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  1. Litecoin
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from Owenmey in Which pets are better, cats or dogs?   
    Cats and Dogs both have unique qualities to make a perfect "pet" (companion).. it really depends on the person looking to get one.. cats are mostly very independant and can be left by themselves for long period.. where dogs are mostly needing lots of attention.. ofcourse not every cats or dogs have the same personalities.. i like both cats and dogs and have had them as companions for years..
  2. Love
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from Marina47 in Real Life Pictures   
    Nice pic BRO!
    Damn Pinky! DId you get a hair cut?? you look different! hahahahahaha
  3. Payday
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from Loveme2020 in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Good Luck Stakers!
  4. Sad
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from MarziasDaddy in Plinko Probability Tester   
    Plinko doesnt make sense most of the time... Ive been busting everything in the past couple of weeks playing plinko... all day today, all im getting are streams of red.. hit one decent multiplier, but gies back to streams of reds that busts you... everytime you try to double your bet, it goes onto an infinite streams of reds until you bust.
     its retarded and makes absolute no sense on how its so consistent in just giving reds over and over, yet no conssistency is hitting greens.... likeholy fuk.. 
  5. Lame
  6. Wow
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from taytots in What genre of music do you like?   
    have a pretty eclectic taste in music.. all depends on my mood.. just no noise.. aka happy hardcore.. lel 
  7. Bitcoin
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from won2018 in Submit your giveaway ideas!   
    Well, from this recent team event giveaway, gave me an idea.. hopefully its not the same.. 
    So my idea is, do another team give away, and have it like a relay race.. like in track and field, where runners would pass the baton to the next runner waiting, as they reach/finish the course (game) theyve been assigned to.. 
    So lets say player 1 will be the first to start it off, playing Keno (as an example) needing to hit X multiplier(s).. once completed, will need to post the bet id(s) on here at forum before the other player can start their assigned game (this would help prevent players from trying to cheat and start hunting at the sane time) .. Lets say Limbo, again needing to hit X multiplier(s).. post id(s) when finished, then to the next player and so on.. 
    Sounds complicated, but really it is not xD.. Players should be able to choose their team, so that they could assign the player to the game they excel most at..
    lol, i posted my idea not having read the others, yours and mine are almost similar xD..
  8. Wow
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from EpicGord in What was your best hit?   
    Keno 22.50x 6/8 numbers over 0.00160 btc (cant remember exactly) base bet.. resulted in over 0.03btc almost 4..
    Plinko was pretty much the same hitting 5000x with 666 sats base bet.. resulted in over 0.03 btc.. 
    Plinko hitting 620x with 0.00363636 ltc base bet.. resulted in over 2 ltc..
    Plinko hitting 1000x with 0.00111111 ltc base bet.. resulted in over 1 ltc.. 
    So far those are the biggest hit ive had
  9. Love
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from nikowin88 in Favorite movie of all time?   
    too many from different genres.. cant really say which "1" is all time favorite.. because each movie is different.
  10. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to rajamishra in Which coins are you invested in?   
    hello friends when market grow then try for lowest coin to invest and more return within short time,and also some other coin what i prefer  that is xrp,usdt and doge those coins are so soon increese,
  11. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to cryptofly in Which coins are you invested in?   
    I just bagged COVA and QKC.  QKC will go mainnet next 30 April 2019, those are good news.  And about COVA, they team will "re-buy" coins; pretty much as burn, which is a good strategy.  So far, in less than 30 days I have a 35% profit with COVA.  Doing good so far.  NEO is giving me headache, same as XLM.  
  12. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to Demarkus89 in Which coins are you invested in?   
    I would have invested Xrp and Eos because I think it grows well in future
  13. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to kustepuchen in Which coins are you invested in?   
    my biggest bags are waves,xlm and vet.
    and of course btc
  14. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to StoneDragon in Which coins are you invested in?   
    I invest eos btc ripple tron x0 bat and etn seems future
  15. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to jinz in Which coins are you invested in?   
    I invested in ETH and currently I am on loss (bought it somewhere in 28k php price, look at its price now 😂). I hope the market price go high again soon.
    I participated in the ICO of Loyalcoin, got back the money I used in the ICO after couple of months and still have 30k LYL on hold.
  16. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to Shaniqua in Which coins are you invested in?   
    at the moment, actually since all time... i have no money invested in any coin, thus im not an investor.. i would love to be but i cant even fill gas in the tank of my car, let alone invest on crypto! lols 
  17. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to jualid in Which coins are you invested in?   
    Coinmetro, i have around $200 in coinmetro coin/XCM. I'm waiting until the price increase or at least back to original ICO price.
  18. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to Kate in Which coins are you invested in?   
    I have invested currently in ethereum and litecoin and planning to invest more in ethereum if I have a good feeling about it.
  19. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to laron in Which coins are you invested in?   
    Hopefully this year many coins will enter the exhanger, because to be honest, I am still an allcoin seeker from Airdrop, there are around 100 ++ coins that have not entered the market. 😋
  20. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to davinmark in Which coins are you invested in?   
    im still invested in BTC and XRP . i dont know why but i think the price will rising up soon in this year
    hope it will be comes true
  21. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to polor12 in Which coins are you invested in?   
    well i have to rebuild my btc amount..to start trading again.. before i arrive at stake i was trading for good minute..slowly im seeing eth and bch rising a little bit but not quite yet ready to invest in those..ltc is building up a little and i have been using it.. so surely i might start trading that as well.. but new coins are forming and hitting the trade blocks...might just invest what i have to a new coin? to early..
  22. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to williamshennie9 in Which coins are you invested in?   
    I've stated looking into Ripple. It really seems like it has a lot of potential and has the ability to make huge amounts of returns, although still a very risky investment. Most of my investment is in BTC though
  23. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx reacted to banana2018 in Which coins are you invested in?   
    Ravencoin. It's doing great last days. And it's full in development cause it's open source. It wen't from 300 satoshi's to 900+ satoshi in a week.
  24. Wow
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from Bojana in Username / Name Origin   
    XD.. my username did not start out as kixxntrixx.. just so happens that it evolved to what it is today.. it actually started as Ciel Tricant.. It was the name i have chosen for the first hero character i created back when i played an mmorpg game called City of Heroes a while back.. Ciel for sky/heaven Tricant was from a good friend who also played the game and we wanted to roleplay our characters as brothers in-game.. Then came Kiel Tricant to Kiel Trixx and now to what is is KiXxnTRiXx.. mostly the reason for having it evolved that much, is when creating new email accounts  u had fo keep changing since the others already exists.
     tee hee hee
  25. Thanks
    KiXxnTRiXx got a reaction from swoleisthegoal in A bit about roulette   
    personally i never really got into playing roulette back when i frequented local casinos.. ive always played slots.. only table games i played was poker and the odd times blackjack.. i had friends who only played roulette.. they either won huge, or lose a shit ton for the night as quicly a few minutes.. ive always like to take my time and bet smell hit big kind of mentality, so roulette did not appeal to me that much for that reason..
    Since playing here at stake, ive played roulette a few times.. i would either keep hitting with consistency or get trolled where the ball keeps landing on the number beside mine until i bust.. haha xD..
    I believe it is a good game to make big profit, but its literally hit and miss type of luck..
    Thanks for sharing a little background of roulettes..
    Good luck with your games!
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