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  1. Steve

    Stake Lottery! #1

    You go to the Stake chat box and type /tip StakeLottery Numbers are assigned in the order I receive tips and winners will be selected in a way that's provably fair and random. Read under "How winners will be chosen (provably fair)" in my first post for an explanation.
  2. Steve

    What is happening with me?

    If Stake was a scam how would you even be able to get $0.50 to $80 in the first place? That's 160x your money. Every bet is provably fair and you don't need to take my word for it because you can check for yourself.
  3. Steve

    Choose a Charity Poll #3

    One thing to note as well is in order for charities to make it on the poll we need them to accept Bitcoin.
  4. Steve

    Stake is a scam?!

    It's impossible for any game on Stake to be a scam considering every bet can be verified to have been 100% fair. I agree that when people spam this it's because they didn't get the results they wanted while playing and decide to take it out on the site.
  5. Steve

    Choose a Charity Poll #3

    Once the Twitter votes were added in the winner ended up being Tor. What I've been doing is keeping charities that receive high votes without having won yet on the list, let me know what you all think about future charities for the polls.
  6. Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want us to donate $1,000 to! Eff.org - The Electronic Frontier Foundation defends civil liberties in the digital world. EFF's goal is to ensure that rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected as our use of technology expands. Wikipedia.org - Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is created and edited by volunteers worldwide. Codetoinspire.org - Code to Inspire is the first coding school for women in Afghanistan. CTI uses technology education to empower women in their fight for social, political and economic equality. Fsf.org - The Free Software Foundation has created a mission to protect computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all software users. Savethechildren.org - Save the Children is a worldwide project set on protecting children in times of crisis and giving them the opportunity for a better future. A winner will be decided by which charity has the highest total votes between Twitter and the forum polls! (Combined with Primedice votes)
  7. Steve

    Stake Lottery! #1

    Welcome if you'd like to play in this lottery entries are open until Nov. 14th 5:00 PM (GMT +11)
  8. Steve

