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  1. 2 hours left in the competition (or about 1h 30 mins to be precise)! Here are some of the bigger bets we had today:
  2. Less than 24 hours left in the competition! Current standings:
  3. Current leaders of the wager competition with 2 BTC prize pool PS. You can win by wagering BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE and CSNO!
  4. Hello everyone! We're currently running a 2 BTC wager competition to celebrate the launch of our updated site. Simply put 10 people who wager most between now and November 13th 2018 23:59 GMT will win prizes. Here are the prizes: 1st Place: 0.75 BTC 2nd Place 0.5 BTC 3rd Place 0.25 BTC 4th Place: 0.20 BTC 5th Place: 0.10 BTC 6th Place: 0.06 BTC 7th Place: 0.05 BTC 8th Place: 0.04 BTC 9th Place: 0.03 BTC 10th Place: 0.02 BTC Excited yet? Link to our site: https://www.bitdice.me/
  5. It's been a while since the last announcement so here's a little something. We've been working on a new back-end for BitDice which will be written in Elixir which brings performance improvements and paves way for other updates. The new back-end has been in testing and is getting closer to public release. We've also been looking into adding sports betting and discussions regarding that have been in progress with a couple of companies. We're also going to improve the customer support on our site which is a welcome thing for everyone no doubt.
  6. We've been around a while. Thanks for joining!
  7. Maybe you'll get lucky at our site. Do let us know how you like it if you play.
  8. BoXXoB

    Online casino reviews by- Casino Guru

    Would you consider adding BitDice to said list?
  9. A little recap of today's bets including a 15 BTC bet on dice:
  10. I have a small update for everyone: New backend for the site is fairly close to being completed with some nice updates under way. I'll update just what has changed once we're ready to deploy the updates. On a side note here are some bets from earlier:
  11. BitDice updates are moving forward as we speak. The new back end we've been working on provides the possibility to add plenty of new features on the site. After we get it live we'll move on to adding those new features. PS. Some of the bets today
  12. Some bets from today You can see them on the biggest tab on site
  13. Generous users have been raining some bitcoin today! PS. You must be atleast level 1 and have wagered 0.01 BTC in the last 24 hours to get rain. Some big bets from today