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  1. I think it still makes sense if 141 lose, in all games the average lose can be 3-8x the value of payout, Try checking out 141 lose with 36x payout in the chat room
  2. how can you take 25 mines while the box is only 25 whether the bomb is removed
  3. welcome to stake forum
  4. celeng

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    hello @BigBroYo welcome to the stake community forum, have a nice day
  5. I don't like playing in lines 1 because it's too difficult, for the biggest multiplier I get is only 670x line 11 with 90 free spins , lines 1 is very testing our patience to get a large multiplier
  6. opportunities like this are very rare, maybe even I won't get it again yes that's what I regret because the bets are too small, if only we knew it would be green only a few bets thanks @Betwrong keep trying if you want to get it: D
  7. what would you do if you bet like this? I never would have thought going green was only 1.1k betting and betting like that MINES: 14,976,509,376 placed by celeng on 21/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000002 Multiplier 2022550x Profit 0.05056361
  8. Usually I play baccarat bets on bankers and players with the same amount, the amount of bets is only 10% of my balance, if I lose 10-15% I will turn the game into limbo / dice to recover it and will return to baccarat again if it has recovered Good luck
  9. for me the game itself is very profitable hillo and slots, and sometimes play mines , yes but it depends on our luck and strategy, because every user has Luck in the games that they often play, like @Nicol3 he plays keno, but if i play keno it always loses
  10. saya pribadi tidak ada penargetan profit, sekiranya sudah cukup bagi saya berapapun itu nilainya walau sedikit pasti saya tarik
  11. The coupon release date is never specified here, just wait patiently
  12. to get 3/4 A / K cards it depends on our seed, sometimes even nonce 1 can get 4 A / K cards, behind people who share betting id with 3 even 5 A / K cards there is a very long red
  13. if you want to open a lot of cards, use bots that are in this forum, for the manual is very difficult if you want to open more than 20 cards
  14. I play hillo with a full high strategy to open 4-5 cards, whatever cards start always choosing high, usually start paying 30-1000x, if you have found a minimum of 30x change the strategy to choose low, use basebet 1% betting balance increases every Red 30-50x, good luck
  15. we have the same problem, i like to play hilo but it is very difficult to pass card 7, i think the card is bad luck, from 10 meetings 7 may only work 2x , maybe it's better to just skip