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  1. I never really play it as its a suckers game imo....i've tried to hit a 33 once and just for shits and giggles didn't stop til i hit, took over 250+ rolls (wanna say 277) before i hit it...thats just stupid and makes it easy to stay away....just like wheel...get 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 0x, 1.5x, 0x 0x 0x 0x 0x 0x 1.5x 0x 0x 0x x0x 0x 0x 0x 0x 0x 0x 0x 1.5x thats usually the pattern i get 90% of the time...just bad games.
  2. When we win a few bets, we begin to think that we’re “lucky”and that we should do the most to capitalise on that luck. We start to increase our bet size, place more bets, or make riskier decisions. This makes sense in other settings where a string of wins means that we’re getting better at the game we are playing. However, it doesn’t work this way with gambling. A string of wins on a poker machine or on the roulette table doesn’t mean we’re getting better at the game- these are random games where there is no way of improving our performance. Luck in gambling is just an illusion. A cluster of wins occurs by chance and not because we are lucky or doing anything to increase our probability of winning. Similarly, when we bet on sports, the outcome is determined by things outside of control- even if we are feeling “lucky” today, there’s no way that this luck can influence what will happen on a far-away race track or oval. Subsequently, when we increase our bet sizes when we feel lucky, we are just increasing the likelihood that we will lose more money that day! It works the other way round too. When we lose whilst gambling, or we’re feeling unlucky because of other things that have happened in our day, we feel that our luck must change soon, and that it’s a good idea to try our luck gambling. But is that right? A poker machine is just a machine, and it can’t tell that we might be feeling unlucky that day or are due for a change. Neither does a deck of cards, a ball in a roulette wheel, the horses running, and the athletes playing a sport know that we are unlucky that day and due for a change. Thus this belief in luck is really just a trick our mind plays that encourages us to keep gambling.
  3. The typical advice that many gambling writers give to their readers is to “quit while you’re ahead.” Sounds good, but is it possible? Theoretically, yes; but in reality, I seriously doubt it. I would think if you traveled from New York to Las Vegas as I do; then go to a casino, win your first hand of blackjack or your first roll with the dice or your first slot pull does that mean you are now finished? You are indeed ahead. Should you check out of the hotel and go home? Or just lounge by the pool, have meals, see a show or two, then head home? Okay, say you go to the casino the next day and again win your first bet. Head home? Go to the pool, eat a meal, see a show? The dictum “quit while you are ahead” has little relationship to casino gambling. I would think most gamblers give themselves a set period of time (quite flexible too) or a certain number of decisions (hazily sensed) or a “Let me play until I drop” or some such. None of them gives himself the one and done “I’m outta here!” if I win. Okay, say you lose your first hand, then win two in a row and now you are ahead? Out the door? What if you never get ahead? Do you keep playing until you lose all your casino money, then your bank accounts, your 401K, the house, your miserable daughter Lulu’s college fund? If you aren’t ahead must you stay the course, that course being your utter destruction? Obviously not. Language can often sound right but be misleading. Quit while you’re ahead? I think not. You might quit at a certain point and you might be ahead at that point. Or you might quit at a certain point and you might be behind at that point. It might be that you are ahead after 55 minutes and you intended to play one hour but say to yourself, “I think I’ll quit because I am ahead.” But in such a different situation you might also say after 55 minutes, “I’m only a little behind, let me call it a session.” I doubt there are many gamblers who would quit when they are ahead right off the bat. But congratulations man you are one of a kind. You deserve it
  4. Forget about buying a fancy sports car or a big mansion. You need to have a concrete plan on what to do with your big win as soon as you strike it lucky. Before you go ahead and splurge on a large mansion, get in touch with an experienced financial adviser. Research the adviser and make sure he/she is not going to sell you every available product under the sun. It has to be someone who understands money management and will help you to sustain your new lifestyle long term.
  5. Most people you speak to would probably say gambling as a full-time career is not a practical goal. However, a good number of people have successfully made a career out of gambling. Perhaps one of the most high-profile among them is Dan Bilzerian. Granted, he has several ventures going, but he is predominantly known as a career gambler. The owner of Brentford FC and Midtjylland FC, Matthew Benham, is another name that stands out. Before you start imagining what your life would be like if you were a successful career gambler, you need to properly weigh the pros and cons associated with the field. The chances of failing and becoming a financial failure are higher than in most other endeavours. Look around you, there are countless examples of failed gamblers. Many of them never get a second chance at a happy life.
