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  1. Trandko

    Sex Position

    Doggy style, but now we try to bring something new to bed. We often watch porn on some best porn sites rated by http://thepornjudge.com/. We try to find new sex positions and bring some extra heat
  2. I used to follow few my favorite porn stars but now, i mostly watch any clip that is good whoever plays in it But Mia Khalifa was my top 1 al;l the time. Now i usually pick some best porn site from http://thepornjudge.com/ and watch some top rated clips
  3. Trandko

    Top 5 porn movies

    I think its hard to pick best 5 And i dont usually watch bigger productions, mostly short cilps/amateurs. But if it would be the case of top 5 porn sites i usually use http://thepornjudge.com/ to find best erotic sites in given category
  4. I dont have one favorite porn site. It depends on what im currently into Usually when i want to find a site that specializes in the topic im into i look onto porn sites ranking like http://thepornjudge.com/ and try top 3 ones
  5. It seems fine for me, will take a closer look in the "rush hours"