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  1. mcruz

    May Bagong Pinoy Moderator!

    ayos maiiwasan n mga spam at mga alien na pasaway congrats boss
  2. mcruz

    Real Life Pictures

    nice your so beatiful
  3. share it to me also sir
  4. my favourite coin is LTC because it cheap and not to hard to bet and you also u can handle your bet as much as u want.
  5. mcruz

    Real Life Pictures

    hello your so pretty
  6. mcruz

    Real Life Pictures

    im simple but rock
  7. mcruz

    hi all im new :)

    have a good day thanks for the comment
  8. mcruz

    hi all im new :)

    thanks sir i will appreciate it
  9. mcruz

    hi all im new :)

    thanks sir i will keep it that in my mind
  10. mcruz

    hi all im new :)

    hi to all stakers 😂 im new here try to explore and gamble haha. please teach me and correct me if i do anything wrong in this great community. goodluck to us.. thanks.