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  1. Yeah video poker is a shit game. I have no idea how it has a 1% house edge when I can't even 2x my money with suggestions on. Putting suggestions on, allows you to play the most optimal way. But yet a simple double up ain't possible. I'm assuming the small house edge is based on the likely chance to hit the higher multipliers if a 2x is so damn hard.
  2. Well I was chasing a 500x payout the other day with a 1k sat basebet. I thought it would take at least 300+ bets to hit, but I landed it on the 20th bet. The multiplier was 2000x, so wasn't too mad that I didn't bet higher. Luckily I haven't pre-rolled a 10000x yet haha like I've seen so many other people do.
  3. My lucky row is 14, high risk. The only way to play plinko is high risk. I have hit so many 420 blaze it payouts on it, its crazy. I haven't hit the max payout on any other rows.
  4. Uhhhh Kate you know that Stake has an instant bet option on all its game modes right?? I'm surprised you don't know about, given you have been here so long. Maybe you don't gamble on the casino enough haha
  5. Bro don't tell me you have been playing blackjack without knowing basic strategy?? That's madness. It means you've been playing blackjack with at least 3-4% house edge. Go rote learn basic strategy before you play again! Otherwise there are better double or nothing your money game modes on Stake.
  6. I would name it ponzi, after all bitcoin is all one big ponzi scheme when you think about it lol.
  7. Hey there Azzah buddy! Rote learn basic strategy, it will teach you the most optimal way to play with the lowest house edge. But in saying that... there really isn't right or wrong in blackjack it could go either way whether you hit or stand there are just better decisions than others. There are different percentages whether you hit hit or stand based on your hand and the dealers. Don't play a long winded strategy without knowing basic strategy though, you will get eaten alive. Have a great day Stakers and stay green! (lol i'm trolling)
  8. So dice has come a long way, with extra features being added on quite frequently. Somewhat recently added was the stop on profit and stop on loss options to help players manage their bankroll better. In my opinion the next feature that Stake should implement is the option to save your favorite strategies as presets. That way you can easily swap in and out different strategies when autobetting and won't need to manually input all the values everytime. This will surely help with facilitating the momentum and flow when playing dice which will keep players engaged!
  9. I'm interested to know what personality types y'all have. I wonder if there is a particular personality type that dominates in online gambling. If you don't know yours you should take the Myer-Briggs personality test, it will help you understand more about your strengths and weaknesses as a person. It's just a series of statements that you plot down your opinion on a continuum of disagree to agree. The result you get is only accurate as the data you put in, so make sure that you are honest as possible. The Myer Briggs isn't 100% accurate by any means, chances are you won't completely fit into
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