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  1. Definately prefer to play with ripple over others, easy to play with because its closest to dollar value. Second favourite would be bitcoin because its the OG coin. Worst coin to play with would have to be doge, no idea how to place a bet with it. That's mainly because I haven't played enough with the currency though...
  2. Max 30 minutes a day. Anymore than that and you are honestly wasting your life away lol. I'm doing a compound interest strategy at the moment and I prefer to get in and get out with my profit for the day. I might talk shit in the chat or on here if I got nothing else better to do.
  3. Not very much, I created a new account so my wager is reset. The amount you get from the coupon is based on your wager amount. Not sure if the wager amount is based on the previous month or all time total...Highest coupon I've seen in the past is probably $20
  4. You are tripping bro, what you outlined is autobetting lol...or do you mean you select the amount of tiles and it randomly selects it for you??
  5. Good on you man! Not many people would of returned the money, it shows how grounded you are in your values. Not everyone on here is as sleezy as we thought! There is hope for humanity haha
  6. I wonder how much btc they refill the bot with each time haha. It would be interesting to know the stats on how much the forum payouts its users each day. I don't think its a significant enough of an "issue" to warrant an announcement though.
  7. The amount of money you have is relative to you whether it is a significant amount or not. I don't think you should set a minimum or maximum. It depends on your goals and how much you are willing to lose!
  8. It went as well as it could have! I only popped in for a few minutes to check out the hype. I didn't participate in the race, I knew all the big whales would be playing so all the spots would be negative EV haha. It's crazy how much the top 10 wagered. The Stake team did a great job in hosting their birthday!
  9. hillowner45

    Plinko Wager

    I only play high risk. The other settings are close to impossible to actually win money because they don't have an increase on loss option. Sure, you could vary your base bet manually but its not an easy process lol.
  10. Yeah video poker is a shit game. I have no idea how it has a 1% house edge when I can't even 2x my money with suggestions on. Putting suggestions on, allows you to play the most optimal way. But yet a simple double up ain't possible. I'm assuming the small house edge is based on the likely chance to hit the higher multipliers if a 2x is so damn hard.
  11. Oof sorry to hear that man! I had a similar experience once with 0.10 eth came just short off the 5 billion bet. And yep everytime the winning bet is a small one. I wish they would make the bet have to be over a certain amount to be eligible. It's what they did before...during the first one. I have no idea why they changed it. It's not really a celebration of a bet milestone if the winner wins next to nothing.
  12. lol if you buy into a stable coin like tether it won't be "investing" because the price will never fluctuate. I'm assuming that by investing that you aim to grow your portfolio over time. Tether is yet another way to store your money if you ain't a believer in fiat.
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