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  1. The top 5 biggest bets posted here during the April 28th race win $100 each $100 Prize rules - 1 win per person - settings must have a multiplier of at least 2x - winning & losing bets both qualify Bets must be posted within 1 hour of them being made (no holding) This will keep the game more fair & fun for everyone Open: April 28th 2:00 pm GMT Close: April 29th 2:00 pm GMT
  2. $25 was sent to your vault on the 19th I've been using the Bitcoin reaction as a signal the prize is sent
  3. 1Enzo did not play in the last mega race
  4. Claim all prizes here! https://stake.com/?bonus=MegaRaceBonus1602T If your name does not appear on the list and you had a valid entry send a link to your post in the comments below. $25 winners fatal6990 fedelyn1987 yoyo01 Mashfiqun2018 cntryboy RockingMonk Menang Eugene265 mackyrivera JacksonPalmer bankdina williamshennie9 Mrzoom sammya12345 BewcodeAuth Zyoz5 angel173 CatOfEugene dogejob999 rigster Jonnes cryptotil Yukie9399 Kyukuro jdagger duanb230 realcoinmarcel Greatworkguys Bvvb arenhel nissa $10 winners firenine Stingkyuu fantasygerle xacegabriel yodelhiam rezisauqi Felixearth yushee jayvee1987 Faridh6661
  5. Claim here! https://stake.com/?coupon=MegaRaceBonus1020 If you won the $25 and didn't end up in the #stakerace feed then post a Twitter LINK to your picture here $25 winners HawkSpice thepug hugthis Dogejob999 earnmorebch angel173 bitpopsy gkd09 1000bon rigster Etude magnum357 hahahhahahh TokyoLP saaho2019 truemeng cntryboy illusionclock levt211 sirkappa3000 munky remyfifi1 ajaaasaaaaaa bodke1992 KinAniK reyar jellyroll2018 hyipmaster23 IalwaysGetRekt kawanua pgdn hustler1984 Atheist toxiev2 ramsy madturk27 $10 winners StefanoT Landak huriup2 $5 winners btcxd CofeeMix wutfacexd shadedlight
  6. Community Discussion What's the best crypto to use for the $1000 daily races? Vote in the poll for the coin you want to see more of Leave a comment saying why you want to see certain coins as race prizes over others Which coin is the best for races not counting Bitcoin? If you want even list all 6 coins in your own order!
  7. Winners Twitter - powerup1, cntryboy, Alpacher420 Instagram - chinitz, Honesty, nuuuitsjdragon Facebook - Laron, Omikami, nikowin88 Reward Link - https://stake.com/?coupon=HRgiveaways9304
  8. You have to win the entire challenge for prizes but if you have a good video or a close one I'm sure we'd enjoy watching it
  9. pls help...need money to buy fruit loops...only have cheerios...grocery store will accept btc
  10. The prize for completing the challenge with 0 bets is $75, you won't receive it from the actual game.
  11. I haven't tried to win yet but I will at some point
  12. That's only for a bonus. If you can record yourself winning everything besides Crash you still win I don't want to put an amount because it changes so much but just at the time of your bet check the prices of the currency you're using Well I'm glad you didn't go all the way because you have to start with Dice!
  13. In order to win it must be consecutive bets. 12 wins in a row in a single video, no cuts/editing ect
  14. You have to record a video of a win streak and then post it here
  15. I think I put more time into thinking about the prizes than the actual challenge lol with the amount of people who attempt it people will win. It's like when the Telegram challenge is 70k Limbo and someone wins in 2 seconds. It has to be all in a row
  16. Stake has updated to where this giveaway can no longer be fully completed as intended. If there's enough requests for a really hard giveaway like this again I can make a new one. Who has what it takes to complete the challenge of all challenges and win a prize? In this giveaway we're going to win every game on Stake in a row without losing! The first 3 people to post a video on this thread will win! 💰 Prizes with bets ($0.10 min per game, 10 cents) 1st - $175 2nd - $175 3rd - $175 💸 Prizes for no bets (0 bets) 1st - $75 2nd - $75 3rd - $75 🏆 Winners 1) 2) 3) Rules Win every mini challenge listed below in a row without losing and in order. Record the win in a video and post it here. The first 3 people to complete this challenge win. 1 win per person. At least 10 post count to enter. Commentate your video and win an extra $5 Use your video camera and win another extra $5 The challenges Game 1: Dice Settings: Payout 9.9x, 10% win chance. Roll under or over is up to you. Game 2: Limbo Settings: 5x payout and 19.8% win chance. Game 3: Hilo Settings: Win at least 3x Game 4: Keno Settings: Win at least 4x on Keno, medium risk. Game 5: Mines Settings: Win at least 6x Games 6: Plinko Settings: High risk, 16 Rows. Don't hit 0.2x Game 7: Blackjack Settings: Just win! Game 8: Roulette Settings: Win with a chip on any of the follow numbers: 0, 3, 1, 14, 17, 20, 32, 34, 36 Game 9: Video Poker Settings: You've come far. Now win at least 2x! Game 10: Wheel Settings: Let's take it easy now. Win 1.20x. Simple right? Game 11: Diamond Poker Setting: Beat the diamond dealer. No ties Game 12: Baccarat Settings: Win 2x! Don't lose here! *BONUS Game 13: Crash Settings: You & at least 2 others must win 2x or higher at the same time! Win yet another extra $10 You do not have to complete this Crash challenge to win. It's just something extra to go for after you've already won. I'll be trying to make a winning video for this too. Good luck because you'll need it If you're commentating feel free to post any funny reactions!
  17. Winners Twitter - roberto1 02001 Instagram - Omikami, MONSKI1974, ThulioCripto Facebook - asayoya, Atom1kOnee, williamshennie9 Reward Link - https://stake.com/?coupon=hrgiveaway1107
  18. Winners Twitter - N1njaKING, MrElite, Steveniwanto Instagram - zuxel, Vanyaok, Stif662 Facebook - ThulioCripto, maku0502, MONSKI1974 Reward Link - https://stake.com/?coupon=HRpost2706
  19. Winners Twitter - Marv24, Astrobot11, Ishna10 Instagram - Raviki99, kitkat865, williamshennie9 Facebook - marphine28, antonet, Marceline Reward Link - https://stake.com/?coupon=HRPostGw24062019
  20. Winners Twitter - Moon, dolphinpuke, shivansh07 Instagram - williamshennie9, jinz, Omikami Facebook - jualid, nikowin88, beamadede Reward Link - https://stake.com/?coupon=HRPostGw20062019
  21. Winners Twitter - mawerick23, Kylor, DCYuma Instagram - Infinity0123, marphine28, Tolkien20 Facebook - josephine28, zhep, Polskay Reward Link - https://stake.com/?coupon=HRPostGw20062019
  22. Winners Twitter - Angelo810, MonkeySyrup, SpicyKFC Instagram - ceastem, jinz, noeprellik Facebook - Mahdirakib87, sheensheen, Omikami Reward Link - https://stake.com/?coupon=hrpostgiveaway0206
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