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  1. $1,000 donation to Charity Water: http://bit.ly/2VXTHCR
  2. Current Pot: .0395 BTC The Stake Lottery is back and better than ever! Why is it better you ask? Because this one will have the most winners yet! Tickets 🎫 Normal Ticket - 0.0001 btc Golden Ticket (G) - 0.0002 btc Stake Ticket (S) - 0.0003 btc What does each ticket do? Normal Ticket - 1 entry into the Stake Lottery Golden Ticket - 1 entry but if you win any prize you win an additional $10! Stake Ticket - 1 entry but if you win any prize you win an additional $20! How does it work? Buy an entry ticket, 100% of this BTC will be added into the total pot. Send a tip to "StakeLottery" to enter. Do NOT send tips to "Steve" or any other account under any circumstance for entries. 10 winners will be drawn! Have at least 15 post count Everyone is allowed 1 entry only. Trying to submit multiple entries will result in being disqualified. Don't tip any currency other than BTC. After you send a tip I will update the list of entries below and assign you a number. The only account to send tips to: StakeLottery Prizes! 🎁 1st - 40% of the pot 2nd - 30% of the pot 3rd - 20% of the pot 4th - 10% of the pot 5th - $10 6th - $10 7th - $5 8th - $5 9th - $5 10th - $5 & gets to help make a Telegram challenge! Winners will be drawn on June 3rd at 11 pm GMT How winners will be chosen (provably fair) This is not part of entering the giveaway. The following is an explanation of how winners will be fairly chosen randomly. Click this link: https://stake.com/provably-fair/calculation Fill in this information: http://bit.ly/2MgQCtt The server seed will be the first Bitcoin block hash after 11pm GMT on June 3rd. When all of the information is filled in a number will be displayed under bytes to numbers. The number we'll be looking at is the 5th decimal down, in the example picture it would read "= 0.852061322192" This number will change with every new Bitcoin blockhash substituted in. We take this number and multiply it by the total number of people who entered and the product will be our first winning number. For example, if 500 people enter we would multiply 500 by 0.852061322192 and get 426 (we're only looking at the whole number) so whoever is 426 would be our first winner. These steps will be repeated with the next 9 Bitcoin block hashes after 11 pm GMT on June 3rd to find the remaining winners. Entry list 1) AlphaStorm (G) 2) yololife222 3) sankasanka 4) barbaris 5) firenine (S) 6) Denildan (S) 7) Owly (S) 8 ) davinmark (G) 9) kamukamu 10) williamshennie9 (S) 11) artizykristy (S) 12) AlvinFahriza (S) 13) ahmeddz (S) 14) MisterLuck (S) 15) Kinou 16) Peckatopbank (S) 17) pcservis 18) flansca (S) 19) Menang (S) 20) nuuuitsjdragon (S) 21) Koljascha (S) 22) elyxdelrey (S) 23) slasher555 (S) 24) Sraboni (S) 25) Zoltan (S) 26) draksul81 (S) 27) questik (S) 28) KinAniK (S) 29) dolphinpuke (S) 30) Tamaco (G) 31) 32) 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52) 53) 54) 55) 56) 57) 58) 59) 60) 61) 62) 63) 64) 65) 66) 67) 68) 69) 70) 71) 72) 73) 74) 75) (no limit)
  3. Winners Winners for this post have not been selected yet! Go enter on all 3 social medias!
  4. It was just for the 6th birthday because we didn't want to do all of the Primedice giveaways and challenges and not include everyone at Stake. The two communities tie together so strongly so we were posting on both Stake & Primedice to make sure everyone sees and doesn't miss out. Now that everything is over you'll see things as they were before the first birthday announcement.
