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  1. Nice pic BRO! Damn Pinky! DId you get a hair cut?? you look different! hahahahahaha
  2. Keno has been pretty bad .. longer red streaks, and happens more often than ever.. it's a very frustrating game right now. Makes you want to pull your hair out sometimes.. especially when you get 50+ reds streaks back to back and watch your balance melt away.
  3. it changes tier depending on how many numbers you have chosen. im guessing you are using 10 numbers if you get 13x for getting 6 green numbers.. if you change to 7-8-9 numbers.. the payout is higher for hitting 6 numbers. good luck
  4. i dont know about the best pattern.. cause all patterns either hits really well one day and go cold for a few months.. lol..
  5. my goal would be to reach silver tier and to stop busting.. just one good win before the end of the month would be awesome.. o.O
  6. Hello Stakers, So stake added the automated play along with suggestion on cards to hold not long ago.. Just wanted to know what your thoughts are about these new feature as well as your experience using it thus far.. My experience using it is so and so, but theres been twice when the suggested cards held by the game ended up screwing a much betted hand.. like instead of holding for a running flush possibility, it held a high pair instead as it is guaranteed win.. So i am kinda debating on how or what can be done to counter that con.. i would have lost my kind if it did the
  7. Beginners bait...errr luck.,, lol,, ive had the same thing happen in every site.. in the first week or two, seems like my luck is so great, then once they've got you hooked, you get to meet their troll mascot resident..
  8. I still do not understand how to set that shit on windice.. lol.. i was like wtf is this.. how do.. click click bust... then i was like., ok just like other dice settings, dont matter how its set, ull bust just the same., lol
  9. Theres been times when its taken a long time to receive my coins.. depends really on the amount and how lazy the miners are that day.. also ive noticed when i send from/to the same address after more than a few times, the transactions seems to have gotten almost instant.
  10. Lol.. by far, hands down, no competion, mile and miles apart, and none more consistent troll as Plinkhoe.. it is the biggest and most stacked game at stake..
  11. Yeah seems like happy moments are getting more and more scarce each day.. instead more and more consistent frustration from unbelievable amount of troll the games are exhibiting day in and day out..
  12. In some occassion on specific games, it did feel like it made some difference.. but with that said, most times, it feels like it does matter what seed got.. its feels like you got a troll permanently attached to your IP..
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