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  1. when keno is in a giving mood, it can be very profitable even with small bets.. but it can be such a troll that just eats balance no matter what.
  2. Naruto, Bleach, Fairytail, Black Butler, Rental Magica are the ones few that comes to mind.
  3. ya so ive heard and seen from the hits of players that uses the bot .. unfortunately ive still yet to use it myself..
  4. Basketball has always been my top favorite sport. Been playing since a young age. Even have a photo of me as a chubby little boy with a basketball which i had no recollection of other than the picture itself..
  5. bro... first of all, dang sry that sucks... and second.. its the famous stake troll.. youre familiar with it.. shows more often than before but same ol troll..
  6. KiXxnTRiXx

    Legacy game

    lol shaniquaaaaa google it bish!.. hahaha
  7. very mich so.. not only the game play.. but just having to spend so much time upgrading, collecting resources.. but also the building of your base..
  8. not just you bud. the troll is always lurking.. gotta be prepared to surrender when it does.. no point fightingg it.. troll always wins..
  9. this is becoming more and more true everyday.. consistently busting every depo from unbelievable red streaks..
  10. ya i dont think eithee.. its not like were playing hearthstone or magic the gathering even then its a waste lf money..
  11. Well, can i steal from my own piggy bank?.. i mean its mine so... i do wha i want!
  12. ummm bro.. i dont want to feel my gut.. that would hurt.. lol fuk x2 ... all about the tie!
  13. umm.. i bet and press roll.. and cross my fingers it multiplies..
  14. Hmmm. Not sure, not that it really matters to me personally xD.. no disrespect intended for whoever it is.. just not my priority to know or find out to be honestl. XD
  15. Dice - 9900x set under or over Plinko - 16 pins high (1000x) Keno - 9-10 tiles high risk (1000x) Mines - no idea Hilo - no max as fast as I know .. I cash out or bust Limbo - 1,000,000x Video poker - get royal flush (800x) and the other games are crap.. lol