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  1. Hey you! Are you interested in playing poker for actual money? Or are you a new player and want to try it out at low stakes? Well, you came to the right place. A couple people and I are part of a Poker Club run through the PPPoker App (you can find it on the AppStore). We have a bunch of daily cash games and sit & gos. In addition, we always have tournaments on the weekends with $100-200 prize pools. We mostly play No Limit Texas Hold'em but we also sometimes play Omaha and Open Face Chinese Poker (Pineapple). In fact, this upcoming weekend, we have a $150 freeroll (so you pay NOTHING to enter). Currently, we have around 70 active players and we are looking to expand our club to around 200 players. You can deposit and withdraw for free through Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, etc. We are a closely knit group and we even have a Facebook Messenger group chat. If you are interested, feel free to message me or comment down below. Or you can even email me at mysteryman67898@gmail.com if you want more information.
  2. Hey guys, if you ever need a source of passive income, I recommend you to get in on the resell market. Buying and reselling items has always been good money for me, especially during the Supreme season. I always go for hyped items at 11 am EST on Thursdays by using autofill to checkout quickly. Last season, I copped the Supreme North Face Mountain parka and resold it for $600 profit. If you ever want to get in, I recommend you use Grailed and StockX as well as Bump. These apps allow you to look at the market price and see at which price to sell your item. It's not that hard to get into and if you're into fashion like me, it really is fun and rewarding. Good luck!
  3. Sup guys, I'll let you guys in on how to make money by being smart. So you guys have probably heard of HQ trivia, the game show in which you answer multiple choices to make money. But did you know that there are way more ways to make money easily? First, to maximize winnings, I suggest that you play multiple trivia apps such as HQ, Cash Show, Joyride, Hangtime, and HypSports. Next, use more than one phone so that when you win, you win big. Third, use your resources. Always have a laptop next to you when you play these games so you can look up answers easily. Last, look for support groups. There are streams on Twitch and discord channels where people write the answers in chat so it becomes much easier to win. Good luck!
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for a poker website that takes cryptocurrency to bet with. Specifically, I am looking for a website that has the following characteristics: 1. Not region restricted 2. Able to take various currencies (including some of the lesser known ones) 3. Plays with other people (live Texas Hold'em) 4. Able to deposit and withdraw easily 5. Allows somewhat low bets because I ain't that rich yet Thanks lmk!
  5. Hi guys, just wondering about the game Blackjack. First, for this game, is only one deck being used? I heard that one deck gives a lower house edge compared to multiple decks. Second, do I need to deviate from the basic strategy if only one deck is being used at a time? Last, I also read that taking insurance is worse when only one deck is used, so should i not bother at taking insurance when I have blackjack versus a dealer's Ace? Thanks, let me know!
  6. Hello, kinda new here, but I wanted to ask about the probability of the mines game. Let's say you were doing a game with 24 gems, 1 bomb. The odds of not hitting a bomb at all are: (24/25) x (23/24) x (22/23) x ..... which is just 24!/25! or 1/25 Meanwhile, if the game was with 24 bombs, 1 gem, The odds of not hitting a bomb are just 1/25. Therefore, would the payout of the two games be the same or would one be higher? Thanks!
  7. 1. I want to go from zero to hero (aka starting from faucet earnings to being able to withdraw those earnings) 2. I want to be able to buy a new computer with my winnings preferably a Alienware. 3. I want to win the 1000x on plinko (please Stake gods) 4. I never want to have to go all in because my balance is too large 5. I want to afford college on my own (lol probably will never happen but who knows?) hopefully, one of these will come true, but most likely, none of these will happen. anyways, stay optimistic and believe in yourself!!