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    CoffeeMix reacted to Bojana in Chat Rules   
    Hello, Stakers!  
    As you already know, Stake has some new mods/community managers and we need to make their life a bit easier by implementing some basic Rules for you to follow and for them to be guided by. Each chat should have these and they should be followed if you want to be a valuable/respected member of the community.
    Don't spam, harass or be offensive to other users. Also, avoid using CAPS. Don't beg or ask for loans, rains, tips or doubling coins.  Don't use alternative accounts (alts) on chat, that is strictly forbidden. No suspicious behavior that can be seen as potential scams.  Don't engage in any forms of advertising/trading/selling/buying or offering services. Don't use URL shortening services. Always submit the real link.  Use the designated language channels accordingly.

    * Sub-rules and their further elaboration are given in the "Quote" below, so make sure to read that as well, for you to be fully informed on what is allowed on Stake chatrooms and what it prohibited.
    * Moderators/support members/admins and community manages save the right to implement the rules as they see fitting and corresponding to the given situation.
    * If player has been muted multiple times over the same offense, their mute time would be extended, and it would slowly end to the permanent disabling of chat privilege, especially if their behavior does not correct after multiple warnings/mutes.
    * Rules can be changed and adjusted based on the needs of the community.
    * For some more serious breaking of our chat rules, you may be muted without being previously warned.
    I hope that this post helped if you have any doubts concerning Rules implementation and that it will spare many of users from an unnecessary restrictions from our platform. If it hasn't, feel free to contact Live Support and any doubts would be clarified to you easily. 

    When and if you get muted, please, make an appeal on this SECTION here, and person who muted you would check it and review your case as soon as they are back online (24/48h). Thank you for your patience on this and please, do not make double-posts on that section, there is no need, you won't be replied sooner thanks to that.

    Thank you for choosing Stake, and welcome! Best of luck betting! 🍀
  2. Love
    CoffeeMix reacted to Levt211 in What is your best strategy   
    Guys i just want to know what is your go to strategy that comes through with a win time after time?
  3. Bitcoin
    CoffeeMix got a reaction from coeghacked in 📝Absensi Forum Stake Indonesia   
    Absen semproters😂😂😂
  4. Bitcoin
    CoffeeMix reacted to coeghacked in [Guide] Pengajuan Banding dalam hal Warning Points   
    Halo teman teman kali ini saya ingin berbagi informasi mengenai pengajuan banding atas kasus / kesalahan yang telah kita buat di forum ini.
    Baik dari kasus paling berat contoh nya : Banned
    Sebelumnya saya sendiri melakukan banyak kesalahan di forum ini. saya akui itu semua murni kesalahan karena ketidak tahuan saya. seiring berjalannya waktu saya belajar dari kesalahan kesalahan saya sebelumnya seperti : copy paste tanpa menyertakan sumber, menggunakan beberapa akun untuk berburu giveaway di forum, serta lain lain.
    Silahkan di baca dulu agan yang ingin mengajukan banding berada di rank apa ? 
    Akan saya ambil contoh kasus pengajuan banding saya ketika melakukan pelangaraan plagiat tanpa mencantumkan sumbernya :

    Jika teman teman mendapatkan pesan dari support stake siapapun itu seperti contoh di atas kemungkinan besar teman teman akan mendapatkan warning baik 1 point 2 point ataupun 5 point tergantung seberapa parah kesalahan yang teman teman buat. pelanggaran yang pernah saya buat cukup parah yakni puluhan postingan tanpa menyertakan sumber informasi yang saya dapatkan.
    Sekarang mari kita lanjut ke tahap permohonan maaf. dengan cara kita bisa contact live support di stake ataupun dengan mengirimkan pesan di forum stake.
    Contohnya : 

    Jika sudah menghubungi staff / support yang memberikan warning kepada teman teman langkah selanjutnya teman teman menunggu terlebih dahulu seberapa lama masa banding dapat di terima. seperti yang saya tulis di atas jika rank teman teman noob teman teman harus menunggu selama 3 bulan dan jika rank teman teman member maka hanya perlu menunggu 1 bulan untuk datang lagi dan mengajukan banding :).
    Jika sudah berakhir masa penangguhan banding teman teman bisa mulai membuat suatu postingan / tread yang bermangfaat saya sarankan membuat postingan / tread murni dari hasil imajinasi teman teman, adapun jika menulis postingan mengambil dari beberapa sumber informasi saya sarankan teman teman menambahkan, mempercantik dan tidak seluruhnya hanya meng copy paste
    Contohnya sepert ini :

    *CATATAN :  Jika sudah siap mengajukan banding, saya sarankan teman teman memang sudah pantas untuk diberikan pengampunan / pengajuan banding, jika memang belum mencapai itu, saya sarankan agar teman teman bersabar terlebih dahulu. 
    Perlu di ingat postingan yang berkualitas, no spam, sara dan lain lain yang melanggar peraturan di forum ini lah yang bisa membantu / menolong teman teman dari lepasnya warning. Dapat dilihat sepenuhnya disini : 
    Semoga postingan ini bisa bermanfaat bagi teman teman saya menerima kritik dan saran bagi teman teman yang ingin menambahkan apa yang perlu di tambahkan pada postingan saya kali ini
    Terima kasih.
    Best regards : CoegHandsomeHACKED  
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