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  1. I could write a book of tips haha, over 10 million bets I've tried out everything using numerous strategies. You think you find a good strategy then you get a shit seed that destroys your strategy. Best advice is play smart, don't go crazy betting all in. It really all comes down to how lucky are you that day.
  2. I've hit it back, to back, to back. So far three in a row is the best I've been able to do
  3. I don't use pre-rolls on any games. Change on instinct mainly. Never really getting too hung up on 40/50, if they don't hit fairly quickly I usually go for 10/20/30 then come back after a win, or few wins.
  4. Hey what's up fellow gamblers, so I'm sure most of you have seen some of my Plinko wins, this week I decided to go with wheel. Plinko hasn't been going too well, so I'm taking a bit of time to play the other games instead of just throwing money at losing plinko seeds. So this took me about 5 minutes, played wheel on hard, had $27 starting out. I'm sure many of you have given wheel a try and thought it was straight garbage, as did I when I first tried it. But I assure you, learn how to rotate between 10,20,30,40,50 and catch a good seed and you can greatly increase your bankroll very very fast. I've won 5 btc on wheel in a few hours, but I've also lost my ass a few times playing it. Easy $27--$1200+ in 5 minutes.
  5. Another good plinko run to add to my list of amazing plinko wins. It definitely is my favorite stake original, almost 9,000,000 bets in it alone. After my plinko run had a nice slots hit. Also added at the bottom since someone asked me to try out, how fast could I hit 1000x back to back. 14 minutes apart, not too bad. Took a break for a while and tried out 3rd party slots And then these are the two 1000x test that took 14 minutes, Yes small bets was just testing. Soon will be big bets ๐Ÿฅท
  6. Burgerwcheese - Keep it green and mean
  7. Guess the Irish I have in me really comes out when I'm gambling ๐Ÿค‘
  8. I usually take a break on Tuesday from 2:15pm til at least 2:20pm. A good 5 minute break each week does the mind and body good. I'm a mobile player so I'm pretty much always gambling since it's so accessable
  9. I had Eddy for a long time and he was great and now I have Nana and she's amazing. Even when it says she is away or not working, hell sometimes even sleeping she manages to respond to my messages
  10. After 8 million bets of testing I find that 11,12,14 are the best as far as top multiplier hits and keeping you fed while chasing
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