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  1. Device: HP latitude e5440 Operating System: win 7 Browser: chrome Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2:stake 2 Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: nope none Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why: stake 2
  2. well i think the best thing to do is just to stay away from it for couple days but from my own experience i just gonna bust it all again on the same game
  3. to be honest i think i would gamble atleast half of it in a week or 2 maybe less, im kinda dumb when i got alot of money
  4. well to be honest ive gotten used to it to see the insufficient balance, i get that thing everyday
  5. with sessions of arround 12 hours or something like that, more i cant take lol well after couple hours im just losing everything
  6. mehh autobetting hasnt been good to me, only on dice. well this is not just here lol
  7. i would definitly say yes on this one! ive seen it on other sites to and it really helps alot!
  8. why complain about a giveaway we can be happy stake even does this!
  9. twitter: @shirleykay94 stake: kayke94
  10. niceee darkblood! you doing another one, i hope stake will reward you for this generousity you have man! keep up the good work als gl with the gambling!
  11. happynewyear all of stake!! username:kayke94
  12. wow darkblood another one of your really generous giveaways! keep up the good work like allways!
  13. yeah just to addicted, i play everywhere all the time all day long lol
  14. well i didnt got anything, im ffine with that becouse we had a really hard year with money problems and all that kinda stuff. but i know we will get out of this even stronger!