  6. I am a man of extremes .. and that’s very dangerous when you have an addiction like this. I would win $15.000 in one day and lose it all the day after. I could have paid most of my debts with that money but guess what... I didn’t.
  7. I have hit 620x on 5th roll of seed but at work amd can't find the pic. Hit this below last night and have gotten 260 X within 20 of new seed PLINKO: 6,981,816,479 placed by Burgerwcheese on 10/07/2019 Wagered 0.00002000 Multiplier 420x Profit 0.00838000
  8. I like to play high multi with affordable bets that way I can go thousands of rolls hunting the big boys while surviving off the little multis. This has been pretty profitable in the pasf
  9. There is not one best cryptocurrency to buy; investing in cryptocurrency is risky, but investing in only one is way riskier. Lots of cryptocurrencies have various use cases and promise to disrupt various industries. This is a great way to hedge your risk and increase your chances of being involved in the next outperforming cryptocurrencies. Make sure to diversify your portfolio. Land in different categories of coins that exist Are some of the less volatile coins in each category Are relatively easy to store and trade Which make them a right combination of coins for a beginner to start with. #1. Bitcoin Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency to date. It is often referred to as the king of cryptocurrencies, and its primary goal is to act as global, peer to peer, digital cash. Team: Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that I recommend with an anonymous founder. The creator of Bitcoin is known as Satoshi Nakamoto. There is a lot of speculation about who he or she is, but ultimately, no one knows. On the other hand, the team actively updating Bitcoin’s open-sourced codebase is ran by top cryptographers in the space, such as Adam Back. Bitcoin has the highest liquidity in the space, making it the best cryptocurrency to buy for beginners. You will have no trouble buying or selling Bitcoin - there will always be someone on the other end to match your order. Despite its volatility, Bitcoin is known to be one of the most stable cryptocurrencies. It would require a lot of capital for someone to manipulate the price. Bitcoin runs on a PoW (Proof-of-Work) system, which means miners receive block rewards in Bitcoin. Initially, the block reward was 50 BTC per block, but every 210,000 blocks the reward halves. This means over time inflation decreases. Also, the supply is limited: only 21 million coins will ever be mined. As demand increases, the price should rise substantially. Simply put, Bitcoin is still the best cryptocurrency to buy today, if not the best. I would not recommend anyone investing in cryptocurrencies without investing in Bitcoin. #2. Litecoin Litecoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies to come after Bitcoin, and one of the hottest cryptocurrencies of the decade. Using Bitcoin’s source-code, it is a fork of Bitcoin with some technical changes to the code, making it one of the fastest cryptocurrencies. Its mission is also to be a global, peer to peer currency. The creator is Charlie Lee. He is an experienced computer scientist, who also works at Coinbase as the Director of Engineer. His brother is Bobby Lee, founded BTC China, a large exchange. So, Charlie is both experienced and well connected. Litecoin is very liquid. It has had high liquidity and a large market cap since its creation. Litecoin is more reliable of a hold compared to higher risk coins with smaller market caps and communities. Litecoin started with a 50 LTC block reward, now it is 25 LTC. There is a limited supply of 84 million as compared to Bitcoin’s 21 million. Still, this is with a higher block reward and faster block time. #3. Ethereum Ethereum was the first major project to introduce smart contracts, which allow developers to launch mobile and desktop decentralized applications (dApps) on top of the blockchain. 1,000s of tokens run on the Ethereum network, and these tokens were what spurred the initial coin offering (ICO) movement. Team:founder of Ethereum as well as Consensys, which is a software-production studio in NY dedicated to creating decentralized Ethereum applications. : Ethereum is also highly liquid, generally ranked #2 or #3 right below Bitcoin. You will have no problems buying or selling Ethereum. Ethereum has a loyal community and team, which means the price has a better chance of staying stable and increasing in the long run. There are much more Ether that can exist as opposed to Bitcoin and Litecoin. But keep in mind that Ethereum fuels the dApp ecosystem. This means millions of developers and companies may need Ether to fuel their smart contracts and launch their applications. Ethereum is the current leader of smart contract platforms and is still one of the hottest cryptocurrencies to buy in 2019 for the innovations it brought to the world