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  1. naaah i check it like 100 times before tippin some out lol, most of the people just dont send back the extra
  2. yeah ive enver tried sportsbetting myselves, but im really looking forward to try it here
  3. its allways good to have more options but myselves i dont like multiplier % increase, ends in only seeing red walls
  4. just pure luck winning, just do some thinkless bets orso dont think to mutch thats what works for me lol
  5. they know i gamble from time to time but not howmutch actually ( waaaay to mutch ofc)
  6. i wish i had even the smallest amount of luck, cant seem to win anything and its not only here
  7. i never do afk betting anymore, i bet to high for it when i depo i dont wanna risk that lol
  8. yepp been there done that ofcourse, i just like to play and when i tihnk its worth cashingout i do but thats allmost never lol
  9. well i claim faucet only when im bored and nothing to depo or play with, amount is better than nothing
  10. kayke94


    well i love slots, but depens on if its an commercial slot what every site got or just custom just for stake
  11. for me it sometimes helps, but really i think its just something in my head thatd telling me that the change helped
  12. well i never wd anything under 0.1 btc i dont know why actually
  13. well my first time gambling was when i was 16 thats 9 years ago, i started online gambling maybe 3 years ago. i just was googling some and came by bitcoin and then after few dyas of research i came by some bitcoin gambling sites and founds stake eventually
  14. to be honest, ive been a real addict i went everyday and lost all my money everyday again and again....
  15. naaaah not me just lemme do some dumb mindless betting lol