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  1. KiXxnTRiXx

    What is your story?

    What is it about this particular casino we know as stake that has kept you to comeback time and time again? Even players, including myself, who has been frustrated numerous times, comes back for more!.. for myself, i come back because its a familiar place to me and i have made some connections with others players thats somewhat kept things sort of balanced for me regarding my experince here at stake.. Ofcourse i do get frustrated with how my games turn out, its a natural human reaction, and even if my opinion on somethings are not very pleasant, does not mean thats my general feeling about stake. There will always be something positive and negative in everything.. thats just how things are balanced.. So ya, many have mentioned or asked why i keep playing the games i play or why i keep coming back, well thats my answer.. Now, what is your story?
  2. KiXxnTRiXx

    What is it about Chartbet?

    I am really wondering, what is it about Chartbet that attracts players as a game if choice?.. I personally did not enjoy it very much, perhaps reason behind it is that i kept crashing alot before even hitting my target of 10x.. I have seen some players winning big on it, but with high risk high reward tactic.. by going all in with a huge amount of coins and cash out quickly after pressing play/start.. but it has also backfired in many cases aswell where it crashed before you are able to even click cashout or reaching your preset cashout goal.. i dont like to live on that edge! Hahaha.. biggest reason for that is i know myself, if i ever all in lets say 1BTC and it crashed losing it.. i would sink into a really deep and long depressive state.. so i try to avoid those type of situations that could result to that.. So Chartbet players. what is it about this game that got you hooked?
  3. KiXxnTRiXx

    Have you ever hit for 1btc or more?

    Well keep those hope alive boys and girls, im sure one day, with enough determination as well as having a big enough bankroll that it will happen! Believe it without a doubt and you shall concieve it! Hahaha and Chipito.. gtfo bro! stop showing me your photoshop fake hit!..
  4. KiXxnTRiXx

    Chasing "A"n elusive "K"ing

    Ya thats usually i play Hi-Lo is always going for the higher multiplier or shuffle till i find an ace or king and farm that to build my balance.. mostly works out, sometmes it just serms like even find two together is not going to happen before busting.. also when playing yolo, i cash out most times when i hit a pair of aces or kings, and occasionally go for that 3rd card, which ive only once.. and the rare occasion when i am actually hunting for more than 3 with small bets, but still have yet to find this chain in the deck.. clicking the shuffle button looking for an ace or king sometimes takes forever!.. those are the times when i believe that a huge pile of them will be together.. which they do! but in a troll manner.. A K A K A K lol,, not back to back but just cutting each others off to maje a consecutive pairs,.. haha damn trolls!
  5. Bahahaha, gusto talagang malaman? Minsan mag dadalawang araw na ako na online! Walang tulog, pindot lang ng pindot and na aasar sa talo.. pero minsan minsan siniswerte, kaso problema nga lang ay di ako tumitigil, so binabalik ko rin sa kanila ang na panalunan ko! Hahaha.. minsan din, na gigising ako na na latag muka mo sa screen ng ipad ko.. tulo laway.. then makita ko na lang ang aking balance na ubos dahil na ka auto plinko or keno ako bago ma tulog na walang malay! hahahaha... yup, alam ko na malungkot buhay ko! wag mo kong judge judy!
  6. its actually open to existing customers and potential ones.. the link will give you the option in either loging in and signing up if not already a customer.. xD., they just made it seem like its a private invitation only perk but its not xD..
  7. KiXxnTRiXx

    Having some fun with a spammer LOL

    lol.. that guy keeps getting muted for the sane spam and non sense, and whenever the mute expires, he is back in chat and does exactly the same one word spam and non sense comments.. even asks how people are doing, some players responds to it, but he just goes on again like no one responded or him ever asking the question.. lol,. its a preset spam bot.. i am surprised he has not been perma muted yet!
  8. KiXxnTRiXx

    Chasing "A"n elusive "K"ing

    Hey everyone, I have seen a player hit those multiple Aces and Kings.. 5-6 and have heard of others hitting 7 in a row for a huge payout! But from what i know, those players uses the a bot that is similar to using dicebot but is specifically for Hi-Lo.. which makes it easier to hunt these payouts.. Sadly, i currently have no access to a PC or laptop and have been trying to do it using my ipad or phone and it is just taking too much clicking and seems to be taking forever to find this chain!.. but i really would like to keep trying, so i sm hoping that there is some information from other Hi-Lo players who are not able to use or not using a bot, that could help or make this hunt a lot less painful!.. Also some other information from players who uses dicebot coud also be valuable.. here are a few qustions i woud like to ask any of you.. Does the chance to hit these chains anyway related to your seed and how far you are in nounces within that seed? Does your bet affect the chance of this chain ever showing up? What would be the easiest way to do this on a tablet or phone? Thanks in advance!
  9. KiXxnTRiXx

