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  1. hehe well honestly I never withdrewn yet either It really depends on how much you've won though, sometimes it's not worth withdrawing.
  2. I'd cash out the profits. You never win until you withdraw 😁
  3. Does posting a link count? I see some guy yesterday pasting a link from a bet that he did not make himself, sometimes even low ones with 1 satoshi. He did that atleast 20+ times while I checked chat. If I see that guy again today ill check the name, I have an idea but I am uncertain if its the correct name.
  4. Ooh, Do those bonuses actually pay off or do you feel they just attract people to try out the site?
  5. Aw Sorry to hear Kate, I wonder, is it like that low bets are not fun anymore? Or how come you wanted to quit anyway? I don't do big bets and have a lot of hours of fun so far for only 1mil eth satoshis in starting balance. Is there any advice you could give me and other beginners who are new to Stake or gambling in general? Greetings Ting
  6. Welcome amigo! Good luck on Stake!
  7. Awesome 100% profit!! Congrats 😁
  8. Hey everyone! My name is Ting, I am 26 years old, a couple of days left until 27, and I live in The Netherlands. My hobbies are hanging out with friends, playing games, chilling with my cat Dos and stream here and there. I used to produce Hardcore and Hardstyle music but because I lost the satisfaction of doing it I started looking for other hobbies. The thing I achieved in music production must be my release on the hardcore label "This is Hardcore" by a remix I made for The Viper. Because I still like the music genres when I am in the mood for it, I like to spin on my turntables and keep my dj skills up to date. I had the luck to meet Wauwau on Twitch, after we had some talk he invited me to play on Stake and here I am. Regularly I stream on Twitch as a variety streamer but lately I've been doing a lot of roulette streams. I started playing on another website which used money instead of crypto, but the minimum bet was 0.10cents and the amounts I bought in at did not allow me to use my tactics. The highest percentage of profit I had before I left there was 210% (5 euro>17euros) I did that quickly out of my head the percentage might be wrong lol. When I started playing on Stake yesterday, with 0.01 ETH I managed to up it in approximately 8 hours to 0.23ETH. I'm looking forward to the future, it's a lot of fun but I do not plan to make a lot of money out of it. Shout out to Wauwau for the support and introducing me to his friends, I am having a great time so far! I met some awesome people like Wauwau, Skankhunt, Etude and more. Perhaps see you in chat sometime? I wish you all great luck and perhaps we will meet sometime on the forums or in the chat! Ting