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  1. erinLucky8s

    Dogecoin Is Worthless

    I agree with this completely! That is what I love about it! You can also really add it up by being able to bet higher than normal. Then you can switch that over to other sorts of coins. I agree! It doesn't make you feel guilty and you learn to bet higher and see what kind of strategy that works for higher betting.
  2. erinLucky8s

    Diagonals & Repititious Rhythm for Keno

    Hello! I know there are many that find their own routines, patterns and strategies when it comes to Keno. I have noticed patterns are very helpful but the patterns I find are more efficient are going diagonal only. No right to left or ups and downs. Also preferably starting from corners. Does anyone else find this is true with them? Of course I know that seeds can make a difference. Also, a second key for me is NO auto and a repetitious clicking. Clicking with a Rhythm. Also trying to click right before the last bet ended. Hope that makes sense? I think almost every time I click I get something out of it. You might have a few fails in between but it seems to work the best. Does anyone else have experience in this also? Thought I would share what I think has been a good strategy for Keno that has let me do well. There have been times I had to change seeds but for the foremost its pretty good. You can build up well too. Hope this helped you! Love to hear if anyone else experiences this too! ❤️
  3. erinLucky8s

    Faucet will be phased out ?

    BLXN I agree with you! Maybe Staff needs to enforce not abusing the faucet? I know that is not always possible. If there are more rules and policies that will help.
  4. erinLucky8s

    Patterns or random picks

    I use different patterns. I make a V shape that one seems do ok. I think it really matters on the seed too.
  5. erinLucky8s

    Faucet will be phased out ?

    I think there should be a minimum how much you can use it. To relieve some of the abusers. Like you can only use it twice a week or something of the sort. If you used up your take, then your done for the week. I think when people abuse perks like this that can potentially help us in playing, they will get rid of it. I agree!!
  6. erinLucky8s

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Checkmate! | Mines challenge!

    MINES: 1,041,524,875 placed by erinLucky8s on 13/10/2018 Wagered 0.00011000 Multiplier 2.0625x Profit 0.00011687 MINES: 1,041,550,385 placed by erinLucky8s on 13/10/2018 Wagered 0.00011000 Multiplier 1.90385x Profit 0.00009942
  7. 🤣I just came to read the comments! 👀
  8. erinLucky8s

    🏆 [1 BTC] 1 Billionth Bet Challenge!

    This is exciting to see who gets it! Congrats to the Winner!
  9. erinLucky8s

    New Game coming to Stake?

    I think having a new game makes it more fun. More interesting! I would love a new game to be honest More to switch around. Slots would be cool too!
  10. erinLucky8s

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    That is very cool! Congrats! That is amazing that you got it! Your encouraging me haha
  11. erinLucky8s

    Do you use it ....... ?

    I wing it. Even though I know I should make goals and set aside certain amounts. I am somewhat new and still trying to get a schedule going. Everyday is different I think.
  12. erinLucky8s

    🏆 [1 BTC] 1 Billionth Bet Challenge!

    Love to see who gets this one Thanks for the Challenge!
  13. erinLucky8s

    Family members

    My brother does He introduced me to it. I am glad he did. Its been fun!
  14. I love tacky jokes. I find them weirdly annoying but goofy funny. It is a love hate relationship. 🙃 If that makes sense? 😂 Tell me your most favorite tacky joke below! Lets share jokes together! Here is mine...... Why did the Cookie go to the Doctor? 🍪😷 Can you guess the answer? I will answer but wanted a little pause here. haha! The cookie went to the Doctor because it felt a little "crumby". 🥁 I would love to hear! I think this is a good way to get to know everyone. Comment a funny joke of yours! 😂🤣❤️