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  1. Yes a picture like this is correct
  2. This isn't a picture of your position in the race Check other entries under the feed for #stakerace
  3. Please post a link to your tweet for the $25 entry, this post is not a valid entry so do not use this link lol
  4. Post a link to your tweet for the $25 entry or there is no win and this goes for all who didn't enter correctly
  5. Says this profile doesn't exist. Post a link to your Tweet showing your picture of the race, simply placing 15th isn't enough to be a win.
  6. Claim all prizes here! https://stake.com/?bonus=MegaRaceBONUS1109 $25 Winners AlphaStorm Magnum357 Jellyroll2018 AlvinFahriza bondoz cntryboy Etude expaint badplayer rigster eugene265 ialwaysgetrekt earnmorebch doktorheins TokyoLP arenhel loopoo Doge4me Cryptwalker 1000bon maddhatz remyfifi1 saaho2019 jvpont truemeng iamunlucky gkd09 sirkappa3000 wersinzi CatOfEugene Bitpopsy $10 Winners datolegenda555 Korry131 zevez $5 Winners olveramire Macov giogr
  7. Claim all prizes here! https://stake.com/?bonus=MegaRaceBonus1102 $25 winners SirKappa3000 thefinalizer bondoz Illusionclock j21perezmsc cntryboy Etude doge4me TokyoLP atriz 1000bon KinAniK hahahhahahh SammyA12345 cilemaster sandgr0under Token07Token caroll kg562 jony05bbk jpjp1234 reyar IalwaysGetRekt jinz bewcodeauth HawkSpice Amicaaa $10 winners anonymous666 williamshennie9 jemcel18 tsoyens $5 winners Djonox DCYuma
  8. Claim prizes here! https://stake.com/?bonus=MegaRaceBonus20267 $25 winners Concertrate thepug jinz sirkappa3000 bondoz Xero TokyoLP KinAniK atriz saaho2019 cntryboy IalwaysGetRekt v7Kill Hahahhahahh jvpont hyipmaster23 qwertylix remyfifi1 arenhel corentinvne RealCoinMarcel Jumpcoins loopoo Doge4me Kawanua pgdn avi686 $10 winners dana33 momochii2 Halligallo $5 winners Heisa Kinou berbacopz
  9. Claim here! https://stake.com/?coupon=MegaRaceBonus1020 If you won the $25 and didn't end up in the #stakerace feed then post a Twitter LINK to your picture here $25 winners HawkSpice thepug hugthis Dogejob999 earnmorebch angel173 bitpopsy gkd09 1000bon rigster Etude magnum357 hahahhahahh TokyoLP saaho2019 truemeng cntryboy illusionclock levt211 sirkappa3000 munky remyfifi1 ajaaasaaaaaa bodke1992 KinAniK reyar jellyroll2018 hyipmaster23 IalwaysGetRekt kawanua pgdn hustler1984 Atheist toxiev2 ramsy madturk27 $10 winners StefanoT Landak huriup2 $5 winners btcxd CofeeMix wutfacexd shadedlight
  10. Are you wondering how you can win big on slots? Check out the new guide to better understand what's going on and how to hit the highest multipliers!
  11. Very informative guide for anyone looking to better understand slots
  12. Congratulations to the winner! I've sent you a pm here on the forums letting you know you've won. It's up to you to reveal yourself or not!
  13. 3 winners for the retweet They didn't win the $5 I copy pasted from the wrong starting point on the list haha, fixed it Sent you $25 🤑
  14. Link to tweet only no pictures please