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  1. yes i totally agree with you on this, thats actually what i love about gambling to just take some risks. I think i am kinda addicted to the rush of winning big or bust it all i just love the thrill of this
  2. well usually is set my limits to 0.1btc but when the price of bitcoin is just high its mostly waaay out of reach for me, then i try to think in fiat currency and i tell my selves withdraw allways at around 250euro but then i tell my selves a few more bets cmon just a few and then its gone....
  3. for me it has most certainly worked out in the good way many times, i allways change my seed when i have the feeling my busting streak wont stop, i dont look at how mutch nonce i have but just what my gut tells me to do
  4. im allmost never having any profits from gambling lol, but when i magically get them i firstly pay all the bills with it and take my gf and daughter out for dinner or shopping what ever they want to do. then moostly i will gamble more than half of my profit again
  5. not specificaly the prize of the coin, but i play on how mutch coin i have for a serten amount of money. but when i start rolling i dont care about hhow mutch the coin is worth or how mutch i have that will only distract me of my game and will make me bust even faster
  6. yeah i mostly loss cause of greed and overconfidence when im getting a little green streak, but this mostly is just for a short period of time before the red losing streaks comes in and then i switch over to rage bet till the last couple cent i have left. at that point i start to realise what im doing and switch back to baby bets
  7. yes when im winning a few bets i surely will get excited sometimes a little to, but on the other hand when i get a losing streak i just find myselves even betting higher and higher sometimes just do some rage betting to end the raping lol
  8. yeah i totally agree this would be an awesome add-on to the site, its just as easy when you just can check your stats or something and you can see how mutch you still need to wager for next vip level( this would also be cool if it shown every currency)
  9. the only option i would advice you to play with those recommands is ofc dice. any other game will just bust you if you dont get a little lucky or on a nice winning streak. well eventually ofcourse dice will do this to but you can change your payout
  10. well best place i got it 12th at a normall 1000 dollar race, needed to wager over half a btc to just eventually not even end in the top 10. lost that day also like 200euro sooo i was really kinda sad, but hey 60th place in the mega rice with 220k balance isnt to bad
  11. actually i think its better not to be an high roller its comes with alot of busts and with that alot of money losing if your on a bad streak, soo i would say no thank you on this one
  12. i think this would be hilo and plinko for me, i had an amazing run with dice last week tho but i prefer plinko but that one has beeen to hard for me lately to hit even the smallest bets on
  13. i agree on that the chance hitting something is way higher with low risk amount, but i prefer more the high risk. i love the chance of busting and then eventually hitting something good to recover it. i think im kinda an adrenaline junky if i can call it that way
  14. naaah i think this is for the best, not every one want to show others how mutch they gamble and such, they getting alot of attention this way what most people dont like
  15. hiii yall, first to start off with im finally a bronze star vip level since yesterday and im sooo happy about it! but i cant really tell what are all the perks etc... im getting now hope you guys can tell me everything thx in advances and kind regard! hope yall win tons!