and its potential applications worldwide. #4. Binance Coin (BNB) Unlike Bitcoin and Litecoin which aim to be used as currencies, the Binance coin is a utility token. Which means its value comes from how useful it is (and how much demand there is for its utility) within the Binance ecosystem. Changpen Zhao is the CEO of Binance. Given the success he and his team are achieving with Binance, it’s safe to say they have the skills and resources to make this coin a success. Binance Coin is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies right now. It is ranked within the top 10 on Coinmarketcap, with growing volume. It’s pretty volatile, but has consistent growth. Its price was multiplied by x3 in early 2019, during the bear market. It may continue to go up or come back down, but volatility is high. 200,000,000 BNB were issued via an ICO at $0.10 per coin. BNB offers trading fee discounts to users holding BNB. The first year holding BNB, users get 50% discounts, then 25% the second year, 12.5% third, 6.75% fourth, and zero the fifth or later. Binance will also use 20% of its profits each quarter to buy back BNB tokens and burn them until the amount of BNB has reduced to 100,000,000 - by half. Binance is also launching a decentralized exchange, Binance DEX which should further increase the utility of BNB. It’s one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy to consolidate your portfolio if you already own major coins like BTC and ETH. #5. Basic Attention Token (BAT) Basic Attention Token is another utility token most commonly utilized in the Brave Browser. The BAT token is used to tip content creators or virtually anyone that you find helpful on the internet. You can tip content creators monthly, or choose to send one time payments to specific people. Additionally, users who watch ads can get rewarded in BAT. Using smart contracts, advertisers can lock up BAT, and as their ad is viewed, their funds are released to both the Brave Browser and the end viewer. The founder is Brendan Eich. He helped create Javascript and is a co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. With these wild credentials, you can bet he understands the browser business and technology. Liquidity always fluctuates, but BAT is generally well within the top 40 most traded coins according to Coinmarketcap. Surprisingly consistent. In 2018 and 2019, the price has remained within the same region while most other coins were collapsing. This may be a good sign of healthy accumulation. A total of 1.5 billion tokens exist and is planned to stay this way. If demand grows, then so should the price valuation of the token. BAT has been a hot cryptocurrency in 2018 and 2019. It has outperformed most other cryptocurrencies during this timeframe, and the potential of the internet browsers’ industry is enormous. Try BRAVE, the browser by BAT which competes with Google chrome and offers more privacy and security. ------------------------ All in all, I consider these 5 coins to be safe investments, with solid teams behind them, that should serve beginners well. Which makes them the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, whether you’re a beginner looking to start investing or if you want to diversify your existing portfolio with some of the top cryptocurrencies. Let’s move on to some more advanced coins. They may generate more potential profits, but with higher risk. You probably understand this already: there are currency-focused projects such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, platform projects such as Ethereum, and many more. If you’ve already invested in some of the top cryptocurrencies offered on platforms like Coinbase and want to expand your portfolio, then the following 5 coins might be the best altcoins to invest in for you. #1. Monero (XMR) Monero is a privacy-focused project. The coin utilizes fancy cryptography and privacy logics to hide the participants' identities. It is used widely on the dark web for this reason and is the most popular privacy coin today. Monero had a somewhat anonymous start by a user on the Bitcointalk forum. The team is known to be led by Riccardo “fluffypony” Spagni, an experienced developer and cryptocurrency expert. Monero is a highly liquid coin, always sitting at the top of Coinmarketcap. No matter how much you wish to buy or sell, the market should be large enough to fit your needs. Due to Monero’s user base and market cap, it’s a bit more stable and less risky than smaller market cap coins - and it has proven so during the bear market of 2018/2019. A maximum of 18.4 million XMR coins will exist in circulation until May 2022. After that, 0.3 XMR will be put in circulation every minute forever. This is a pretty small limit, making the coins very valuable in times of demand. Much of the dark web uses Monero for its privacy features, which is continuously pushing demand up. Despite Monero’s popularity and liquidity, XMR