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  1. to be honest i have no clue im not well known with this coin yet and havent sorted out an wallet for it either lol, well goodluck finding a good wallt!
  2. i would like to thank 77kdub wtpcomputers kg562 fatsmcgee lionbiscuitsu, thanks guys i got ya back later when i finally win some guys!
  3. just dont try to throw in to mutch you will notice when your luck is changing and then you can give it a go with larger amounts. but trust me ik know the feeling been there for allmost a year orso
  4. yeh when bitcoin just hitted the markets i was thinking this could be the future but still i didnt buy any, my own mistake well lets learn from this because this oppertunity well never come again lol
  5. well you are not alone on this lol, i cant get anything going or even hit something when there is a race going on, even when the notification turns up an hour before i see the balance draining starting. but well not focus on race to be honest its just a little extra when ya on a roll that how i see it
  6. yeah i still dont understand why people complain about all the things that stake gives away for to us all for just playing here. iknow for sure none of the other casinos is as generous as stake is