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  1. DarkBlood069

    Limbo. 1000x +

    I was chasing Eddie's Telegram challenge which was hit a 20kx payout - in which I participated and played about an hours worth of limbo and ended up not even hitting 1,000x multiplier after that entire event of auto roll. How I know I didn't even get 1kx? I watch it like a hawk.
  2. I liked the challenge and that many had the chance to win, the only down side was that 20,000x multiplier in Limbo was outrageously difficult. I wish that they could simplify it to daily challenges where everyone can win a part of a prize pool or something. Would be nicer.
  3. You know those games like Perk in America that brought out a game called "scratch & win" - which allows you to earn points etc, you get my point... perhaps a game that is match 3 and win a prize, and obviously, if you don't hit, that 0x. Just a simple game with a simple way to win potentially big.
  4. Those trolls that make you want to bet more to hit it to only find out it's busting you harder and harder is really a big bummer indeed. Sorry to see that one, but eventually, over time, you might get that lucky one that comes out of the blue.
  5. It's a matter of knowing when to stop. Perhaps it was time to play with a different currency rather then Bitcoin, you may of had a better chance with Litecoin or something else. I find that if I won big with one currency, I try another currency and end up winning more. But always found that I eventually bust the same coin I play with all the time. Perhaps that's some good advice but that's just my theory of how to play and win more. But coming from me (a gambler) overall, no matter how you play, you end up busting in the end.
  6. I would not say that I've sold anything, but pretty much had debts to pay which I had to cover over a long period of time. Life is still a very big struggle but I'm managing.
  7. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've started this up but right now, I'm heading to play mines to recover absolutely everything I've lost at Stake casino. Having lost almost 0.15 btc. I've decided I'm going for Stage 5 which is 5 Bombs, I'm going for 20 bombs and 5 diamonds which pays out huge with Bitcoin. Trying to do it with 200 sats per bet and I believe is a 52kx payout which will win me: roughly 0.10 btc. It may take me a long time but it's worth the wait. I've hit it before, I should eventually try again, it comes to show it's possible.
  8. It's sad to admit but I'm addicted and that is not a good thing, being addicted to Plinko caused me so much loss and financial issues in real life at tough times, although I pulled through those tough times, i try and deposit funds I can now afford to lose, now I'm finding games that will pay out much more higher multipliers so it makes my money go a little further. 1000x does not cut what I've lost now. I'm going for the impossible now days. Although I still shove loads of dollars into that Plinko game, it's still hard for me to recover anything.
  9. Sadly, bad streaks happen and I've had a really huge bad streak losing 100,000 doge coins on Plinko, with any game I failed as well. I tried to recover and ended up losing even more so I decided to take a break. Even afterwards, I lost even more. Once you hit big, it just seems that the casino will just eat back what you have earned/won in the games, what ever it took, just ate.
  10. I would not say "trust" @KiXxnTRiXx - many people can have a big reputation and get away with scamming players without them realising. Some users can be very manipulative here. But all it does here is show how active you are. Not how trustworthy one is.
  11. I confirm that this strategy does not work sadly. Sorry to spill the beans. I hope this clears everyone's questions and points because I tried and failed regretfully. Even being non greedy still busts you. You got to be dead lucky for sure.
  12. I tend to go out of my way to make everyone happier by tipping or just being there for them when they need it. Remember, funds is not all that important as long as you have the support you need around you, like other players.
  13. There is nothing that reputation points actually achieve on the stake forum. It's more of an activity reputation. So currently, I have a lot of reputation points whether someone has agreed with what I said, events like giveaways or even someone using reactions that show they disagree with my views. It's more of an activity check as I stated. In future, I wish you could actually get something in return for reputation, like a bronze, silver or gold medal - might look good for a change.
  14. Yes, I've been wondering when this subject would rise again since it is personal where and how you get your funds. Forum should not be any different and lots of people right now are favouring it. It's important, just like hidden and ghost bets, this is also needed.
  15. Thank you everyone for joining, the results will be placed soon and the prizes will be released within 24/48H. Thank you for your patience!