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  1. rikola666

    CarnaLife Airdrop!

    Carnalife Airdrop CarnaLife is Distributing a Total of 35 Million Tokens. Eligible users will receive 500 CLC tokens, https://t.me/CarnalifeBot?start=574426964 Earn 500 carnalife tokens
  2. rikola666

    Wiggo Airdrop

    Wiggo Airdrop https://t.me/WiggoCoinairdrop_bot?start=r0378715384 We are giving out 2000WIIG
  3. rikola666

    DACC Giveaway!

    DACC Giveaway DACC Already listed on Kucoin https://t.me/DACC_Airdrop_Bot?start=574426964 Earn DACC Stacks: 3
  4. rikola666

    MoFASA Airdrop

    MoFASA Airdrop https://t.me/MoFASAirdropBot?start=574426964 Get 50 FAS - Token Price: 1 FAS = 0.13 USD
  5. rikola666

    Cybergame Airdrop

    Cybergame Airdrop The future of cryptocurrency gambling and wealth!!! https://t.me/Cybergameairdrop_bot?start=r0378715384 Make Social task and get 1000CYBG
  6. rikola666

    VANM Airdrop

    VANM is a local product and service search engine that compares the supply and demand of local advertisements with nearby users in real time. https://airdrops.io/vanm/#refdsaa VANM is airdropping 500 VANM (~ $22.5) to max 10,000 participants. Participate in our exclusive airdrop and complete all required social tasks to receive the tokens. Also get 100 VANM (~ $4.5) for each referral.
  7. rikola666

    Bitbonus Airdrop

    BitBonus Airdrop https://t.me/BitBonusAirBot?start=574426964 ������ Join our Telegram Group (Required) ������ Follow us on Instagram (Required) ������ Follow us on Twitter (Required) ������ Visit our Website (Optional) and get money!
  8. rikola666

    Universal Games Token

    Universal Games Token UGT develops tools for game ecosystem to manage virtual and in-game goods across platforms https://t.me/UGTAirdropBot?start=574426964 Follow these simple tasks and earn up to 35 UGT (~3.5 $ )
  9. rikola666

    Bluenote Airdrop

    Bluenote is launching the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. It creates a decentralized ecosystem which allows building operators around the world to learn from one another how to waste less energy through distributed data intelligence. https://airdrops.io/bluenote/#refep4a Bluenote is airdropping 700 BNOW (~ $7) to max 10,000 participants
  10. rikola666

    Mario Bros Airdrop

    Mario Bros Airdrop https://t.me/Mario_Bros_Bot?start=574426964 Total reward: 200 MAB [~$10] + 50 MAB [~$2.5] per referral
  11. rikola666

    Smartlands Airdrop

    Smartlands is a worldwide Platform for tokenization of real economy assets by issuing asset-backed tokens (ABT). http://telegram.me/Smartlandsairdropbot?start=574426964 Log & earn 0.5 SLT worth $2
  12. rikola666

    Game Fanz Airdrop

    Game Fanz Airdrop Game Fanz is A Glorious Platform for Gamers in the World https://t.me/gamefanz_airdrop_bot?start=574426964 get 50,000 GFN token for free .
  13. rikola666

    Red Bearish Airdrop

    Red Bearish is a hosting platform which offers Cheap and stable hosting services to small to medium scale enterprise https://t.me/Redbearishbot?start=574426964 Log & earn 1000 ZDX
  14. rikola666

    Cosmo Chain Airdrop

    Cosmo Chain Airdrop https://t.me/CosmoChain_bot?start=574426964 get 3600 COSM ($30)
  15. rikola666

    MANA Airdrop!

    MANA Airdrop! https://t.me/manabountybot?start=d79fb32 Fill the bounty form and earn 200 MANA (~$15), also refer your friends to earn 100 MANA.