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  1. Here you can find the winners for the MEGA race social media giveaways from September 14th! Claim prizes (1 week) https://stake.com/?coupon=MegaSocials34908 Winners earnmoreBCH Saaho2019 snotteh tb2244668899 bastix12 jinz bunnylegend KinAniK ravencoin juicy etude alyannahbert Dogejob999 8xFTW badplayer Mifanalo jb244 ultraman05 illusionclock Jonathan21 Optimus1989 zaynabshah shinjostream kingcarbonell EADCO gijoe Kawanua hyipmaster23 john073187 denildan Mobiano arielg443 Landak Dingz alvin1989 bo0tyRvn Cheesecakeytt Cimburko akiod1 lisinjo
  2. It doesn't really make sense to buy a VIP account because you still have to wager on it so you might as well create your own. Buying an account results in missing out on the bonuses during the climb up. The most beneficial thing people can do to take advantage of the current system is create 1 single account and stick to just that. Let's not forget buying an account is something Stake does not support or recommend. When you're depositing your crypto into an account that might be stolen back you're creating unnecessary risk and in return receive less bonuses overall for it. In short, you're paying for less security and lower bonuses.
  3. This link will work for $25 bonus for finishing top 50 in the Mega Race Tag a friend Twitter post Tag a friend Facebook post https://stake.com/?coupon=MegaTweets30949 Winners juicy muscleking77 Saaho2019 wopsow chrisytstake AlvinFahriza Eugene265 meggiemegs Rakuncez thepug xdddddddddd45 jinz dogejob999 reymondmaida stakethebest cntryboy Cryptorianer mifanalo napi11 badplayer hyipmaster23 Levt211 avi686 toxiev2 Elsuzette KinAniK etude realcoinmarcel luckycharmer408 hanvee denildan blockbet Landak jualid zhep Misterjoker Like & Retweet winners (bonus in vault) jkd123 LeCoqSportif Camiloperez696
  4. Special thanks to @Katarina for helping choose winners! Winners Dimka27 multik108 Shiest nikowin88 IjazAli Claim here (1 week) https://stake.com/?coupon=PrizesForElderly29340
  5. All Twitter prizes regarding the last MEGA RACE can be claimed here! Facebook as well. https://stake.com/?coupon=MEGATwitter389 Winners AlphaStorm EADCO cryptokings earnmoreBCH Leeminho furmagesty 1enzo ghitagulas romero121 juicy emrekuoukdag mariusc86 Dogejob999 Teddybu villly KinAniK Roti0515 hyipmaster23 bunnylegend WerSinzi AkioD1 Denildan Alejandrosaju reyar Etude 1000bon fwdslashhash FrolovKirill viktor777777 kulvin eugene265 Kawanua Mineslucker BankOfDina powerup1 draksul81 Zielony123 IjazAli MonkeySyrup DCYuma jape2018
  6. The 50 winners can claim their prizes here! https://stake.com/?coupon=50comments2390
  7. Can you pm me the link I don't see it in the feed for #stakerace
  8. All Twitter related prizes for the last Mega race can be claimed here! https://stake.com/?coupon=MegaraceTwitter4903 Winners EADCO yoga222 zaynabshah badplayer iamsheikhadil AlphaStorm BanditC jinz Dogejob999 luckycharmer408 Ranjit truemeng RouletteMaster KinAniK 77kdub Mackyrivera Demarkus89 SnikeConfirmed bunnylegend levt211 Unitarian Denildan hyipmaster23 meggiemegs 3headX samthepike juicy echang426 vincechase Itsmebro Avolution alyem tetheusss Muppet
  9. That's right you read the title correctly! The first 50 comments win! But.... Haven't you learned by now it's not going to be that easy? As you've probably noticed, this thread is locked and you can't leave your winning comment yet. When will this thread be unlocked? Who knows...I don't even know yet! I'm going to give you 1 clue. This thread will be unlocked before the next race begins! More info The first 50 comments win $2 each! Post count of 50 or higher is required 1 win per person
  10. The new sportsbook is getting closer with every day that passes. Check out this guide and make sure you're prepared on opening day!
  11. Great guide for anyone interested in the Stake Sportsbook.
  12. Claim all MEGA race prizes here https://stake.com/?coupon=TwitterMegaRace170819 If you won anything besides the $50 I will pm you this link!
  13. All people who's comments can not be viewed normally have 1 hour left to message me on Stake or respond on this thread. You must post correctly to win Comment made by 2 pm gmt the latest. Direct link to Twitter. No screen shots. 1 win per person. If you're caught trying to win multiple times you won't win anything.