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  1. my five number 7,10,13,17,25
  2. my friend was say to support and the answer is only refresh the browser and he was disappointed to hear such an answer after which he gave the video to me
  3. i was asking to my friend, he is new player in stake and he say "he dont save the bet id" but with this video it becomes sufficient evidence
  4. well, if it's a visual bug, why not fix it and leave it continuously, and harming the player, because this makes me think that Plinko is Scam
  5. can anyone explain why this happened? this is not my bet but my friend bet Plinko Medium pin 16 : the ball go to 1x but history say 0.3x http://sendvid.com/wujsz9np Plinko High pin 16 : the ball go to 2x but the history say 0.2x http://sendvid.com/0jgf9srt thanks
  6. jambrong

    Accidentally Hit 367736x

    that's amazing i want to try that, wish me luck
  7. jambrong

    Hampir Lepas Dari Belenggu Penyesalan

    waduh saya juga kena warning 6 point seumur hidup point warning itu fungsinya untuk apa yah?
  8. jambrong


    kalau ngomong soal mimpi, saya orang yang sering mimpi dan biasanya terjadi karena aktivitas sebelum tidur atau menghayal sesuatu jadi terbawa kedalam mimpi. kalau mimpi yang terjadi di kehidupan nyata saya pernah, waktu itu saya mimpi win $1 di discord, pas bangun bener-bener win $1
  9. jambrong

    Pantun adalah Karya Sastra Budaya Indonesia

    kalau saya suka dengan pantun yang ini : berakit-rakit kita ke hulu berenang-renang kita ketepian bersakit-sakit kita dahulu bersenang-senang kita kemudian karena usaha tidak akan menghianati hasil gooooo 1000x di plinko!!!
  10. jambrong

    Have you won a giveaway on Stake's discord?

    i ever win $1 and $2 but not everyday
  11. jambrong

    Just messed up at 21k-x payout xD

    i ever hit 45,000x but without bet (0) lol
  12. i will cashout when i win 10x more from my deposit
  13. jambrong

    Favorite Poker Site?

    my favorite is nitrogensport because they have many tournament