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  1. $Stake$ if you are lucky and you win a giveaway promotion what should u do if you forget to claim a coupon? valid only w / in 24hours for example .. your not expecting to win bcuz your not the only one participating in this giveaways.. my point is.. dont denied your giveaway... expired coupon refundable!! expired coupon refundable!! . :)at least 1/2 😁😁😁. What do you think?? =cant smile without you= #tooth 😁😁
  2. Here’s a quick survey I put together to help us with the development of Stake. Those who answer all the questions in the next 5 days will be rewarded with .0005 Bitcoin! There are no right or wrong answers. Copy and paste the questions into your post and answer in the space provided. Please repost the questions in bold to make it easier to read! 😃 1. How did you find Stake? In freebitcoin site 2. What changes do you believe would most improve Stake? maybe like a converter. 3. What is the primary reason you come to Stake? Have fun and to earn more income 4. What’s your favourite crypto to make bets with? Which would you like to see next? all of them. But my favorite is btc.. adding xrp to complete my coinph coin.:) 5. Do you buy crypto just to play on Stake? Yes, in my coinph 6. What’s your most memorable moment on Stake? In my 1st wd .03 btc 7. What makes Stake stand out the most from competitors? N/ 8. What’s the most inconvenient thing for you about Stake? N/ 9. Would you recommend Stake to a friend? Have you already? Yes i have 10. Are you interested in sports betting? Yes 11. Which social media platforms do you use the most? Facebook 12. Would you use a cold storage wallet on Stake for additional security? yes 13. What’s your favourite and least favourite game on Stake? Why? Most play is dice. 14. How many bets on average do you make a day? all my balance. 15. What’s your approximate average bet size? x2 x3 and 9900 for 1 sat 16. What do you like most about other online casinosthat Stake currently doesn’t offer? This is my 1st online casino.. 17. Hypothetically speaking, Stake goes offline. Where do you go next? Forums. 18. Are there any community events you’d like to see in the future? N/ 19. Do you gamble anywhere besides Stake? Where? no 20. What’s your biggest question for the Stake staff? Nothing
  3. The one in only. Super Man
  4. I was just before the stake. since I started making a stake account I was getting an allowance for playing .. that's a gamble. and even though I did not eat it I put it first. I know they're bigger than me ...