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  1. And just like that, I'm gone. I want to thank everyone for the support, I've banned my account but I made promises to a lot of users about a few bits and pieces. I'll be around on the forum and I'm looking forward to seeing you all here, thanks very much for the great times, I'll update you on my position on earning!
  2. With forum reputation you see, I personally think that the more points you have on the forum, the most likely someone links you to something it won't be a scam. I always go by the reputation points but also instinct as well here. I like reputation, it brings out the best in someone and is able to provide the community the best sources of information, acknowledgement and even the odd helping about financially in giveaways etc. It's a nice little incentive and being as high as pretty much 500 Rep points, it's taken me a very long time to earn at Stake for sure.
  3. I believe it's $50k USD for bronze and $100k USD for silver, I actually don't know what the gold and platinum are but I reckon they are seriously difficult tasks to get to, I'm hoping one day I can come back to stake refreshed and ready to lose some easy money but whilst going through a time like this, no way. I heard a new game is coming to stake in the next few games so hoping I got the nerve to say no as well as avoiding the gambling. When I'm ready, I will wager for my stars
  4. You lost $1,800-$2,000 worth of BCH in 10 minutes after hitting it is that what your trying to say? That money is life changing and you should had withdrawn it, but that's painful to hear if you lost it dude, I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe have a target, don't feed it back in or else busting will happen - it always does.
  5. So thought I'd just update on what's happened: Just 5 minutes ago, I've finally earned $100.00 worth of Litecoin and it has taken me up to 4 days of serious working hard and earning, I want to thank everyone on Stake chat and here as well - really interesting comments. I'm hoping that the rest doesn't take forever, but roughly $3,900.00 to go now unless the market crashes Now to finish making this a whole coin!
  6. Interesting topic, lets start this then shall we? I love Stake, reputation means a lot to me, I've always been trustworthy, loyal and helpful to all users at Stake. I've earned my way to being respected with reputation points that users give to me whether they enjoy the topics or not. Reputation comes in many ways, I'm about to earn my Bronze Star at Stake and that also means a lot to me. I like to do the best I can! I spend way too much time in doing so.
  7. I know that the races they tend to do a 2 hour one at around 3am GMT which is way too late for me but at the end of the day you can't really moan on free money offered by stake. Their initiates are very decent I find respectively. I'm hoping for more longer events though because then everyone gets a chance rather then the same timezone. 45 minute $2,500 is just too short and I think an extension would do quite nicely so more have a chance.
  8. Yeah, it's hovering around $135.00 and since Bitcoin is up, I'm actually confused why Litecoin did not go up as well. Ethereum went up a little but I saw no change in the Litecoin price. Bit weird but since I'm saving Litecoin it would be decent to see some more uptrend in the market. Will just have to wait and see on what it does. Last thing we need right now is a horrible crash.
  9. They mix it up for all gambling games on there and it's great fun. I don't participate in them myself but I know many of the users love doing the challenges here at stake and splitting it equally between the users the prize pool Keno is a great game for challenges, I like the use of what they ask you to do in order to get the prizes.
  10. Yes, having firstly a race then followed by a telegram challenge, it's a bit nuts to be honest. And this is a good timezone for me, but on the other hand it may not be for others which I can understand. Stake does need to get better at interacting with their users on a 24 hour cycle rather then have a few hours then nothing. Stake does become a little dead after events which loses a lot of users interest. Have you all noticed at 12:30 GMT it goes from 750 users to over 1,000, sometimes 1,100 users on stake. Right after the event, about a few hours later, it slightly drops?
  11. So when I had to give up the gambling because simply there was no luck coming, I went through a period of betting at least $1+ each time on High 16 Plinko. What happened? I was rolling at least 400-500 balls and not even 1x 26x would appear, almost losing hope with it all, I kept continuing. I swear that I could of been playing for at least 3 hours at a good portion of bet but I knew that I was running insufficient so I dropped my bet to see if any chance would appear. I was still rolling about up to 3,000 balls and I can confirm the worst streak in history of not even coming close to 26x nor even the frisky 130x multiplier, it just made me think "Why are stake offering 1,000x if no one can hit it" - I changed my seed and still, nothing works at all! What is going wrong and why am I receiving the worst bet seeds ever? I really don't understand how my luck can even be that bad!? That is the whole reason I had to give up gambling because of this streak. It is gambling at the end of the day, but I question how fair Plinko really is if that makes sense! Hope this is interesting for you all to read
  12. Prerolling is a bad idea on Plinko, remember - every single ball is that chance for you to hit 1,000x on plinko. Dice, it is the same thing, obviously, if you hit, preroll about 100, if no luck, then start placing down the bets because it could come sooner. Therefore you have some odds of beating the house edge. I could be wrong, this is just a strategy after all.
  13. Stake offers very generous giveaways yeah, they do discord which you can win up to $10 for doing nothing and also they have their recent $500.00 twitter giveaway which is decent as well, maybe something to try out?
  14. When I won 1kx on plink which won me 3.65 bch, I ripped 1.5 without remorse on Plinko so yeah, it's quite frequent to go through the bad patches a lot of the time. It just happens. But when you win big, it's better to cash out rather than feed it back in like me.
  15. Congratulations to the 37 players in which Participated! 0.015 ETH has been won due to user activity/participation! 0.00045500 ETH will be rewarded to each user - the distribution will start later this evening! BCH: 0.00020000 has already been awarded to users who have exceeded 500 forum posts!