  5. Been waiting about 24 hours for you to respond to me lol @kasim And technically it is a loss because we've been doing it like this for days and you cut out the paragraph explaining the room and I've seen you in the challenges room before so you did know but respond to my message Edit: I really don't consider this a win because I believe there was plenty of notice and announcements even with the 1 word typo but I decided to count this as an 11th win because a valid argument is possible
  6. The Winners! Thanks to @Katarina for being a judge! 1. xtinepink - $200 2. hashrawkz1 -$100 3. Omikami - $50 4. Yushee - $40 5. Mangjali26 - $30 6. luizoruivo - $25 7. jahithber - $20 8. Caroll - $15 9. Marceline - $10 10. Kittkatt - $5 Everyone else - $2.50 Click here to claim your prize! https://stake.com/?coupon=tgvideo1805
  7. Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want us to donate $1,000 to! Charitywater.org - Charity Water is an organisation that creates community owned water projects around the world. They have given clean water to nearly 9 million people in 26 countries! Watsi.org - Watsi is a crowdsourcing donation platform that allows you to directly fund the medical care for individuals in developing countries. Theredcard.org - Show Racism the Red Card uses the high status of football players to help end racism in society. This educational charity aims to defeat racism through providing young people with role models and anti-racist messages. Wikipedia.org - Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is created and edited by volunteers worldwide. Greeneration.org - Greeneration’s visionary mission is to bring more eco-friendly practices to Indonesia. Recycling programs for businesses and encouraging a better waste management service are a few ways Greeneration is helping Indonesia. The charity with the most votes from this poll and Twitter will receive a $1,000 donation! (Combined with Primedice votes) Do you know a charity that should be on this list? Post it below!
  8. Winners! Peckatopbank - $50 testB - $45 kottigr - $40 Flansca - $35 Xumus - $30 ceastem - $25 Caroll - $20 Laura2000 - $15 Omikami - $10 madcoin - $5 Click here to claim your prize! https://stake.com/?coupon=videopokervideogw1705 For anyone wondering exactly how this winners list was created the first step is to watch every video in order and log the highest multiplier for each one. After you do that you'll get this list: madcoin - 25x kaleemmalik071 - 25x neich - 25x AlphaStorm - 9x Peckatopbank - 800x Caligula6 - 9x Menang - 25x kottigr - 50x Lordtops - 25x Flansca - 50x Xumus - 50x Kittkatt - 9x asayoya - 25x snikeconfirmed - 25x Waves - 25x xtinepink - 25x lodaya27 - 25x ceastem - 50x SpicyxD - 25x gepozbtc - 25x Marceline - 9x ghitagulas - 9x Caroll - 50x testB - 800x Laura2000 - 50x Omikami - 50x From here we move the highest multipliers to the top in the post order they appear and then take the top 10. Peckatopbank - 800x testB - 800x kottigr - 50x Flansca - 50x Xumus - 50x ceastem - 50x Caroll - 50x Laura2000 - 50x Omikami - 50x madcoin - 25x
  9. I'll make the Stake Lottery #5 as one of the next giveaways if there's demand for it
  10. Is everyone referring to the Stake Lottery?
  11. First posted updated with a giveaway link! Go click it to claim your prize
  12. The only thing I hate more than crypto going down that I am holding is crypto going up that I'm not holding
  13. Did you pick the New Orleans Pelicans with only a 6% chance to win and have a 30+ post count? $200 Prize Pool Winners xtinepink bonet777 haisenberg999 Zenister CntryBoy nattekut Eugene265 Sraboni Click the link in the first post to claim your prize!
  14. Winner's Link https://stake.com/?coupon=NBAgw15052019 🏀 NBA Lottery Giveaway! 🏀 With Sportsbook coming soon, let’s start wetting the appetite with another sports betting based giveaway! Well, let’s give away some money! The NBA Lottery is just a few days away - who will receive the number 1 pick? All teams that didn’t make the NBA Playoffs this season are eligible for the NBA Lottery, with each team having a chance of winning the number 1 pick - who we assume will be Zion Williamson. Here are the chances and odds for each team: New York Knicks: 14% chance Cleveland Cavaliers: 14% chance Phoenix Suns: 14% chance Chicago Bulls: 12.5% chance Atlanta Hawks: 10% chance Washington Wizards: 9% chance New Orleans Pelicans: 6% chance Memphis Grizzlies: 6% chance Dallas Mavericks: 6% chance Minnesota Timberwolves: 3% chance Los Angeles Lakers: 2% chance Charlotte Hornets: 1% chance Miami Heat: 1% chance Sacramento Kings: 1% chance How to win You need to comment who you think is going to receive the number 1 pick in the NBA Lottery! The payout for each team is $200, which will be split between all players who vote for the correct team! Will you vote for a team with a bigger chance of winning to potentially win less? Or will you take the risk and pick a team that nobody else will, because their chances are quite low? Example: If Phoenix (14%) win and 10 people pick them, every player will receive $20 each! If Sacramento (1%) win and 2 people pick them, each player will receive $100! Rules 30 post count or higher No editing posts 1 guess per person Pick 1 team and post it in a comment You have until Wednesday at 12:30 am GMT to pick your team!