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  1. 31st min - End of the first half
  2. Looks like they disabled debugging too, so I can't even find the code for the bugs to suggest a solution. Maybe I shouldn't even try anymore? It took them more than 2 months to fix this bug: This one is still not fixed and it's been almost 2 months as well:
  3. You can check the creation date of an account on the stats page. The incremental integer what you talking about has security concerns. They assign a UUID to the account which is more secure.
  4. Here is a quick how: Download a GraphQL client. I recommend Insomnia: https://insomnia.rest/ Grab your token from the site. If you use Chrome, go to stake.com press Ctrl+Shift+I / Application / Local Storage, find the jwt token under stake.com and copy it's value In Insomnia, create a new request Change the request URL to https://api.stake.com/graphql Change request type from Body to GraphQL Copy this code in the GraphQL tab: query { user { name tipList {currency amount createdAt sendBy {name}} sendTipList {currency amount createdAt sendBy {name}} rainList {currency amount} } } Add a new header named x-access-token and insert your jwt token as value without quotation marks Click Send
  5. Whenever we multiply or divide the bet amount via hotkey, it treats it as a whole coin instead of satoshis. If we play with 0.00000001 and we divide it with hotkey, it changes the amount to 0.50000000 I did some tests and it's only an issue if I manually type in the bet amount and then change it via hotkey. If I change from 0 via hotkey it works as it should. While I was looking for solutions, I noticed in your code "satoshi" is sometimes referred as whole numbers (as it should, based on it's name), but sometimes as a floating point number, representing the coin value. Strangely, when it's treated as a floating point number it works normally. In your Betsize component (./src/games/reusable/Betsize/index.js#59), you divide via the bet.value, which works as it should, because the value is always a floating point number: newValue = divide(Number(bet.value)); But in your hotkey code (./src/games/Dice/Hotkeys/index.js#53), you use the satoshi value, which is as stated above sometimes a floating point, sometimes a whole number: const satoshi = divide(props.state.general.bet.satoshi); If you use the value instead of the satoshi, like you did in the Betsize, it should work. Same is true for the multiply. Also, this one is still not fixed:
  6. I like the versatility. It's good when sometimes there is a game that I don't want to play, so I can play the other one. This would exclude way too many players. If someone wants to abuse the system they are willing to deposit such small amount for it. I'm pretty sure it's automatic already in this aspect. I think avoiding the manual checking would be a wrong decision. What could be helpful tho is an automated payout system (what I already suggested) so the support does not have to manually tip everyone, but based on the last payout I think this might be already implemented.
  7. No, my bot does not stop by itself. It keeps playing even if there is a lag. It handles pretty much every cases, so for example, if the site goes down it waits till it's back and keeps playing. I use my mind to use the computer so it uses the strategy my mind created. My computer does not have a mind. How about yours?
  8. I had a bot for this, but I stopped using it. It's just too slow. You can bet on the site about 2-3 times per sec. If the site does not lag, then you can play about 200k games on a single day. That's just too slow for me.
  9. Roulette:713,049,914 placed by baguetty Wagered: 0.00001000 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00035000
  10. Keno:713,024,080 placed by baguetty Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 22.50x Profit: 0.00002150
  11. I pretty much stopped gambling after I started my own trading bot months ago. Now I just do the challenges and I transfer my winnings to my trading bot to make more crypto.