is more difficult to store securely than major coins like BTC and ETH or than ERC-20 tokens like BNB and BAT. This is why I made it the best cryptocurrency to buy for advanced investors and the top cryptocurrency for those interested in privacy-focused projects. #2. NEO NEO is often known as the China-based Ethereum. Founded in China, NEO is another smart contract platform, enabling developers to launch decentralized applications on the blockchain. They are slightly more centralized than Ethereum: instead of relying on hundreds of nodes like on Ethereum, there are only a few (less than 10) that make up NEOs decision making. The founders are Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, who also lead a company called Onchain. They are experienced and trusted. : NEO is generally sitting in the top 20 at Coinmarketcap, making for a highly liquid asset. Due to the high liquidity to price relationship, you can bet that your investment will be safer and more stable than most other cryptocurrencies out there. 200 million NEO will exist. 100 million NEO were created at the genesis block, 50 million were sold to early investors, and 15 million are unlocked for funding development. This means NEO’s supply is really already distributed to users, and now demand just needs to keep rising. Smart contract platforms are targeting a vast market. Although Ethereum is currently the worldwide leader, China is a huge market, and NEO has significant chances of leading out there. As a result, NEO is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy if you believe in smart contract platforms and want to hedge against Ethereum. #3. Beam Beam is another privacy-focused cryptocurrency making waves in the industry. Unlike Monero, which is a more traditional blockchain project, Beam uses a new blockchain protocol called Mimblewimble. Without getting into detail, Mimblewimble is known to help significantly with scaling the blockchain and transaction speed, all while maintaining a high level of privacy and anonymity. Alexander Zaidelson is the CEO of Beam and has vast experience with P2P technology. He co-founded Nareos (a P2P file-sharing company) and has served as an advisor to several other startups. Beam has high liquidity for its relatively low market cap size, but this is good. It means investors are active and speculation is high. Beam has been overall consistent, with $1 or so of its average. But, since it’s relatively new, the price can shoot up or down at any time. Crypto Economics: Beam is a PoW cryptocurrency, much like Bitcoin or Litecoin. This means that people are investing in physical mining hardware, creating a foundation price for each coin to be created. Or in other words, a rough wholesale price to produce coins. There is a max supply of 262,800,000 BEAM that can ever exist, and you can always check the circulating supply here. The inflation depends on block rewards; This first year, the block reward is 80 coins per block, then years 2-5 it reduces to 40 coins, and lastly, year 6 will decrease the reward to 25 coins per block. After that, there will be a halving every 4 years until the 129th year. To sum it up, inflation goes down over time. If Beam’s demand increases over time, then it can make for a nice possible price increase. With Mimblewimble, Beam should be more scalable than other privacy-focused coins. And with well-thought crypto economics, Beam may very well be the next hot cryptocurrency to buy! #4. NEXO Nexo has been gaining some attention recently. Nexo as a software is a wallet which allows users to borrow money using their coins as collateral. On the other hand, users can also easily and instantly loan crypto and gain interest from lending. Nexo also offers a free credit card for users and have a unique business model. The NEXO token is one of the first securitytokens to be offered (STO) in the industry. Kosta Kantchev is one of the leading figureheads behind Nexo. He is a co-founder of Credissimo, a leading European fintech group focused on retail lending, which is the business powering Nexo. He is a fintech veteran and early user of Bitcoin. Nexo has enough liquidity for the average trader to enter or exit positions, but large investors may struggle to load their bags. So far, very steady. It also has organic growth which means that the price isn’t increasing or decreasing drastically. Currently, there are less than 600,000,000 NEXO circulating with a max supply of 1,000,000,000. Since NEXO is a security token, it is also SEC-compliant and pays dividends to holders. This is a big deal for many. Nexo is a new cryptocurrency to invest in for investors willing to diversify their crypto assets. Unlike the other cryptocurrencies of my top 5, it is a fully regulated token that offers dividends to its holders. They already have a functional product - which most cryptocurrency projects out there don’t, and the founders are very experienced in the credit