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  1. Have an idea you want to see happen in the next bonus for the 24 hour race? Leave a comment below and your idea might be used!
  2. The Google RNG picks people at the same time Say 500 people enter you put 1-500 and it decides a 100% random winner You guys take this one too seriously it's just for fun 🤣 Stake is giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars weekly and this giveaway doesn't even count for 1% of it
  3. A very sneaky way of standing out @Manish000 🕵️‍♂️ but I like it Alright you can win the next one if I see you for the next giveaway as long as balancedplayer isn't on the same page
  4. If @Computer can win anyone can win The funny thing is when I'm picking someone off the random page I am consciously aware choosing a mod to win even infrequently will cause a negative response for some. Meaning mods actually have had a reduced chance to win this giveaway. Sorry mods. I'm mainly looking for people who have stood out in the community in some way such as through the Stake chat or people who I know have been struggling recently. It's only something for fun and there's still 100% random winners chosen with the Google number generator
  5. Lol it's only one of the many fun giveaway ideas and still holds an element of randomness But how about this... If you enter next Saturday and you're on the page I'm selecting from I'll rig it for you so you can win @balancedplayer
  6. Winning numbers! $500 - Grahamesko! (128) $300 - blockbet! (156) $200 - Pomelo777! (178) Claim prizes here! https://stake.com/?bonus=RaceLotteryWinners
  7. Still waiting to find out
  8. Welcome to the Stake Race Lottery! 🏁 For more information about prizes, how to win & rules check here https://t.me/StakeRaces Entries will be listed below with 1-2 numbers next to their name. These numbers represent the range at which you can win and your number of tickets. Example: If race position 1 has 20 BTC wagered, position 2 has 10 BTC wagered & position 3 has 5 BTC wagered you would see this. Player 1: 1-20 Player 2: 21-30 Player 3: 31-35 Winning numbers! $500 - Grahamesko! (128) $300 - blockbet! (156) $200 - Pomelo777! (178) Claim prizes here! https://stake.com/?bonus=RaceLotteryWinners Entry List jdagger (1-75) 1000bon (76-117) Grahamesko (118-141) blockbet (142-160) chingchong123 (161-177) Pomelo777 (178-187) Sarah19Tx (188-197) fandebinouze (198-204) Soudce (205-210) Chris0607 (212-216) gnuanizer (217-221) bubba1666 (222-225) j0hmzkee (226-229) futurefarmer (230-232) Dave82 (233-234) somayesarlak (235-236) newdikky (237-238) avi686 (239-240) Snoop5000 (241-242) itzEthology (243-244) Chocoandre (245-246) rohini123 (247-248) OlivierBank (249-250) Babbo26 (251-252) Bitcoin block hash 1 0000000000000000000a7804842c52513635bffc4a64e3213cff88443a1c7f38 Bitcoin block hash 2 0000000000000000000a1db8730fe08a0f4679b94346d8ca284eaf912b096a66 Bitcoin block hash 3 00000000000000000003374ac746a6cb9c4b4445e6503dfe3db5a98bbdcd74a6 repeat winner on to the next hash! 0000000000000000000580fadc7714a2db0195692f98e6c354337c34a9e82ba2 The randomly generated number that decides the winners If you remember previous Stake lotteries on the forum the RNG will follow the same procedure Open this page: https://stake.com/provably-fair/calculation Fill in the following information: Game: Dice Client Seed: RaceLottery Nonce: 100 Server Seed: The server seeds will be the first, second and third Bitcoin block hashes after 2:15 pm GMT. 15 minutes after the race ends so I have time to make the entry list. If the same person wins we move to the next hash. Once a server seed is found the entire number for the result will then be multiplied by the total number of entries and then add 1 to find a winner. The +1 is there because the number 0 is possible and without it the last person on the list loses an entry from how this calculation works. To test this yourself use an example server seed with 1000 total entries Server Seed Example: Stake The results would be: 0.281972644618 0.281972644618*1000 = 281.972644618 281+1 = 282 The winning ticket would be 282
  9. Winners eblonatorv7 lolgato Babbo26 SeymourBusts Tat40hkz Claim $100 bonus https://stake.com/?bonus=RaceBonus2804
  10. Remember this is biggest bets not biggest wins or multipliers. The best way to win is to have the lowest multiplier of 2x!
  11. Bet ID posts only please, posting just your username will not win you anything Make sure your entered bet is not hidden so we can see it
  12. @Sarah19tx you can still enter the race is going for another 18 hours
  13. Remember this is only for bets from the current race! Make your post up to 1 hour after the bet happens Leading bet: 0.01 BTC @Pretty1989 Do you have a bet ID This contest is for the biggest bet meaning the number under wagered! Not profit!
  14. The top 5 biggest bets posted here during the April 28th race win $100 each $100 Prize rules - 1 win per person - settings must have a multiplier of at least 2x - winning & losing bets both qualify Bets must be posted within 1 hour of them being made (no holding) This will keep the game more fair & fun for everyone Open: April 28th 2:00 pm GMT Close: April 29th 2:00 pm GMT