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  1. Mine is from inverted short name for Hanamichi Sakuragi. michi/chimi.. I just love the anime slam dunk and grew fond of sakuragi, my crush. ahahaah
  2. I can say all of the above, except the addiction part. yay
  3. Maybe the amount of faucet depends on the coins price so it fluctuates. I dont know. But its so hard to claim because of the recaptcha so its not worth it.
  4. Self control, discipline, good vibes, positive outlook and many more. Been wanting to put meditation in my routine.
  5. Diversify. I'll put some in staking/trading coins and others in stocks.
  6. Doing chores is my exercise. Includes alot of walking while doing chores.
  7. Abs is better. Muscles, easier.
  8. I have tried hitting a x1000. So many times... its just that only happens in my dreams. ahaha
  9. Seems easy indeed. ahaha magnet plus some tilting of mobiles for sure win 🙂
  10. Made me hungry. Im not that choosy so I can eat anything as long as its edible. ahaha