industry. #5. Cardano (ADA) Cardano, which is competing with Ethereum and NEO, is touted to be more scalable and easier for developers to use. It aims to be more scalable by introducing two layers of technology: one responsible for tracking balances of the ledger, and the other for transferring value. Additionally, Cardano uses two programming languages called Haskell and Plutus. Haskell has been around since the 1980s, and is Cardano’s attempt at making it easier for developers to create decentralized applications. Plutus is the functional language built in-house by Cardano’s development team. Charles Hoskinson is the co-founder of Cardano, and was a co-founder of Ethereum as well. He also leads IOHK, a leading research and development facility for blockchain technology. Charles is well equipped to make Cardano a successful venture. Cardano regularly has high trading volumes, so you should have no worries actively trading in this market. Cardano has had its ups and downs. I would say it is moderately volatile. Crypto Economics: Cardano has a max supply of 45,000,000,000 and a current supply of ~31,000,000,000. It uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Buy Cardano Deposit $5, Get $25 Free * using a US bank account or Amex cardTrade from 100+ Cryptos GET THE ABRA APPVISIT BINANCE All in all, Cardano is also one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy if you are looking to hedge against Ethereum. If you’re looking for more great cryptocurrencies to invest in, or to find out which coin is going to be the next big cryptocurrency, here is what you can do: 1. Join crypto communities An excellent community to explore new cryptocurrencies is the BitcoinTalk forum, specifically the altcoin threads. You can interact with people deeply involved in this niche, explore opinions, and search for the announcement threads (“ANN”). 2. Check out trustworthy crypto exchanges The best crypto exchanges perform a significant number of checks before listing new coins for trading. You can use these verifications as some kind of quality label to find some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in which aren’t listed on this page. Binance is the biggest crypto exchange and offers 100+ of the best cryptocurrencies for trading -- I definitely recommend you check it out. Remember to stay safe Buying the best cryptocurrencies is not enough to be a successful crypto investor. Countless promising investors saw their crypto journey end brutally because they did not pay attention to security. If you’re serious about investing in cryptocurrencies, put some effort into reinforcing your security. Purchase a hardware wallet (recommended if you own $500 or more worth of cryptocurrencies).
  10. Online casinos offer exciting bonuses as incentives for new players to sign up. The bonuses are great incentives, but there are players who will try to take advantage of the bonus being offered to make more money off it. Bonus abuse is for real and casinos nowadays. In the early days of the industry, especially between 2000 and 2006, bonus abuse was a serious threat and quite a few online casinos have taken a hit because of it. The rules were not too stringent back then and players would take advantage of them to exploit the bonuses. For instance, wagering requirements were not too high, so all one had to do was find a casino that offered a juicy welcome bonus with a low wagering requirement and exploit it. There was also no strict rule in place to ensure players did not play games with low wagering requirement contributions to fulfil the wagering clause. For instance, imagine you signed up with a casino and got yourself a €200 bonus, you could use the expected positive value of the bonus to your advantage and play a game with a low house edge. Then, all you had to do was use the welcome bonus with a positive expected value to play a game with a low house edge, e.g. blackjack, till you completed the wagering requirements. The remaining money would be your profit and you could then legally withdraw it. I think people abuse operators because they feel a right to. In other words, there’s no real social contract in place to say that abusing and taking money from an iGaming operator is a bad thing. It’s not like you’re taking money from a poor person. Bonus abuse is almost an extension of just standard play. Bonuses are such an important part of the iGaming ecosystem which probably account for 25% – 45% of spend from gross revenue. Even when people play nicely and don’t try to game the system, bonuses are expensive. When you get this other layer of spend, i.e. the cost of abuse bonuses open a whole world of financial pain. What does it cost? I can only give a very speculative guess and say that it’s probably 15% of revenue? But it’s really hard to say, because so many cases are really difficult to call. And besides which, I don’t want to go accusing innocent people of abuse.
