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  1. My chartbet strat is good but its not auto bet as there wasn't one, bet on 1.97x and 2.1x bet on loss. The one game i'm in the green for every crypto
  2. Burgerwcheese

    Biggest bet you ever lost In gambling

    1.78 eth bet on hilo back when it was over $200 per eth...didn't mean to all in either >.>
  3. Burgerwcheese

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    I had hit one more and forgot to screen shot it, but so far 4 in a row on the HR tab is my best
  4. Burgerwcheese

    Mobile gamblers

    I played mobile only on this site for 4 solid months....oh how sweet it is to be on a pc again
  5. Burgerwcheese

    What is your biggest multiplier on HiLo?

    HILO: 3,075,438,869 placed by Burgerwcheese on 18/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000010 Multiplier 28275.400390625x Profit 0.00282744 My new highest record hit this morning! Going for 375,000x now
  6. Burgerwcheese

    What is your biggest multiplier on HiLo?

    I just got into Hilo really and hit a dozen games over 600 x last night. Will be going for 50,000x HILO: 3,008,353,830 placed by Burgerwcheese on 15/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000002 Multiplier 2175.030029296875x Profit 0.00004348 HILO: 3,008,559,996 placed by Burgerwcheese on 15/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000005 Multiplier 1087.52001953125x Profit 0.00005433 HILO: 3,017,207,311 placed by Burgerwcheese on 16/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 817.0380249023438x Profit 0.00040802
  7. Burgerwcheese

    Funny Jokes #1

    Why do scuba divers always fall backwards out of the boat? Because they would be in the boat if they fell forwards
  8. Burgerwcheese

    The magnet does not exist

    Oh snap the first person in history to get a solid green streak, we're really sticking it to em now! Its a high risk high reward game, people will always cry regardless of what happens
  9. Burgerwcheese

    A Twist on Martingale

    Will have to try this out
  10. Burgerwcheese

    Has anyone hit 100x?

    Keno is one of my Fav games but I don't play 10 numbers so I won't ever hit it
  11. Burgerwcheese

    What if there was no chatbox on stake?

    Then I wouldnt have to see a bunch of people who have no crypto hanging out all day
  12. Burgerwcheese

    Got 32 Reds on Diamond Poker And busted 4.1 btc

    You always see these crazy long losing streaks that are fairly common, especially if you play wheel...that game is beyond garbage and i'm pretty sure the dev of that game hates people...but where are the 30 game winning streaks?
  13. Burgerwcheese

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    I've just been happy so far to make it on the list the few times I have...one day i'll be listed more frequently
  14. I would probably stop once I hit 10-15 btc...maybe...its not just about trying to make a profit for me, gambling is some what of a hobby
  15. Burgerwcheese

    ooops i did it again :o

    Some nice wins regardless of gambled amount