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  1. Something fantastic and big is starting right now, this is a big step towards the BTC , many of us have been waiting for this for several years ! ✌️😁😄😁
  2. No need to point a finger at the sky. Watch investors on YouTube who have a turnover of $ 1 million or more. Now it is profitable for whales to bring down the course, every fall or strong growth takes money from the poor, everything goes according to plan. The rich have what the poor don't have - Time !
  3. Yeah, man, of course ! There's a guy named Eddie who's become very rich from gambling 😄
  4. Hello guys, I don't have voice to sing but maybe it will be price for best lyrics ? 😁 I used to think that I could not ever win And life was nothing but an awful song But I know the meaning of true win I'm leaning on the everlasting games If I can dream about it, then I can win I believe I can win I believe I can win 10 Btc I believe I can see it on my wallet I think about it every night and day Spread my nets and try catch more wins again I believe I can win I see me running through the dice I believe 10 btc will be mine I believe I can do one day See I was on the wager every day Sometimes it's to hard but I believe Don't break me Stake I believe I can win 10 btc But first I know it starts inside of me, ho-oh it's my believe If I can see it , then I can get it If I just believe it, win will be mine I believe I will win 10 btc I believe I can see it on my wallet one day
  5. I like this idea, one of my friends advised me to take Trezor to set a password and not do 12 words to restore access, in Trezor, when you enter an incorrect password, the next input increases in time and so every time then you input incorect password I don't know exactly how much, but maybe 5 incorrect inputs and you will have to wait 5-10 years . But there is one problem if the wallet itself breaks down during this time, gets lost, gets into the water ( perhaps this will damage it), then the funds will be lost. So how and where to hide the private key for 5 years ???
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