  11. You can’t go back and undo the mistakes you have made in the past or repeat your solo successes. All you can do is spend an occasional moment reflecting on what life has tried to teach you and make an effort to learn those lessons. The first time I walked into a casino I was both amazed and unimpressed. I was amazed by all the sounds of the slot machines and I was unimpressed by the architecture. That was a temporary casino on a Native American reservation in the hot dusty west. It almost had a saloon like atmosphere with the cigarette smoke, the dark ceiling, and the droves of cowboys and their women (or guys who wanted to be cowboys and their wives) sitting around pulling levers on slot machines. There were nights when the cigarette smoke was so thick you had to step outside for a breath of fresh air. There were times when, as you raked gold tokens (we called them “coins”) out of the coin trays in the slot machines, you looked at your fingers and saw they were dirty, grimy, black and stank of odors you could not identify. I washed my hands often in those days, a habit I have not quite lost even in modern “clean” casinos. I won and lost a lot of money in the casinos. I had fun and I found myself wondering why I would spend 12 hours on a Saturday playing games that just wanted to take my money. Somewhere along the way I learned a few of those lessons life wanted to teach me. Here is what I can share with you. A few times I made the mistake of taking all my spare cash to the casino with me. Once in a while I got lucky and came out ahead but there is something about having all your money with you that makes you a dumb as doorknobs gambler. You throw caution to the winds and you start betting faster and making larger bets. Is that a new slot machine? What the hell! Let’s put $50 into it before we understand how the bonus game works! It’s even worse when your friends know you have money. You’ll be sitting at the blackjack table and maybe getting a little bit ahead and someone comes tapping on your shoulder. “Do you have any money?” More than once I wanted to say, “Not really. I’m just borrowing this $300 from the casino before I give it back to the dealer.” Instead I usually said, “Here is $50. Don’t blow it all on one game.” Intentionally self imposed poverty makes you a better gambler because you are more aware of just how little money you have. When you get carried away you make bad decisions. I once spent three months saving $1,000 that I thought I would use for a vacation or something. One night my gf and I were at a casino and we spent the $200 I had brought along for the evening. She wasn’t ready to go home and she was feeling miserable because we had lost all our money. “Oh no, dear, we’re not broke,” I said. “We still have $1000 in the savings account.” And I took out my ATM card to prove it. There’s just something about knowing you have money close at hand that makes you take bigger risks. You are there in the casino to be entertained. There were nights where I found myself playing games I did not understand, could not love and appreciate, and hoped I would never play again. When the casino is most crowded, as during a holiday celebration, you may have to wait a long time to get a seat at a table you want to play. Inevitably I wander over to the slot machines. There are some slot machine games that were obviously designed in the deepest pits of hell. Someone loves these games, I tell myself, but then I call myself a liar. No one can love a slot game that looks like it was based on a child’s collection of bathtub toys. You’d have to be reliving your childhood to want to listen to the silly squeaky ducks and squirrels. After about three spins I know if I can tolerate a slot machine game. But the same is true of blackjack. If the cards are just going back and forth and your stake neither grows nor shrinks eventually you get tired of going nowhere. That is the nature of gambling, to be sure, but you want either the satisfaction of beating the house or the challenge of having to decide when to cut your losses short. If the game is just happening there is no challenge and no satisfaction. I have learned not to play boring games. If nothing happens either way I stop playing the game. I’m not gambling because I want to be bored for a few hours. If you cannot get something to shake loose after an hour and you are running out of stake money, leave. It’s not your night. You don’t owe it to the casino to lose all your money there. If you can grab a free meal do so but then take off. You can come back another time and maybe then the cards will fall your way or the random number generator will be aligned with the right stars. Don’t count on a shrinking stake to keep you in the game. It just doesn’t work that way. I would rather walk out with my dignity and a few dollars in my pocket than be the stubborn idiot who has to stay all night trying to get back what I’ve lost. There will be other nights. If God is willing and the river don’t rise, I’ll come back with more money that I can afford to lose after another paycheck or two and I can try my luck again.
  12. Information is power. It can enable you to act independently and to get help. It’s also reassuring to feel in control and empowered when dealing with a difficult situation. In these situations the first thing to understand are the options in front of you. Anxiety is caused by not knowing or not being in control. A story about being stuck on a train A few months ago I was travelling home from London by train. It’s a regular 207 mile trip that I’ve made at least once a week on average for the past 10 years. We had been experiencing extreme weather in the UK that week with snow and ice across the country which was being labelled the ‘beast from the east’ combined with ‘Storm Emma’. Unsurprisingly there were serious travel problems that night. I was just happy to get home eventually (even if it was the wrong side of midnight) . It was very much to the credit of the train operators (Virgin Trains) that they got so many people home at all. What struck me throughout that long evening was a lack of information. I was not informed. A combination of announcements at stations, national rail and website data never left me feeling in full control in the situation. It was more blind faith, hoping I would eventually get home. I also felt the same during the days before I travelled. I was doing my best to regularly check the weather and trains situation while working away in London but without a sense of really being informed. There was even a point on the journey home that a number of people around me on the train suddenly realised that we were in Stoke-on-Trent. This doesn’t sound unusual until you realise this station is on a totally different railway line than the one we should have been travelling on. We had been diverted long before we realised because the usual line had become blocked. That’s fair enough, but at the time I only confirmed where we were by looking at Google Maps on my phone. There were no apologies, delay times, or announcements made. Solving the problem of not being in control Being in control is sometimes as simple as feeling in control, or at least understanding your options even when these might be very limited. Train services might be an easy target when looking for examples of passengers being uninformed. But most days I read stories of people arriving at stations for trains that should be running or be on time to find a completely different situation, causing them stress and anxiety — just talk to anyone that depends of Northern Trains in the UK — like my friend Simon. In an age of live updates, open data standards, and push alerts, these experiences could be so much better. Expectations that we all now have for services in a digital age should mean that things like our train services areso much better. If you’re a designer in these situations then maybe informing people is simply not seen as an important set of problems. But then what hope have we got if your next job is to design for people dealing with a complex welfare system or needing access to critical health services. If you’re a designer, eventually you will get the opportunity to meet and work with people facing real moments of crises in their lives and not just those facing train delays. The question isn’t always: how do you provide people with more choice? Sometimes that’s impossible. You’re subject to extreme conditions that are out of the control of the service. The question is simply: how do you give people a better understanding of the choices they have. How you keep them informed at all times. By providing relevant, real time information, this is how you empower people to face where they find themselves. Helping them decide and feel in control of what they do next.
