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  1. to be honest, i dont play here mutch anymore it has changed soooo mutch (not that its a bad thing) but i liked the old school stake better with the lvl and faucet system
  2. roulette is not one of my best games around here lol, when im hunting the single number i easy get like 100 red or even more, so that why i all ways trying with 4 or 5 numbers wich can be really nice
  3. well with a balance of 0.1 btc i think my min. bet would be like 0.0005 or 0.001 hunting the 1000x payout, the gamne doesnt matter to me dice, plinko, crash
  4. well i actually got it to 300k but busted it on keno going rage betting eventually, and i never withdrawn anything from forum sats. playing with the forum sats is reallythe same just a smaller amount than that i used to depo
  5. idk, i actually cant win here anymore so i tend to make bigger depos elsewhere but i still deposit here from time to time
  6. i just noticed the cooldown time for responding is actually way less then before, soo thats a nice addition
  7. yes most of the times when i get lucky it is an accidental bet, at that point when the bet is taken i feel like im getting a mini heart attack or a stroke lol
  8. well my dad allways loved to watch other people play slots and likes to play it homselves also to ofcourse, my ouncle is sorta an addict to soo i think its geneticly, well the fast addictive behaviour
  9. yeah im also kinda excited this is finally coming, this is such a huge step for stake and it will attract many new players throwing their money away here
  10. well i think at first this will me funny as hell to hear it, but aften like 3 or 4 times it will get anoying im sure of that and then everyone turns it off and there it is another useless option.
  11. well sometimes i actually like the betting itselves more on mobile than on laptop/pc, especially when im playing mines and then im doing manual tile clicks its sooo mutch easier when ya can use a touch screen then dragging the mouse or using the mousepad everytime
  12. yeah i still get this message everytime i try to reply on something here, well anyways congrats on becoming forum hero and also congrats with your pregnancy hope you will have a beautiful and healthy baby,!
  13. yes i think this should become private, its kinda spamming like how many times people withdraw forum sats to their playeraccount and i think this could attrackt some serious beggars
  14. to my opinion the price dus really matter, i have been getting the feeling when the price is high as now its waaay harder to win anything at all and you gotta play with alot less coin for the same amount of money
  15. well most of the times when i use autopicker it gets instant mine lol, but from time to time i switch between manual selecting the tiles and autopick then miraculously it works (sometimes)