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  1. I'd like to see less hackers. 😛 ooo and a dragonlore in my inventory. lol.
  2. Tara


    This is more of a question, and sorry if it's not in the right section. I've seen talk a about "tokens" but I'm not sure what it exactly means - is it a currency, or? I'm fairly new to the world of cryptocurrency considering, I've only this year been dabbling in it, but I don't know all the ins and outs yet. 😛 anyone wanna tutor me? Lol. Thanks in advance for info about tokens and things!
  3. Oh yeah, definitely. If you think about it people barely even use cash anymore and people never thought using plastic (visa) would be as huge and surpass real coin. And I think Bitcoin will be the same tbh and crypto currency in general. It helps that it gives you more privacy too.. with how governments are trying even more to monitor and restrict the internet, there's too many shady things going on etc.
  4. Lilly, you're amazing. Just wanted to say that - you're always so positive and kind. =D It's nice to put a face to the people we chat with, and honestly so many wonderful people here on Stake, and I'm glad I am a part of the community. =]
  5. I'm re-watching Greys Anatomy cause I never got past season 6 or 7, and also re-watching OITNB cause I'm sad I have to wait a year for a new season. Sigh
  6. Tara

    Update: Christy

    How lovely I've always lurked in the chat, even though I've only recently started chatting - I always saw Christy chatting with you all and @bmg this is such a nice post. goodluck, Christy! (If you ever see this thread.)
  7. Freebies are always a good thing, subbed. ;D and thank you!
  8. I've been using Stake for around a year or so, and only now the past few days started using the forum because I was creeping on @Irena's photo lmao. :L
  9. Yeah, I feel like when I panic it just wipe myself out. 😛 I do too lmao, hopefully we both get some good luck. i dont know how people can put a whole BTC on a single bet, thats some balls right there lmao.
  10. I was just curious as to how many people have gotten lucky here, and what your largest singular withdrawal was. Mine (more recently) was 0.14 and I bad started with 0.0003 😛 that was a good day lol. I'm negative in "profit" atm, but maybe luck will strike me again. so.. what's your story? ;D
  11. Hmm I'm not sure if gambling then maybe upto 8 or so? If not then only a couple times to see what everyone's upto or say hi if I'm chatting. 😛
  12. 50k from Goku but that's the most, I think I've only had 5 tips BUT tbh I don't chat much usually it's only been recently.
  13. Everyday, sometimes just lurk but yeah. 😛
  14. ok hi why not. i swear i've used stake for almost a year but i'm super antisocial lmao plus didn't even realise there was a forum somehow. o/