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  1. kayke94

    3x 3$ Giveaway! (Read steps)

    twitter: @shirleykay94 stake: kayke94
  2. kayke94

    Share Of Prize Pool Giveaway 5

    niceee darkblood! you doing another one, i hope stake will reward you for this generousity you have man! keep up the good work als gl with the gambling!
  3. my numbers: 3. 13, 16, 31, 35 username: kayke94
  4. kayke94

    🏆 Quick New Year's giveaway!

    happynewyear all of stake!! username:kayke94
  5. kayke94

    A Share Of My Profits [Giveaway]

    wow darkblood another one of your really generous giveaways! keep up the good work like allways!
  6. kayke94

    How addicted are you really?

    yeah just to addicted, i play everywhere all the time all day long lol
  7. kayke94

    What did we all get for xmas?

    well i didnt got anything, im ffine with that becouse we had a really hard year with money problems and all that kinda stuff. but i know we will get out of this even stronger!
  8. kayke94

    Is Diamond Poker worth playing?

    naaah i dont think its really something to profit on, its just fun to play tho!
  9. kayke94

    The magic seed!!!

    as far as i know its just all about having some luck
  10. to be honest i never check it lol i just read some reviews and scam reports and then i think its ok, i just depo lol
  11. kayke94

    Should a Stable Coin be Added to Stake?

    something like zcash its price is good and fast and cheap transactions
  12. kayke94

    How many times you tip someone else?

    i used to tip people alot but lately with no luck so no funds to do so
  13. well highest bet i ever made was on plinko couple bets of 0.01 btc but then it was after a big win of 1.2 btc
  14. kayke94


    ive never played any csgo casinos but i was looking into it, but actually not my thing
  15. i dont use it myselves, used it somewhere else once and i was very satisfyd! i just buy crypto and send em straight to the site .,