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  1. DarkBlood069

    Keeping tabs

    Well currently, whilst I use tabs for now, I normally have the discord one always open and some youtube going to keep me happy. Obviously stake is open so I can talk on the main chat because it's something I simply enjoy doing, another one is the crypto pub by lupandina because it's very useful Those are currently the tabs I use. And I know this is random but the song on YouTube that I normally listen to over and over again on tab is sweet but psycho
  2. DarkBlood069

    Gambling Is Over

    You make it look like I'm leaving, nope - I ain't going to be doing that, I enjoy stake and the people that are here, I don't have any intentions of leaving, I'll be here most hours of the day, just giving up the gambling because it's not going to be making me any favours at all. Life has to come first anyways and I'm sure everyone understands that. I want to thank everyone for the really deeply moving comments, it's actually brought tears to my eyes in a good way because you all mean a lot to me. I'd be leaving if no one was supportive but you all are, that's why I love stake, that is the main reason why stake is such a strong site!
  3. DarkBlood069

    Gambling Is Over

    It's been a fun run for me whilst it lasted, but sadly my finances come first and I tested out 17,000 doge one last time on plinko at 100 doge coins. The biggest hit I achieved was 9x out of all the possible hits that could of been better. It's sad to say I've lost just under 100,000 Dogecoins and that I would say hurts so much. I've did what I can with my stats but I cannot continue on the doge stats, I know that. I will be around all the time, I love it here at Stake but my relationship must come first and my finances are extremely important to me since life for me in general is very hard. So now that my gambling has come to an end, I may actually enjoy what I do rather then chasing losses I will never get back. Thanks everyone, so from now, it's come to an end for me. I appreciate all the fun that everyone has given to me
  4. DarkBlood069

    Wheel - The worst gamemode on the site.

    The wheel does need to be worked on a little more and tweaked for higher payouts in the next update, I hope they do consider this and go from there because 14x is not a huge payout and I think others can agree on that ^^
  5. DarkBlood069

    Losing at Plinko - What feeling does it give you?

    But if you really think about it, don't you all lose your balance on other games you play no matter what? What makes Plinko any different, except the mode offers a chance for the very big payouts, 1000x is a huge win if people manage to get it. Some people are lucky to be chasing losses and end up getting 1000x by mistake. It does happen you know. That's why I won't give up, because I enjoy the mode and I'm sure one day, I will get lucky enough!
  6. DarkBlood069

    What makes Stake the best gambling site on the internet?

    What I like is how open everyone is including the staff and developers, I love the fact that the devs come into the chat room as well. They are really friendly and I enjoy the fact they are more then happy to spend some time answering questions that we have, even if it's been asked before. What I like is the consistent updates that are made for stake and now that it's already been friendly announced that stake 2.0 is coming out in less then 2 weeks, it's great how open they are, it really is...
  7. DarkBlood069

    Losing at Plinko - What feeling does it give you?

    To be honest, the reason I'm still trying to hit it even with a hard balance is because it only takes 1 ball for a complete recover, I'm really am hoping that not all is lost and that this would be a lesson for me not to go nuts with my own balance and to make sure that I take my time when it comes to plinko.
  8. Wow, asking for their money back, desperate times comes desperate measures I'd say. How in the name of god did they made such a ridiculous mistake! This news makes me roll in the floor laughing deeply! Wow, good stuff for customers but harsh luck I'd say on the exchange service. But I'm sure they can do without $5m - some companies now days are just greedy as can be so it's nice to see some karma.
  9. Yesterday and today have been the worst outcomes I could possibly get at stake which actually did lead to wanting to leave but sadly it is all one big family and I ca't just go, I enjoy it too much here and I'm looking forward to all the new updates that will soon be coming with the new update 2.0 - it's going to be awesome. I don't think 70,000 doge is going to want to make me leave but it does really hurt when thinking about it, it always seems to want to come back
  10. DarkBlood069

    What Do Your Statistics Say?

    When I first started, every single game and stats were in green but as I gambled my way through stake very greedy, I ended up losing what was most important and that is my funds and my mindset. I need to get a little better on track of things because recently, I have been gambling a lot of my funds I should be putting on other things, I guess I'm too eager to recover my lost funds. Maybe the lost funds I will just keep lost for now until I can make a decent form of recovery.
  11. DarkBlood069

    Most first big win at the diamond poker.

    Not a bad win on Diamond Poker, however I've never made LTC bets that high on it, but I get too worried about losing on a 2x bet but it's nice to see that others are winning. I know this thread was a while back but I hope you didn't bust the .14 ltc I tend to take part in the challenges, I know video poker is coming and hope that it is got ridden and replaced with it. If Diamond poker is still here, then obviously it just means more games to play I wish I had the balls to place bigger bets in Diamond poker, but sadly, I don't
  12. DarkBlood069

    Anyone play 1-4 tiles?

    If I'm ever to play Keno which is rarely, I normally do 7-10 tiles rather then 1-4. I tried doing 1-5 a while back and I know the multipliers were not that great considering if I managed to achieve the hits. I've never got a very good payout from Keno, that's why I don't play it very often, perhaps a few times a month? Perhaps when the new stake comes out and they re-work on the payouts, maybe it might actually tempt me back into the game mode...
  13. DarkBlood069

    Is the drop and rise a message ?

    I have honestly lost track of what is going on really regarding the prices of BTC. Although the fact that the bitcoin market is always been dominated by whales, a lot of the price I reckon is to do with approvals and declines on the legislation of bitcoins in certain country's across the world. The sad fact that lots of people do not consider bitcoin to be a stable currency to work with is the reasons why the drastic falls happen. I am still on confusion to why last year saw over a 50% decline in under a month of December to January 2018. I don't think BTC will last forever but if it does see a large recover, I'd be extremely surprised 100%!
  14. DarkBlood069

    Plinko. 8, 9 and 10 pins. My Sweetspot.

    Wow nice man, I'm sad to say that my stats are not as green but I hope to eventually recover one day so that I can have good stats just like yours. I've been struggling to get a payout from Plinko's 130x or even 1000x for a long time losing 70,000 doge coins which is a lot to lose.
  15. DarkBlood069

    Martingale high 16 on Plinko

    You won `16 ETH? I don't think plinko could ever come close to paying out that much unless the basebet was really substantial. But congrats on the hit, that is very insane. I have never hit higher then 16eth before, but I hope to see something like that for myself, Plinko has not been nice to me lately, but I assure there will be a return soon I guess. I would like to see if anyone has tried the martingale scheme on plinko, so please relate to the topic a little more please - I'm going to be testing this out when I got some time and money next week