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  1. It's not even worth playing Baccarat, so no I don't use automated. iirc, Badger said betting on ties is something ridiculous like 14% house edge, so playing that like 8x dice is out of the question. If you bet on player/banker it's basically martingale, which we all know is martingfail lol. The only benefit I could see of auto-bet is to complete challenges which requires ties
  2. Great to finally have some rules "set in stone" for Trivias. However, there are a few points of issue with the whole idea of trivia: 1. What if someone "stumbles" across the answer with spam? (See user: super4's chat log, when he does the 51646846165497897897894321 spam it means he's trying to land on one of the answers in his spam). I can say for the majority of people hosting trivia they do NOT want someone who had to resort to being pathetic winning the trivia. 2. Like someone above mentioned, sometimes trivia is spammy. In fact they become spammy regardless of how meaningful we m
  3. 13 gems 3 bombs is 10.35x, I'll definitely give this a try, do you change patterns or stick to the same chess-looking one?
  4. It's 1m-x. Try putting a number any higher and you'll see the notification saying the max multiplier you can get. I've hunted for 100k-x for hours and never hit it though, you must've gotten lucky, or unlucky when you think about how much potential winnings you lost lol
  5. Yup I noticed this very quickly. Red also doesn't work with the new theme color though. But yeah, psychologically... it makes most peeps bet more recklessly
  6. This is definitely great, the suspense of watching balls dropping is something I could definitely do without Still won't be playing Plinko though... haha
  7. I'm hoping there'll be two major updates to Hilo which will significantly reduce the bot's usefulness. By the way, I've never had the bot, and never will probably. I like the fun/thrill of manual playing. 1. There needs to be an option to choose starting card, shuffling starting cards is too slow right now, so either the option to choose or faster shuffles would be nice. 2. There needs to be an option to bet the same card. Currently, 7>7 is 1.84x manual play, but 12.87x on the bot. That is a huge advantage the bot has, and I've asked Dan and he said the option should've been added
  8. Congrats, inb4 a day later you start pm attacking on alts (yet again). How many rolls did it take you?
  9. Wow thanks for the legality graph. I'd be very very interested to know why those countries in red actually banned bitcoins... I mean can you even ban something online lol, the only way is to ban internet altogether.
  10. There's only two outcomes (overall) when playing casinos, either win or lose. Statistically house edge means you will always lose in the long run, 1% in this case. If you play a very short session, you could make some profit, let's say 10%, which is 11% more than you are expected to make. This means if you persist in playing for longer, you should expect 11% losses so the house edge "catches up". This is all very hypothetical, since you can change up strategies, games, bet amounts, etc, but generally hit-n-run with profit is the only viable technique for gambling at casinos 😛
  11. Non stop playing = more wagers = statistically house edge will take over and have a higher chance of busting you at the end. Knowing when to stop, or set a target before you start gambling and actually control yourself to stop is the key or you will lose it all back to casino lol. So yes, it does make you bust at the end, and I think we've all witnessed those newcomers who strike it rich on HR then lose everything after.
  12. Here I don't think the government even knows much about crypto in general. The only downside is the hefty 5-10% fee charged by ATM/BTC stores. That's for both buying and selling, meaning if you buy and sell you have to pay up to 20% fee, which is just stupid and ridiculous. That's why I prefer peer-to-peer trades, although those come with much bigger risks of potential scams.
  13. Well I managed to spam HR, lmao not really a good feeling, especially when I ended up with no profit/loss. 😅
  14. This was hilarious XD If you don't know who is "marwane", I suggest looking at
  15. It was a joke, obviously smaller bets is better since neither of us have the bankroll to support big bets 😛 We should be scared to play bigger bets on games with no control, but with games like Hilo/Mines/Dice/Keno it's sometimes beneficial to raise bets.
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