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  1. I got to say, I wish I use XRP a little more often because I don't really use it. I should to be honest. Instant deposits? Who can moan at such privilege?
  2. Very impressive hit Zoltan, yet again, it proves that Stake is for the high multipliers and they do actually come.
  3. I've got to say, I've seen the increased alts on the forum, spam post and even plagiarised posts and even scammers trying to post sites that essentially earn $20 but turn out to be a scam. I do not want to be favoured nor disfavoured, I am just anyone else here, a constructive player in the community on this forum. But I don't see many warnings going out to those who really do violate the rules. I may be a hero rank but everyone deserves equal treatment here. There are no exceptions. That goes for me as well as others. So why is this still happening, @Dan are you still monitoring the forum?
  4. So from what I found out, I'm not sure what the requirements are because they refuse to disclose that information to the users. They want us to earn the stars and then they let us know that we got it if I'm correct.
  5. Everything about earning on the forum, please do look up on the forum before creating Stake discussions, these can affect you. Hope this helps for now.
  6. I hate beggars. Today I was called a beggar but I explained my difficulty in which was not begging at all. The funny part is that I was venting and someone pointed I was begging. Some people need to read carefully in chat room. I accidentally remarked someone as a beggar which was venting, so now I think it's even. We all make mistakes.
  7. A brave bet would be 0.6 ltc in one bet and ended up busting? That was hard to get over when I did lose to be honest. Never made such a bet that high again. Make my money go further in Plinko.
  8. I don't see Bitcoin lasting forever, nothing ever does. It will come and go. I've voted under 10k which is the worst option you can get for 2020.
  9. No breaks and no limits for me, the amount I've lost is too painful and I just keep going until I either win or lose. I don't tend to go for breaks. These make me bust when I take breaks.
  10. I think I need to be more steady on my bankroll to ensure that I always have enough money to keep betting for these high multipliers. I do not do well at that but I need to work on displaying my own records. I'd like that.
  11. Please take your discussions to the support team if you have an inquiry about any giveaways that are promoted by the staff. This attracts the wrong attention to display possible mistakes. However, do remember that the staff are only human and if they have made a mistake, they will help you. However, please read the rules of the challenges before taking part in them. Their challenges are very clearly displayed.
  12. It does, I should spend more time with my partner than my gambling but I spend more time gambling online here, which is not healthy.
  13. If you feel that a users contribution on the forum is good and quality, you do not have an obligation to tip forum accounts but you can choose to tip them if you feel like it. That's the purpose of it respectively.
  14. Every single coin I play with busts. The only coin that ever hits the 1,000x Plinko is BCH - otherwise, I've never hit anything decent with other coins. It's like BCH is rigged to win for me
  15. When I was newer and when I did hit a few really decent ones, I would tip out 10% of it away to the users but now days, I've never had the chance to hit big. You get those saying "are you winning" I'm like "hell no, I might got 26x plinko but I'm 400k sats down because of that" - they still ask for money and I'm like... "that's not fair man" ... just no.... Some people I reckon live on tips here. I don't. I deposit. I can't afford to rain and tip if I keep losing and why would I give my money away to those who beg for it?
  16. Has anyone even managed to hit 10/10 in Keno before? I don't even know the payout on that, is it 1kx? I really hope they do in future decide to increase the multiplier in keno because 10/10 is like such a low chance. It should be like 100kx win or something?
  17. I tell you what, a voice commentator for the live crash or so to say chartbet, would that not be the most interesting part listening to someone live watching people make serious bets?
  18. I used to do it in the past but look where that got me, a bunch of PM attackers and many that annoy the life out of me so I don't even do that sort of thing anymore and thank god I stuck to that.
  19. Interesting, I don't tend to make that many deposits anymore compared to what I used to do simply because affordability. I used to have enough monthly funds to deposit but now I don't even have that now. I wish life could go back to what it used to be like where it was a whole lot easier.
  20. Well as of recently, I've had no issue, I reckon it was to do with a few updates that needed to be made on the forum which I suspect they did. They may of also corrected the issue. I really don't know but I've had no deductions or post non-accounting. It's all fine now.
  21. Having a lot of variety is an important asset to a gambling site. The more games, the more fun and the more money you put into the site. This is one of my key favourites is that they never give up on making games. Always productive with their time.
  22. After a large capital loss of over $1,000 USD over the last 48 hours, it's proved that it can't sustain the value due to the large hype that was going around about the Facebook Libra if I'm correct. Now it's running back down in value, it opens more opportunity to buy into the alternative currencies which are a whole lot cheaper due to the fall of Bitcoin. I would not strongly say holding Bitcoin is a great idea but if you are holding some ETH or BCH or even Ripple, you got some good chance of potential future growth. Let's hope that Bitcoin can become a little more affordable by dumping to a good 8k USD.
  23. I purchase with Bitcoin direct debit card every day so it's always part of my real life and I find it extremely important. I also use the card to make transactions with less fees than withdrawing to my direct debit (Bank( card. So it's good way to avoid some of those unnecessary fees. It's definitely part of my life.
  24. I am experiencing lag when I receive 1 doge from rain-bot - so I'd like to see the removal, we have much more now at Stake and we don't need it. It's a thing of the past now. Most people just farm the bot now.