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  1. hello guys greetings once again i am here with some free money giveaway of 15 $ for each user who comment , ( user name ) like and subscribe 'll get instant 0.00002 BTC in his stake account . So hurry up don't waste time . open other videos there is another 15 $ giveaway running . best of luck to all of you video link >>>>
  2. Hy guys Greetings ! i just created a youtube channel for promotion and stratgies . i need subscriber to keep it alive . currently i am doing 15 $ quick giveaway when i reached at 100 subscriber target first . The random Giveaways 'll also run there . So i request you all to show my your love and help me to grow . when i reached 100 subs i 'll choose 5 lucky winners and will send them 1100 doge coin each 1- subscribe my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCewV2icm5mRMsy8Y-mMBAmQ 2- like the video >> https://youtu.be/30stFGQAORw 3- leave your doge coin Address ( only doge coin will send so just post doge coin address ) Result is published on Youtube page thanks for the participate
  3. 17 ROULETTE: 11,524,381,947 placed by kaleemmalik071 on 15/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620 25 ROULETTE: 11,524,382,481 placed by kaleemmalik071 on 15/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620 34 ROULETTE: 11,524,382,988 placed by kaleemmalik071 on 15/11/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.199999809265137x Profit 0.00000620
  4. its looks good hit but as you mentioned that its comes after 500 rolls so its just recovered your loss back . but congrats for hitting it and better luck for next time
  5. damm that was a bad streak but streak like that can turn into good profit if your bankroll allowed you to keep going with increasing base bet .
  6. yes exactly i used it after i busting my half balance . and its help me i guess hilo is the game on stake in which i am still profitable else i am in loss in all other games
  7. that's happened some time when we try to win with lower payouts like 2x or below 2x and when we got 3 or 4 reds in a row mostly we go higher bets which lead us to bust . really left mines but i 'll recommend if you need really big payout then mines is the game
  8. yeah that's good idea but lol it was mostly for platinum rank users cause bronze level users can't afford 15k minimum bet per bet
  9. yes mostly peoples like to play with low bet and try to hunt bigger payouts . if got lucky gets handsome profit or else we can recover with remaining balance
  10. i feels lucky in slots and keno but i mostly when login i first open plinko lol i am addicted to plinko even i busted like 0.1 btc on it in 1 week but i still keep playing :P
  11. hello guys i just seen a best super hit in high rolls tab from a user jellyroll2018 ( my referral ) he was playing keno game before i just recomend him slots and he got and awesome hit with 325x . SLOTS: 10,307,625,611 placed by jellyroll2018 on 19/10/2019 Wagered 0.10809254 Multiplier 325.3999938964844x Profit 35.06521998 for win big you guys should give a try to slots .
  12. lol its not a faucet by the way . the pay for post program is introduced for make forum active with some usefull info so the user will contribute and at least he is not wasting his time . so there are many spammers which are using it as faucet free money lol . i 'll agree even they set the minimum target of 50k satoshi .
  13. HI guys Greetings ! Last day when i login to stake i seen there were many slots bets in chat . i got crazy to play slot . i contact to eddie but he was might be offline then my telegram host gives me access to slots . was trying with little bet and was getting awesome payout so i thought i should increase bet as i was feeling lucky and things happens perfectly according to my thoughts . i got an awesome payout with 30 free spins . my bet SLOTS: 10,132,735,593 placed by kaleemmalik071 on 15/10/2019 Wagered 0.00310276 Multiplier 133.5x Profit 0.41111570 just got recently another one SLOTS: 10,151,748,240 placed by kaleemmalik071 on 16/10/2019 Wagered 0.00001024 Multiplier 162.75x Profit 0.00165632 i would like to see good bets from you in slots if you have access to slots . of course most of vip already playing slots . Kaleem Malik
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    hello mate most welcome on the other site of stake community . . you may find more usefull info here about stake and crypto