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  1. Cryptoxygen Airdrop http://t.me/Cryptoxygen_airdrop_bot?start=15750 If you completely fulfill all Airdrop conditions, you will receive 30 OXY2 (≈$5) and 9 OXY2 (≈$1.5) per recruited friend.
  2. Amanpuri airdrop Amanpuri airdrop: Earn 125 AML tokens ($10) for completing simple tasks and 12 AML tokens ($1) more for each referral. https://t.me/AmanpuriAirdropBot?start=574426964
  3. I just registered for the Nash referral program. Don’t miss out on the chance to win up to $100,000 in Bitcoin! Sign up here: https://nash.io/referrals?code=2mcYWw
  4. Raiden Network Airdrop http://t.me/raidennetworkbot?start=574426964 Join and get 20 RDN token!
  5. The Chelle Platform facilitates trade between cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) and the ecosystem's ERC721 tokens, which is made up of various documents that constitute real estate transactions. Chelle Coin is airdropping up to 10 CHL tokens (~$ 30) to airdrop participants and 5 CHL tokens (~$ 15) for every referral. http://t.me/ChelleCoinBountyBot?start=574426964
  6. Its dead.... this is already a few months at this point
  7. rikola666

    ARCC Airdrop

    ARCC Airdrop https://t.me/arcc_cm_bot?start=9hzyok Log, Register and get 250 ARCC
  8. Virtual Quantum Reality airdrop https://t.me/VQRairdropBot?start=574426964 Reward is 600 VQR tokens.
  9. rikola666

    3DAX Airdrop

    3DAX Airdrop 3DAX: A hybrid platform on the blockchain with a complete ecosystem for both the new and existing investors. https://t.me/Airdrop_3DAX_Bot?start=574426964 Earn 17600 3DX Tokens
  10. CryptoProfile.com Airdrop https://t.me/cryptoprofileAirdropBot?start=574426964 Log & earn 50 CP
  11. Petchains Airdrop Petchains is a global pet market information management system and trading platform aimed at enhancing the pet economy and pet owners lifestyle. https://t.me/PetchainsBot?start=574426964 Earn ⚙️ 140 PTCS for complete every simplete tasks.
  12. Carnalife Airdrop CarnaLife is Distributing a Total of 35 Million Tokens. Eligible users will receive 500 CLC tokens, https://t.me/CarnalifeBot?start=574426964 Earn 500 carnalife tokens
  13. rikola666

    Wiggo Airdrop

    Wiggo Airdrop https://t.me/WiggoCoinairdrop_bot?start=r0378715384 We are giving out 2000WIIG
  14. DACC Giveaway DACC Already listed on Kucoin https://t.me/DACC_Airdrop_Bot?start=574426964 Earn DACC Stacks: 3
  15. MoFASA Airdrop https://t.me/MoFASAirdropBot?start=574426964 Get 50 FAS - Token Price: 1 FAS = 0.13 USD