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  1. well if people are ready to sell their stuff for deposit to their stakeacount , that sounds a little addicted , rather sell stuff for investing in cryptoprojects
  2. it all depends on how playing works out , most time i try to quit after winning but after some time i realy wan't to get more and then , sometime you win some time you lose
  3. if you mean a normal withdraw from winning after i made a deposit yes , i already withdrawed but i never made it after a faucetrequest
  4. i only use google chrome browser because in some way it give me no troublwe with the captcha thing , it is alway's green and ready to go
  5. did you asked for the same currency ? as far as i know are the given amounts the same time each time you ask
  6. as you say the social aspect is a great thing but i also like the simplicity of all the games , normal casino's use great pic's and light's and sound to atract people but stake just don't need that
  7. maybe you can try to put your earnings from faucet in chartbet and hopfully are you the one that reaches a 10000x hit, good luck anyway
  8. i think that waiting for rainbot or taking faucet is not a solution , that bet's are just to small to own a nice amount and when you earned some the house edge is coming around the corner and make you loose again and all did was loosing time
  9. yeah i know what children can do with your llife , they can be the biigest drive to change everything in your life but i must say that i am not addicted
  10. i am not sure what the reason is but i like the simple look of stake.com more then all other casino's with great eyeatracting pic's
  11. is this thread still running? this is better then FOMO
  12. i try to play on many different game with the martingale system so i start with a low bet , let's say 5 % of my total bank and when loosing start to play double , but i must be honest and say that it most doesn't work for me , like you say , better play with intuition
  13. i like almost all the games on stake but the game i like the most is absolutely chartbet , sometimes it gets me on 0.99 but most of the time it gives me nice returns