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  1. Perfect example of rotating, just hit every multi except 10x in a single page. Rotate rotate rotate
  2. I usually go for 20x or 50x first then rotate to 30x, 40x then will go 10x if I'm not doing too well with the bigger multis. Then I just find a groove and continue to rotate all multis. Don't ever just chase 40 or 50x, if they aren't hitting stick with 10/20x for a few dozen rounds then come back to 40/50x. I've hit 50x back to back to back before so it's definitely not impossible to hit. Practice with small bets and if you start to find a good groove increase your bet
  3. So I'm sure that most people avoid wheel, at first glance I did myself. But then I found out how amazing, and at times devastating, wheel can be. I'm telling you once you learn how to rotate between 10,20,30,40,50 and hit a good seed, you will make some quick profits.
  4. You would think people would be happy to get a free bonus in general, no other site gives out the amounts that stake does and people still complain...
  5. Make a paycheck and run that shit up one weekend and recover it all back. Been telling myself this shit will happen every week for years now 😂 when you're down on luck life sucks,take a break for a while
  6. Crash V1 would take up to 3 seconds to actually cash out once you clicked the button to stop your bet, I had 60+ screen shots of bets I've lost due to lag because I would cash but it would then crash in that 3 second window and I would lose. I had another incident where for hours I was betting the same bet on hilo and suddenly I was all in for 2+ Eth and wasn't even paying attention because I had been in a pattern for so long, when I had been betting .02 eth for hours straight, bet never changed. Had dozens of screen shots, support told me to prove it was on there end. Unfortunately it's the nature of the beast when online gambling...I'm pretty sure they have some sort of ToS that covers stuff to protect the site in these situations.
  7. I think it would be a lot easier to get rich sticking with Sports betting as it's a lot less luck involved but a lot more knowledge/statistics.
  8. I would have to win at least $250,000,000 and then lose it all back for me to consider quitting.
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