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    Quinlan reacted to Be light in DeepOnion - first acquaintance   
    on 20 April > Airdrop will be finished. And this will be the start of the DeepOnion project in general.
    Now the project has massive dev team, huge fast-growing community, really good technical background and simple and strong vision in Decentralized privacy distributed system.
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    Quinlan reacted to Be light in DeepOnion - first acquaintance   
    Hello guys. In this topic, I wish to communicate with you about that altcoin.
    Let's speak about DeepOnion.
    I do not like doing a lot of copy-paste, so with huge part of material you can read here for example https://steemit.com/deeponion/@cryptocoinpro/deeponion-cryptocurrency-basics-and-facts
    or just google it, I know you can do it
    In two words >>> DeepOnion project, this is the fork on Supercoin based on tor protocol. So basically it uses tor onion routing system of the nodes and your Ip is private. (latest tor version implemented)
    IT have major POS (10% - 1st year)+pow ( based x13 algorithm).
    It has DeepVault - on chain solutions to store file hashes meaning that the data is immutable, forever!
    This is the community-based project. So 90 % of the coins are distributing via Airdrop.
    Many features like Voting systems (like DAO) already in testing, so every community member can be a part of the future developing ideas and workflow.
    What I saw personally > very active dev team + they are hiring new developers. Huge and fast-growing community. With right motivations, this coin really can become new DAO.
    I don't wanna talk too much, you are free to ask anything about the project, I'll try to answer.
    PS. Of course, you are always should do your own research and keep learning as much information about every single project as you can.

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