  13. Odds of getting a blackjack are roughly 4/13*1/13*2 so the chances of that happening 3 times in a row are about 1 in 10,000 and the chances of getting 5 in a row are about 1 in 4,200,000. Dealers gotten BJ 5 times in a row 3 times in an hour against me...thats why I don't play it anymore.
  14. Just so you know, and for anyone else who doesn't know...you can simply turn on hotkeys then hold down the space bar...it will go faster than you can click 😉 I use to sit there and click click click then i found out about holding down space bar...i'll be betting so fast on plinko that it'll crash every few minutes.
  15. When does gambling go from being entertaining fun & games to a destructive obsession? The short answer is when a person keeps gambling even after it stops being fun. Too much of just about anything can become a problem. Gambling is no different. It may seem counter intuitive, but pathological gamblers can get that “high” feeling even when they lose. They begin chasing losses just as one might expect a gambler to chase wins. Here are a few of the differences between a person gambling for fun and someone suffering a pathological gambling disorder: People without a gambling addiction will stop gambling when they reach their loss threshold. People with a gambling addiction hold irrational beliefs about their chances of winning vs. losing which renders them incapable of making the decision to stop. Thus, their loss threshold is distorted. An economic study found evidence that there are two common irrational beliefs that affect gambling behavior: The "hot hand myth" and the "gambler's fallacy." The Hot Hand Myth: The belief that the chance of winning increases after a string of wins. Gamblers also believe that they possess skills over what are actually games of chance. The Gambler’s Fallacy: The belief that a win is likely to be followed by a loss and vice versa. Gamblers refuse to see each game of chance as independent of any other, believing that they are interconnected. Everyone experiences a high when they win. Winning and the anticipation of winning trigger the release of chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine, which produces that high feeling. But when losing is accompanied by audio and visual stimuli designed to keep you playing, this can have the same effect on the brain. As previously mentioned, the hot hand myth is the belief that a gambler has skill that can overcome the odds in the games of chance they play. But are they truly games of chance? Not so much. Casinos promote gambling with marketing tactics and by rigging games and machines to lure people in and influence them to make decisions to play more often and to bet more money. Casinos and gambling websites go to great expense to design games to confuse the brain. The various “bells and whistles” cause the wires to get crossed in the brain. Even when you lose, it feels like winning. These enchanting flashing colorful lights and chimes can even produce a trance-like state that cause you to get hooked to the point where you can’t stop playing for hours. The odds are stacked against gamblers. Casinos and websites do not play fair. The slot machines, for example, are rigged to present outcomes that are close to a win in order to keep the player hooked. This plays into the gambler’s fallacy described above, believing that a loss is likely to be followed by a win. 4 Signs That Indicate Gambling Has Gone Beyond Fun and Crossed Into the Realm of Pathological Disorder- When gambling is used as an escape and a coping mechanism for dealing with stress or anxiety. In this case, gambling is believed to be a distraction from one’s problems. Experiencing disruptions in relationships. When your circle of people become fed up due to behaviors associated with borrowing too much money and not paying it back and excessive lying to cover up gambling activities. Stealing – even stealing from family and friends to pay off debts and to gamble more. Experiencing serious financial trouble such as loss of job, home, or car, and overwhelming credit card debt.