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  1. stake username: kayke94 trust pilot username: kay beckers gated 5 stars ofcourse!
  2. naaah bingo is just allmost the same as keno, wich is allready on the site. altho bingo is a real fun game in real life ( i allways went with my grandma when i was little). its good to think of new games for stake so the site will even get more players and cool additions
  3. yeah the fee on otherhand is really low compared to btc, at the moment here at stake the withdraw fee is 0.00001 bch so not even a cent. yeah i had to wait on my bch deposit sometimes for more than 2 hours to even show up without any confirmations so it wont credit.
  4. well personally i dont like playing poker that mutch, but i must say it would be a great add-onn for the site! i dont even know how many different poker games there are haha, only one i know is video poker and texas hold'm. and at those two i am really not good
  5. well this one is really simple to answer for me, im absolutely the greedy one lol! i just cant seem to stop gambling even if i get some good hits, i allways want more i mean really allways. sometimes even when im thinking i need this withdraw and then still keep on going to bust it eventually. this has happened to me alot lately so i really need to overthink some actions i make.
  6. yeah true ive noticed this to, some pros for me are: its a coin with some good value and alot of potential, but on the other hand the transaction time is sometimes really slow and i mean really slow lol. i havent played with it mutch lately but when i do its nice and smooth and the wins are worth something lol
  7. ithink its because of the team is fully focussed on the sportsbet thingy, and they doing all those updates throughout the day to make it better etcettera... but i think this sometimes goes with some little issues that are not forseen, also i noticed just do an page refresh that does mirricales for me
  8. naaaah never continue with an higher base bet, i make this same mistake also to manytimes. best thing to do is just let it roll for x amount of roll (your choice ofcourse) and then just stop hunting it if its a win or even a loss doesnt matter, better start thinking off changing some settings and payout
  9. hi guys, i was wondering if you guys have also these horrible, impossible weeks/months you are just unable to hit anything on all the sites. and yes if you do so, do you have an oppinion on what can cause this or just bad luck? i would love to hear some of your experiences on this
  10. yeah this happens to me alot to. i dont know why or what i do wrong when i get near it but it starts to eat all balance like its nothing and then the payout or bet amount doesnt even matter anymore. like its getting just sucked all out of me
  11. well i really dont know anything about the odds of getting a huge payout on slots, i can tell ya 1 thing if you will be betting like 3 lines only it will probably not come anytime soon. i play only 20 lines at the moment and i find it hard to get a hit above 100x without free spins (wich dont showup very often )
  12. i think they lowered the rakeback % but to be honest i dont care, im happy we even get some rakeback! there are still the gifts on gaining a vip level!
  13. well first thing i allways say to myselves is, never chase your losses this just doesnt work! but if you are really determined to get your losses back just try and take it slow and safe. for me personally this doesnt work lol i just like to do couple high bets and then hope i get some luck and win big
  14. well for me it sometimes does help refreshing and then just do a seed refresh ofcourse! i think it changes the server hash like at some sites you can see all of this sorta thing. im not really going to dig into this its just to mutch lol
  15. well for me that would be: plinko and slots for sure! plinko is the first game i ever tried in the crypto gambling online, i liked it then i kept playing it till i even couldnt stop it anymore at some points, i just would bust all balance i didnt care because i was having suchs a thrill and having a blast!