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    VPN guide!

    Have you seen our new guide on what a VPN is, how they're used and how they can offer you additional security?
  2. Great guide! Understanding how a VPN works is very important for people who wish to remain truly anonymous and have an extra layer of security. One thing I would recommend when deciding which VPN is best for you is choose one that offers no logs.
  3. Everyone go enter and win some prizes!
  4. Now you know how to place a multi on Stake casino, how about we get ready for a multi that you’ll be able to place on Sportsbook! The hype is real and we are getting close! In the upcoming weeks, the sporting events simply keep on coming. All you need to do is pick the winners of these events! Gentlemen’s Singles - Wimbledon Ladies Singles - Wimbledon ICC Cricket World Cup FIFA Women’s World Cup Some of these events are at the halfway point, and some are yet to start. This makes it quite hard to predict, but that is the beauty of this giveaway. It might be easy to pick a few of these, but can you really get that big win by picking the winners of four events? It is something sports punters absolutely love trying to do. There might only be one or two winners, which means a big win is on the cards! Comment the winners of these events in this thread and win a share in $200. We are looking forward to seeing how many of you can get all of these correct! Remember you aren't just picking a name off this list! A little research might be required to enter correctly! Rules: 30 post count or higher No editing posts 1 entry per person
  5. Congrats! $50 win here https://stake.com/?coupon=2GwBasketandBlog
  6. 30% faster game speed was the answer! Winners claim here! https://stake.com/?coupon=2GwBasketandBlog
  7. Read the riddle below and see if you can solve it! The first 10 people to post the correct answer will win $3! I'll give you a clue to help start things out. The riddle is based around this post! (click it) And now some words from @Jarrod Hidden within our latest blog post there is an answer to a nice riddle. Will the clue be at the beginning, or in the middle? The winner will receive a bonus on Stake. Make sure you read closely, don’t make a mistake! There’s something we did, not so long ago. We didn’t make too much of a fuss about it, although. There was a scene on social media. If you’ve got it already, you’re a walking encyclopaedia! We sent you an email, with a special gift We’ve cut some old gameplay adrift! The email featured a Jamaican star Gary can now beat him, it’s bizarre. Make sure you look at our changes in our blog post If you’ve already guessed it, feel free to boast. The answer is in there For the next blog post, you’ll need to prepare. Rules 30 post count 1 post per person No editing comments
  8. You should post again instead of editing the comment if you win because I use my posts as a marker for where I left off checking rather than check all the old posts over and over again. It also keeps the winners in chronological order When all prizes are won!
  9. As you all know a lot has been going on at Stake recently! Why not check out our latest blog post for a recap of what's been going on or to find out about something for the first time! Find the latest post by clicking any of this text!
  10. $1,000 donation to the Tor Project: http://bit.ly/2KfruRU
  11. Plinko is one of those games that looks interesting, feels good when you win big and is a lot of fun! This giveaway is going to be all about the high risk setting while alternating the rows! How to win! There's going to be 1 winner for each game setting on high risk! This means 1 winner for 8 rows, 9 rows, 10 rows ect, all the way up to 16. In order to win a prize you must win the highest multiplier on any high risk game setting while betting at least $1! Choose a game setting that has not been won yet (high risk only) Bet at least $1 Win the highest multiplier for that game setting Post your bet ID here Prizes! 1000x - $200 620x - $100 420x - $75 260x - $50 170x - $40 120x - $30 76x - $20 43x - $10 29x - $5 Winners $200 - None! $100 - None! $75 - mifanalo! $50 - None! $40 - None! $30 - FrolovKirill! $20- Viksen! $10 - anirml! $5 - jahithber! ATTENTION: Prizes will be distributed to the first 9 people who post a valid Plinko bet ID! Rules No post count requirement! You can win multiple prizes Whoever posts their valid ID first wins 1 winner per game setting Bet at least $1 of any currency High risk setting only Bet ID's are only valid if made after 2:00pm GMT 6/12/19
  12. Will Toronto finish the job they should have finished in Game 5, or will Golden State take it to Game 7? Inspired by a post from a community member, we decided to give away $50 to one lucky person! According to some in the community, a classic way to gamble in the Philippines & Singapore is to bet on the last numbers of a teams score in basketball! The winning teams final number will be the first score, and the losing teams final number is the second score. If the game finishes 106-105, the result is 6-5! There is only 100 combinations, and only one person can win! One lucky person is going to win a massive $50 prize! Game 6 is less than 48 hours away, so let’s see who can take this one home! How is this going to work? Pick the correct score of the last digits of Game 6 (1-2, 4-9, 7-0 etc) The winning teams score is first, followed by the losing team There is only going to be 1 winner, so do not duplicate an answer. If there are two of the same winning answers, the first one posted will win The person who correctly guesses the last digit of the winning teams score followed by the last digit of the losing teams score, will win $50. Rules: 30 post count or higher 1 post per person You have until June 13th at 11:30pm GMT to post your answer!
  13. The winners! 1) Flansca 2) AlvinFahriza 3) Gepozbtc 4) Kippo 5) GKD09 6) Waves 7) Nuuuitsjdragon 8 ) Provablefair 9) Dolphinpuke 10) SammyA123 Click here to claim your prize! https://stake.com/?coupon=multibet1106
  14. Winners! 1) EthanHunz 2) arielg443 3) allisonn 4) Etude 5) LQID Click the link to claim your prize! https://stake.com/?coupon=races0906
  15. Steve