    Keno, melting cycle.

    lol.. i have yet to see these many green streaks.. and when i do get some sort of a streak, it would be a few greens of the lowest multiplier possible, which what youve gained from it, any sort of profit would be eaten by the reds to surely follow that would continue to eat more to get 1 green and another run of multiple reds thats about 6-15+ consecutively.. i am playing keno tight now.. and ive been strugglin to even get 2 greens in a row at 8 tiles., .. it keeos on goin onto thos cycle i mentioned on this post.. you get of 13x to eat 15 reds., you a couple of 13x or a 22x to eat 25+ reds.. lol.. its always on bust mode..
  10. lol just create a new one? inhave like two verified accounts with them.. unfortunately, the first one i cant log into because i do not have my old phone and completely forgot the phone number i was using.. so i just created a new account and verified with the same piece of ID, address ect.. and have had no issue using it nor did i ever get any messages from Coinbase about having a duplicate account... unless you account got banned for something malicious and you have been put in a list of no-nos.. then i do not see a reason why you wouldnt be a pble to open a new one! Give it a try!.. unless you already have and failed..
  11. KiXxnTRiXx

    Use as advantage.

    ah, sorry to hear!.. as i said i just started noticing it.. when i count up at some point it matched the number to the number of rolls it was at!.. perhaps it has something to do with my seed? I hope you did not lose too much trying it! Yeah, i found it very weird to be honest, the first time i noticed i though, oh cool it matched the number of roll!.. then it kept happening.. but i guess jul tried and did not have the same outcomes which is not a big surprise, and perhaps it does have to do with seeds..
  12. KiXxnTRiXx

    Will history repeats itself?

    Well, theres really no way in knowing for sure, everyone who predicted that BTC was going to bounce back and even hit the moon at over 20k per coin were sadly very wrong.. i also thought the BtC was going to recover that the influx in price was just temporary and would be stable back at the high range once the dusts settles.. but it kept declining.. never thought it would go down as low as it is now.. but for those that were late in investing in BTC and still optimistic that will it rise again even higher, could at least purchase their coins at a lower price, still a big chunk, but much lower than it was last year...
  13. Ya i recieved an email that makes you think like its a special invite for sure.. haha then when i clicked on the link, it asks you to log in or sign up! hahaha.. i mean, ya definitely grateful in receiving the email and free coins, i just found it funny that they would make it look like its an exclusive thing, so that we would feel like theyre doing this extra special priviledged giveaway when in reality, its open to everyone that has an account or anyone that would sign up and get verified! xD..
  14. It was a lot compared to the free Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) coins they were giving out for free for doing simple task such as watching a video and answer a quiz question that is related to the video you watch. (its very simple, you could guess the answer easily from the multiple choice answers, but you would still have to start the video or the quiz button would not be available). Now Coinbase is handing out 3 dollars worth of Zcash (ZEC) for free! Doing simple tasks exactly like what you would have to do to get the free BAT, just watch the video and answer a simple quiz question. In order to get these perks, you would have to have a Coinbase account that is verified through KYC (Know Your Customer) process that requires a valid photo ID, proof of address and other documents that they may require for extra security. This link below is not a personal invite from me. It is the direct link to claiming free Zcash (ZEC). https://www.coinbase.com/earn/zcash Enjoy!
  15. KiXxnTRiXx

    Keno, melting cycle.

    lol i cant help it!.. i am hooked, i know i got a problem!.. its just that keno, when its giving, it gives in abundance.. but ya, lately its just a scrooge and just eating ever balance i have.. it has been such a troll machine, just when you thing the reds are finally over, it goes on another long streak until it has eaten most of my balance!.. and ya i know i should really stop playing, but i will be honest, i know for a fact that up i will not be successful in just quitting it cold turkey at this point in time.. but if nothing changes and it remains this troll after the next update, i definitely will have to give it my best to stay off it.. lord help us all! xD..