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  1. Baccarat:706,018,429 placed by terma Wagered: 0.00001200 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00001200
  2. Do u think our stake youtubers streamers underrated i watched a streamer playing on casino live with 100k views but when a staker streaming the average of views is so small like almost 20 - 50 views only
  3. oh i got it thank u so much for helping me out @xtinepink
  4. I know many of people think that they are unlucky after they bust and lose in stake and they start saying its a bad day and they keep losing and losing .. there is one thing u need to learn is the LOA this willl teach how to stey positive how to learn fast how to make some good profits u can read a book or watch video in youtube it will make ur life so much better .
  5. terma

    what do u prefer

    i always like to double bet when i have"" 11 ""in my hand
  6. whats different btw hodler and trader explain
  7. is there a way to reduce lag in overwatch
  8. my favorite number in roulette is 31 i always play it