    Races Post Winners!

    Check this thread out, it's a reoccurring social media giveaway
  16. If your name appears on either list from Twitter or Facebook I've already tipped you $2! Winners 1) rararararay08 2) fr1berg 3) ChrizzBeatz 4) Moon 5) ThePug Winners 1) JaysonKit02 2) antoneth 3) Den123 4) Voxzeustorralb 5) Csgo125
  17. Check my example picture and post after the 30 minute mark! @williamshennie9 @DanielRandomDud @firenine If you can't find the picture click one of these two spots
  18. A giveaway has been added into this post!
  19. At exactly 12:00pm GMT a $5000 Stake Race will begin! This event will last 1 hour (until 1:00pm GMT) and will have 100 winners! We have less than 1.5 hours to prepare so you won't want to waste another minute! Join our Telegram to be the first to know about these Races! https://t.me/StakeCasino Giveaway! Make a few bets during the race so you're assigned a place Take a screenshot of the Races info screen and post it here Post your pictures when the race is at least half way over 5 people will be selected to win $3 each! If you can't find this picture click one of these two spots!
  20. I try not to pay attention to the price too much and just HODL for the future
  21. It doesn't have to be highest profit, a few others and myself will go through all the posts together and pick the most interesting ones to win
  22. If you’ve read our latest guides article by @Jarrod, you will know how to place a mult-bet on Dice! This giveaway is based on placing a multi, where we will be giving away a share of $100 to 10 lucky winners! So how is this going to work? Visit our latest Stake Guide and use the spreadsheet to make your own multi: https://bit.ly/2EkENM4 Your payout must be at least 2x but can be higher Your multi must have at least 3 legs, but can be more (make sure you read the guide above!) Post a screenshot of your bets like the one shown below The 10 best and most interesting winning multi-bets will win $10 each! Rules 30 post count or higher You must show your bet ID's in the picture 1 post per person (edit your posts if you make a better multi!) You have until June 9th at 12 am GMT to post your multis!
  23. Steve

    Stake Lottery #5!

    The Lottery Winners! 1st - questik (S) (27) 2nd - Viksen (S) (66) 3rd - coeghacked (S) (89) 4th - hamato (S) (120) 5th - Lexus19 (S) (40) 6th - ceastem (S) (33) 7th - Buuren (118) 8th - GKD09 (64) 9th - flansca (S) (18) 10th - Lelle (S) (61) Click the link to claim your winnings! https://stake.com/?coupon=StakeLotteryN5 Bitcoin Block hashes 1) 0000000000000000001590dde141f89a4183a6f4d9aadf90b5a06c24e0602403 2) 000000000000000000244cfd02896f1132a146f10452c43405b8b3647379b3e6 3) 0000000000000000000c89b920eb15692ead86525e208cc3a32db254f108b4b6 4) 0000000000000000002124459616a49469f1405f65a496adc37b9eedc82f41f4 5) 00000000000000000019b7105c494a7aaf5ce97f86ba6a9b208ebde3559e7f7c 6) 00000000000000000017207153f88f2972e6d12def3053b453cf98e710b75600 7) 000000000000000000210153476e785bebfbbbed36d210854abb18583432d28c 8 ) 00000000000000000011bd028af30f8a085f4f2f04312183a8746d1af3f06642 9) 0000000000000000000a93d59c241568cb3680717fe49df7e799797d3773928f 10) 0000000000000000000dd7a234aa4cfc2b5f5c66749db0b2b740de3e6dc355cc