    Stake Lottery! #1

    Winner 1: #95 jullifit Winner 2: #85 aiant Winner 3: #87 joszko57 Your prizes will be tipped from the account StakeLottery! Block hash 1: 000000000000000000243b72e277fad93146174c2aa0de3c38d42d7da9bf5edc Block hash 2: 00000000000000000005b04fdff7243a03e508baa91b3e7fd40a44f0886db2e4 Block hash 3: 0000000000000000001d0694adbb7acdbcb170cae0edae0e06aa49fdcef9d230 Current Pot: .04274 BTC I've seen a lot people asking for a lottery so we've decided to make one for you all here on the forums! How does it work? - This lottery is going to be for fun so I'm restricting it to 1 entry per person so everyone has an equal chance to win. - An entry ticket will cost .0001 BTC and 100% of this BTC will be added into the total pot. - Send a tip of .0001 BTC to "StakeLottery" to enter. Do NOT send tips to "Steve" or any other account under any circumstance for entries. The only account to send tips to: StakeLottery - Don't tip any currency other than BTC and don't send more than .0001 BTC. - If you send more than .0001 BTC it will be added to the pot but it will not increase your chance to win. - After you send a tip I will update the list of entries below and assign you a number. - The 1st person drawn receives 60% of the pot, 2nd person 25% and 3rd person 15%. We are going to throw .02954 BTC in the pot to start things off! Winners will be drawn at 5:00 PM (GMT +11) 11/14/18 How winners will be chosen (provably fair) This is not part of entering the giveaway. The following is an explanation of how winners will be fairly chosen randomly. Click this link: https://stake.com/fairness/verify-dice Fill in this information: https://bit.ly/2SRRFiz The server seed will be the first Bitcoin block hash after 5:00 PM (GMT +11) on 11/14/18. When all of this information is filled in the bold number (highlighted in the example picture) will be multiplied by the total number of entries. The person who was assigned that number will be the 1st place winner. For example, if 500 people enter the calculation would be 500 multiplied by 0.855491393246. We will only be looking at the whole number in the result so the winning number would be 427. These steps will be repeated with the 2nd and 3rd Bitcoin block hash after 5:00 PM (GMT +11) to find the 2nd and 3rd place winners. Entries List 1. kristoffff 2. KinAniK 3. Faris 4. chaitanya31 5. Lupandina 6. Sraboni 7. trader 8. dionyour 9. moka5555 10. hillowner45 11. flansca 12. Owly 13. kurian 14. skywallkee 15. eldrindcm 16. Olatz24 17. CaptainLorca 18. OlegBarca 19. sasor 20. DarkBlood069 21. dragonstake 22. txtpocar 23. slasher555 24. jinz 25. yasin 26. xmjbaldugoo 27. Babagucci 28. Laron 29. EddieFx 30. Pandarian 31. ThugStream 32. wryy 33. forster82 34. wachiwa 35. Lestat 36. dmbadillo10 37. lestatkram 38. Shinjo 39. Viksen 40. RockingMonk 41. Moskov 42. athena2007 43. alexthess 44. Demarkus89 45. ernio 46. september20 47. MoneyObzor 48. truemeng 49. MrJoker777 50. JEEPERS0029 51. nasthor444 52. irawk0 53. Elguardado 54. hunter 55. TicTacToe 56. Jakubb 57. rack001 58. sharkfish000 59. luizoruivo 60. Magneon 61. Anatoly33 62. Mikehoncho 63. Josenete 64. sofia 65. YuRed 66. 555artem555 67. Bolik1337 68. Koljascha 69. Kate865 70. lay666 71. Lexus19 72. pisos666 73. Yuka666 74. taytots 75. kosmos2 76. Waves 77. peel1 78. Microminig 79. chad16 80. nhoyasim101 81. Belenlora 82. Mangjali26 83. williamshennie9 84. Novoslav 85. aiant 86. Alamar 87. joszko57 88. josh654 89. Ringfire007 90. SEMPAXs 91. jokjok05 92. skanderkrid 93. wilbur 94. Nyusha147 95. jullifit 96. draksul81 97. ivaylo2000 98. IraqiMan 99. saver 100. Minys 101. blockbet 102. rrahimi008 103. david88888 104. ekzxc 105. chimi08 106. SnikeConfirmed 107. fastman1 108. pachito1 109. giorgim666 110. jetix 111. elyxdelrey 112. AdorableMee 113. bobdole 114. meggiemegs 115. zuxel 116. Etude 117. rockday 118. jkd123 119. Exadao 120. sichaoeloem 121. notielc 122. kicoy 123. lotuseuy 124. SystemOfDown 125. dolphinpuke 126. Mlc 127. darkhorse 128. Mistake 129. 0treb69 130. leafar 131. zaynabshah 132. Badger
  9. Steve

    Donations made!

    The Tor Project $1,000 donation: https://bit.ly/2zDxjB1 Donation picture: https://bit.ly/2F2ixtp
  10. Steve

    [Closed] Halloween Costume Contest

    Winners have been posted and the giveaway link is up! Check the first post of this thread and great costumes everyone!
  11. Steve

    [Closed] Guess the Image Giveaway

    You're correct but 25 post count or higher is a requirement for this giveaway. I've tipped you the prize for image #2!
  12. Below I am going to post 3 pictures. These pictures will be zoomed in greatly and your goal is to guess what's in the picture! This giveaway will remain open until all 3 prizes have been claimed! Rules - Have a minimum of 25 post count. - Everyone is allowed 1 post per day. (You can guess on all 3 images once per day) - State which image each guess is for in your post. - Edited posts are automatically disqualified. The first person to guess correctly wins the prize for that image. Image #1 https://bit.ly/2Q8FWdK Prize: .002 BTC Winner: zaynabshah Zoomed out image: https://bit.ly/2P2g6eU Image #2 https://bit.ly/2Q7x3kt Prize: .003 BTC Winner: chrisconn63 Zoomed out image: https://bit.ly/2RqZYjE Image #3 https://bit.ly/2JrhK3D Prize: .004 BTC Winner: Shinjo Zoomed out image: https://bit.ly/2QbSVv2
  13. Steve

    $2,000 Twitter Giveaway #11

    Click here to claim your prize! (Link expires in 1 week) https://stake.com/?coupon=TwitterClaim08 Winners list (Click to enlarge)
  14. Check the top of the first post to claim your prize, link expires in 1 week! Great wallpapers everyone!
  15. Steve

    Choose a Charity Poll #2

    Unfortunately I can't help because I can't do anything to change the votes after the poll is made. If Watsi receives a Bitcoin donation they use it where they see best, I was trying to set something up with them to do that though.