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  1. DarkBlood069

    Opt out of rain while hidden suggestion

    Being hidden is a nice way to gamble but being stated in the chat that you have been rained on is a pain, it's true. And I surely hope that in the future at Stake, they will hide it with your own consent. I still feel that there needs to be more privacy when it comes to gambling but let's hope there are changes to come.
  2. DarkBlood069

    Avoiding !

    I've noticed this, I have become very cautious as of recently, it's not fun to be seen as a "money bag" - I have had to recently hide my winnings and losses due to players trying to compare me with others. I don't like being compared. So quite a lot of my open data has recently been hidden from the public. I'm in a lot of real life financial debts and it's not nice having people say "your rich" - when I am only trying to get some of my losses back in real life. I'm not a big gambler and I'm sure everyone know's that. I do a lot for the community but the way this is going is very off-putting on my competitions I reward every so often.
  3. DarkBlood069

    How about StakeLottery every weeken?

    If a lottery was performed every week, wouldn't that kill the rarity of this special promotion stake offer? I do like variety and Stake are offering just that for everyone, so in my honest opinion, the more mixes that Stake make with their giveaways, the more fun and enjoyable they will be in the long run.
  4. I believe it's a nice suggestion but I think there is a lot of alternative to earn free bitcoins risk free such as forum. They also do big giveaways here at Stake so it does compensate to a big extent. Remember that stake have to make their money somewhere and if we ask too much from a casino, how are they going to keep in business with respect. Just coming from a Casino aspect.
  5. DarkBlood069

    Baccarat or blackjack or HiLo? What is your first choice?

    So my first choice to play would be HI/LO just because it's so easy to understand how to win. In second I would play blackjack because it's another great game that I enjoy playing every so often. Lastly, Baccarat, well I do not like the game mode at all sadly just because it's not my taste of game mode on the casino.
  6. DarkBlood069

    Guess who is back? (o.o) :: lel is me! Shani!

    Welcome back to Stake @Shaniqua I hope you have fun here and I wish you all the best of luck with your bets. Remember, only gamble what you can afford to lose respectively. So I'm sure you know that already. I wish you big profits and a decent withdrawal. Have fun at stake and good luck!
  7. Bitcoin will never reach $500,000.00 - Not a lot of companies actually approve bitcoin at all nor do they want anything to do with it. Some people don't even know what Cryptocurrency is. It just shows you that the a lot of people live in the dark ages where they avoid advertisement and internet. I'm hoping more companies approve bitcoin, because that could help raise the value of the initial coin.
  8. DarkBlood069

    Where do you get the crypto to depo here?

    I purchase my Crypto directly from Coinbase besides the drastic tax rates on purchasing the coins. It's nice to have crypto as a bank rather then showing the entire world like banks how much people have. I prefer to keep my financial situation away from UK banks etc. It's a better alternative to have Crypto around.
  9. DarkBlood069

    How much....?

    I'm sorry to hear about your losses, it would of been a fare idea to withdraw to avoid the busting, if you are going to 100% come out on top with profit, the best idea is to withdraw those funds before throwing it all back into the casino. Some players on the other hand struggle with this but it's the best advise I can give.
  10. DarkBlood069

    What does 2019 hold for Stake?

    Live play in rooms against players would be a grand step to a fresh platform in 2019 for Stake, I'm really hoping they go the extra mile to implement it but at the moment, I guess I'm looking forward to the live sports betting, this will be an interesting feature and I hope we all play it when it comes to it
  11. So over the recent months, I was hoping that Stake would rise up and amend problems with players accidentally using the wrong coin since now there are 5 coins. Dogecoin can be a massive bummer when you could be betting in it then changing to LTC having no idea when you end up only wanting to use Dogecoin but end up busting LTC instead in a higher portion. I have seen players make a massive mistake on this and would like to see a "Are you sure you wish to change from Dogecoin to Litecoin? and vise versa and the rest. Another discussion to speak about is high rolling, some players also make the mistake in making larger bets then they should of made, so I think that if you wager so to say over $50, there needs to be a cap where it states "are you sure you want to wager this much?" - obviously, those that generally high roll a lot that don't care could perhaps see a button to turn it off if they want to but to the most venerable players, there needs to be a warning cap or something which would help players. It can also help people that have gambling habits as well. Do you think there needs to be more warnings and questions on switching coins/wagering amounts? If the staff/developers made this, do you think it would help with players that have trouble with gambling? Do you think this would have a positive or negative impact on the games if implemented, please note if they also had a turn off button, would this help too? Do you think that it will cause problems on Stake making profit? These are really important questions that I would love to ask everyone at Stake and whether you have time to sit down and read them and answer them as well as you can, this would be really helpful because I think "are you sure" buttons are extremely important when it comes to wagering, it can also help the player decide whether wagering a huge amount is really worth it. So as I was saying, feel free to answer any of the questions, a little amount is also fair as well, everything helps on this subject. I hope you all have a fantastic evening, I'll be hiding and reading all of your comments. See you soon, DB.
  12. DarkBlood069

    How many times you got muted ?

    That's a lot of mutes, but these mutes are here to obviously to make sure you are not going to be breaking the rules again. Sometimes it takes more then a few times muted to get the idea of what people are doing wrong. Most players that tend to beg end up either leaving or just accepting and becoming a part of the family. But lots of players are much more worse and that's why moderators give life-time mutes.
  13. DarkBlood069

    Greed While Gambling (Help needed)

    I think that bad decisions have to be made to make better decisions in the future. My parents told me this and it's the best advise I've ever received from them with respect. So all I can say is that the smaller you bet with larger multipliers, the better chance you have in winning more. High risk can be quick and profitable but it's also the quickest way to bust. Remember that.
  14. DarkBlood069

    Whose the hose-iest Fireman in Stake?

    So your thread is about how much rain someone has made, alright so lets just say I'm not a heavy rain player, I've rained when I've got lots of spare money to just giveaway because I simply don't want to be greedy. I'm not a greedy player, I do as best as I can for the community such as giveaways on forum, Trivia inside the stake platform and lastly, a few rare rains for the sake of it.
  15. DarkBlood069

    What would you do?

    Over the long run, if losing 1 BTC over two years or more is not really a big issue as long as you can afford to deposit and lose it by busting. It's very normal. However 1 BTC bet is the most risky way of losing absolutely everything so in my honest opinion, I wouldn't go ahead with that risk unless I had 1000 BTC.