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  1. Im playing pd for dice I like dice there more than stake dunno why but maybe im more used to pd and as old folks said "first love never dies" haha.
  2. Why you are so lucky on mines sissy while everytime I play there I cany even reaveal more than 4diamonds before hitting a bomb. lol
  3. Hello caroll..Would you also stream here?lol..Goodluck.
  4. I dont play keno..I dont like it I cant win in there. I think guessing number is not for me lol
  5. So far so good but just encounter some glitches and lags but i know devs are making hard work to make the site work amoothly.
  6. The map feature together with playful layout and site design make stake looks like a kind of mini games we have on our computer rather than a gambling site lol. Love it.
  7. Actually if dunno if changing seeds would help you in case of winning since all seeds that would be provided there would just throw random numbers.
  8. well not imposible based on how btc moves on market this past few days after the chainsplit happen. Think I made a good decision holding my btc
  9. Thanks for the info Kargai. Off course creation of multi accounts wont hurt any gambling site as long as no abuse being done just like what happen to pd before where in lots of user abuse faucet buy claiming continously and tipping on their alts. Hope that thing dont happen here in stake so Admin wont decide to make changes on faucets..lol
  10. Time to call a party Angus lol..I think devs put lots of overtime work here to launch such an awesome gambling site like stake. Congrats and more power.
  11. jamhai

    Payouts changed

    Thanks for the update Angus. More power to stake.com.
  12. Congrats sissy hope you win more.
  13. jamhai

    I don't understand

    This is also the first time I play baccarat but I think its easy to understand you dont have any control on card shuffling just need to guess who would win banker or player or draw put the bet where you want and wait lolol
  14. very well said caroll that also happen to me and laugh about it lolol