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  1. Another good plinko run to add to my list of amazing plinko wins. It definitely is my favorite stake original, almost 9,000,000 bets in it alone. After my plinko run had a nice slots hit. Also added at the bottom since someone asked me to try out, how fast could I hit 1000x back to back. 14 minutes apart, not too bad. Took a break for a while and tried out 3rd party slots And then these are the two 1000x test that took 14 minutes, Yes small bets was just testing. Soon will be big bets 🥷
  2. Guess the Irish I have in me really comes out when I'm gambling 🤑
  3. I usually take a break on Tuesday from 2:15pm til at least 2:20pm. A good 5 minute break each week does the mind and body good. I'm a mobile player so I'm pretty much always gambling since it's so accessable
  4. I had Eddy for a long time and he was great and now I have Nana and she's amazing. Even when it says she is away or not working, hell sometimes even sleeping she manages to respond to my messages
  5. After 8 million bets of testing I find that 11,12,14 are the best as far as top multiplier hits and keeping you fed while chasing
  6. I have a strategy that has ran 3 days straight non stop, pure profit on crash. It's just you won't make a whole lot unless you start with a good bank ro ($10,000+ is ideal)
  7. Have you ever used paxful? I was trying to withdraw .005 BTC and the fee was .004....I was only gonna get .001 after fees....that's why I have moved to alt coins for gambling, lower cost and faster transfers
  8. I got top player bonus every single month of last year, and first few months of this year but been slacking. If you wager 400k+ you usually get it
  9. Biggest tip ever received is .02 btc Biggest tip I've ever sent was a tip to Dinabot lol
  10. I think this guy definitely needs to calm down a little, things happen. But I will say that the last two times I tried to play crash it opened and it was just frozen in-between rounds. I clicked bet for next round and waited and waited and nothing happened so I just backed out.
  11. It was actually 6 times. 5 pics posted and my first hit I didn't screenshot ,😂
  12. Just thought I would share my little Plinko session I had when a member tipped me $3 in Bitcoin. I don't have the first win I got but was a .10 cent bet. I think the 4th drop and it hit 420x got me $42 so that really helped me get going quickly. Oh I also switch seeds after every big win, everyone is always asking me what's my strategy and part of it is always switching your seed. Also after evey win I increased my bet. You can see the times on them all it all happened very quickly. Wish I would have saved the first hit, ,6 420x less than an hour
  13. 😅 We've all had our legendary days, and look good feel good right? That's why I love Burgerwcheese, people probably assume I'm a slob 😂 Hope you're having a good day/night 💚
  14. Uphold will close your account after you send to casino wallet a few times, I was using them and after my 7th xrp purchase I got an email saying they were closing my account. I've been using crypto.com and have had 0 issues sending or receiving, buying/selling. If I wanna use btc I will buy LTC because the fee is like .04 cents to send it and it's faster, then exchange it with dinabot. But yeah I've bought and sold $10k+ all good experiences.
  15. Gym and eating healthy for the most part.
  16. Probably the day I won 6 btc on wheel then lost 5 of it on keno and plinko
  17. I've learned to not even worth about it because Everytime I try and play for wager I lose my shit. Just relax, enjoy the flight and you'll be landing in no time...I've got 2-3 months before I'll get mine. I went from 3 to 4 in December and that was a nice bonus. What's the bonus for Platinum 5?
  18. Plinko I've won 1 btc in a single bet, wheel I won 5 btc playing after few hours and Keno I've won 60,000 xrp in a few hours...it's hard to choose but it's definitely one of the three. Bets wise it's plinko, I've got almost 8 million bets in Plinko alone
  19. Burgerwcheese 🍔 your friendly neighborhood cheeseburger
  20. Platinum IV Biggest weekly: $470 Biggest Monthly $616 Biggest bonus yet was when I won 1st place on a mines VIP challenge and went from Platinum III to IV the same day as challenge payout, got $2750 that day. Last December overall I received $5800 in bonuses 🙏👌👌👌
  21. Burgerwcheese. It ain't eazy being cheesy
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