CasinoGameKeno { keno_drawnNumbers: drawnNumbers keno_selectedNumbers: selectedNumbers } fragment MinesStateFragment on CasinoGameMines { mines_mines: mines mines_minesCount: minesCount mines_rounds: rounds { field payoutMultiplier } } fragment PlinkoStateFragment on CasinoGamePlinko { plinko_risk: risk plinko_rows: rows plinko_point: point plinko_path: path } fragment BlackjackStateFragment on CasinoGameBlackjack { blackjack_player: player { value actions cards { rank suit } } blackjack_dealer: dealer { value actions cards { rank suit } } } fragment RouletteStateFragment on CasinoGameRoulette { roulette_result: result roulette_colors: colors { amount value } roulette_numbers: numbers { amount value } roulette_parities: parities { amount value } roulette_ranges: ranges { amount value } roulette_rows: rows { amount value } } fragment VideoPokerStateFragment on CasinoGameVideoPoker { videopoker_playerHand: playerHand { suit rank } videopoker_initialHand: initialHand { suit rank } videopoker_handResult: handResult } fragment WheelStateFragment on CasinoGameWheel { wheel_result: result wheel_segments: segments wheel_risk: risk } fragment DiamondPokerStateFragment on CasinoGameDiamondPoker { diamondpoker_dealerHand: dealerHand diamondpoker_playerHand: playerHand } fragment BaccaratStateFragment on CasinoGameBaccarat { baccarat_playerCards: playerCards { suit rank } baccarat_bankerCards: bankerCards { suit rank } baccarat_tie: tie baccarat_player: player baccarat_banker: banker baccarat_result: result } fragment SlotsStateFragment on CasinoGameSlots { slots_lines: lines slots_rounds: rounds { offsets paylines { payline hits multiplier symbol } scatterMultiplier roundMultiplier totalMultiplier bonusRemaining bonusTotal } } fragment MultiplayerCrashBetFragment on MultiplayerCrashBet { id user { id name } payoutMultiplier gameId amount payout currency result updatedAt cashoutAt btcAmount: amount(currency: btc) ethAmount: amount(currency: eth) ltcAmount: amount(currency: ltc) bchAmount: amount(currency: bch) dogeAmount: amount(currency: doge) trxAmount: amount(currency: trx) xrpAmount: amount(currency: xrp) }
  15. No, I actually have a somewhat suspended account on Stake. I can't receive any rains in their chat. I make some bots for myself and sometimes I help for people who ask for help.