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  1. i dont know about tron to be honest, it seems like a good coin but its still kinda new. also it isnt worth alot of money rightnow but to be honest im not really a person that addepts well to changes and i allways start gambling new coins after like a few months just to be sure
  2. i was very excited to get reload, but then right before i got my silves star they changed the vip rewards and now i still need to wait till i get to gold vip before getting my reload. this was actually a real bummer but hey i get it why they do it. silver is kinda easy to get at and gold isnt really
  3. uhmmm i really have to think about this, but i think this will be the day some people started tipping me really crazy amounts, like: 500 xrp 100xrp, 100k btc and anotheer 100k btc that was really awesome!
  4. well before i start i allways tell my selves take a break sometimes when its not going very good, but eventually i just end up playing everything without any pauze. unless i have to stopp shortly ofcourse, for like going to the bathroom or get soemthing to drink ( i actually delay this as mutch as possible)
  5. i actually randomise the seed alot, when i get a nice winning spree i will stay on the same seed ofcourse, but when the reds start to come in i switch from seed. but the most i ever got on the nonce was like 20 or 30k
  6. well to be honest i have never made a withdraw on this account, my main account got banned but on that i had a couple of withdraws. the highest one was 0.1 btc and that actually is my min. withdraw lately
  7. ive tried many times to get one of those, but unfortunately i never make the winning bet, when hunting bed id i allways off by 1 or 2 bets lol. what i notice alot is that mostly the bronze star vip or even no vip only win challanges alot
  8. ive had many runs i wanted to go for some wagering and those allways and i mean allways end in a bust, thats why im only focused on the profit, and if you do it right you will be able to raise the bet amount and still end up with a very nice wagering amount! let the big sharks with big money do the wagering for races those are not priority!
  9. maybe its when they are actually working on things to fix that other things start to act weird, or after an race it get high roller tab error sometimes but i dont think they do any harm. only thing i sometimes hate is when im playing plinko, i click bet nothing happens then i click couple more times and then alot of bits drop at once, while i dont want to do so many drops at once
  10. yeah that actually would be cool, if we could manually change the pins. be able to make it something like a triangle orsomething. and why not add a new one like 17 pins and the few in the middle are actually only 0 and not 0.2 so the outer ones could be increased, another cool one is set only the outer 3 or 4 ones to a really nice high payout, i think this would make alot of players play plinko again ( it would for me tho).
  11. yesh those were awesome ofcourse! but you forgot that the minimal payout to your casino acount was alot higher than it is now!
  12. well xrp has been a very ncie coin to play with, only downside on it is the value is still going down and allmost getting to a point it wont be worth playing with anymore. tron on the other hand i know nothing about and is even less than 1/10 of the price of xrp
  13. yeah they are very generous with the weekly coupons sofar, monthly coupon ha not been very high for me( no clue why so) but still i cant think of any other gambling site that gives away this mutch! anyways i hope evveryone will have a nice christmas!
  14. well most ive even won from weekly boost is totally nothing, i never seem to even get my boost amount above the amount claimed. even when playing super safe i cant seem to find a hit, but still some free wagering is allways nice!