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  1. irawk0

    Ever spammed the high roller tab?

    Well I managed to spam HR, lmao not really a good feeling, especially when I ended up with no profit/loss. 😅
  2. irawk0

    What is your story?

    Fast deposit/withdraws Fast response from live support (some websites take like a day to respond wtf) Great friendly staff Great giveaways - seriously there are so many lol Neat layout and game selection, not like other casinos with the fancy game logos which I hate
  3. irawk0

    What is it about Chartbet?

    It's a game of chance with no control, however unlike any other games, the one thing for certain in Chartbet is the multiplier will keep going up if it doesn't crash. I think a lot of people like the adrenaline rush as well as hoping it'll keep going up forever. We've all seen those insane multipliers and we all want to hit one of those some day if this game comes back 😛
  4. irawk0

    Chasing "A"n elusive "K"ing

    I don't have the bot either, and I honestly don't think it's worth it to chase those. It looks good, definitely, but the time spent chasing is just... too much. It also requires a lot of balance, as red streaks can come in lonnnnggggg streaks. The easiest way is to shuffle cards until you get A/K, however I actually recommend/prefer a method Shinjo just talked about in stream a couple days ago, which is always trying for the high payout and not shuffle cards, and cash out at 2 cards opened. For example, if you get 10, go high, it becomes J, go high again and it's K and you cash out, that's like 13x alone. Don't play 7's of course, and start with very low bets. It's working about 20-30% of the time for me, just know when to stop/lower/raise bets. Bet amount affects the chance of high payouts showing up but it's more psychological since you are inclined to immediately cash out with big bets, whereas tiny bets you don't really care and like to "yolo" which means higher chances of landing on high payouts. Of course low bets means your bankroll can support more losses which means higher chance as well.
  5. This was hilarious XD If you don't know who is "marwane", I suggest looking at
  6. ROULETTE: 3,087,060,089 placed by irawk0 on 18/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000200 Multiplier 18x Profit 0.00003400 ROULETTE: 3,087,061,732 placed by irawk0 on 18/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000200 Multiplier 18x Profit 0.00003400 Gosh that was difficult! So happy I managed to complete it
  7. irawk0

    Now and then

    I think it's the other way around for me lol, mostly because I get more reckless now for some reason... with bigger bets... It's not really a good/healthy thing, I actually don't recommend being on HR, it involves a lot of stress and adrenaline rushes (unless you like that sort of thing). Of course if you are insanely rich being on HR is not a big deal at all 😛
  8. BACCARAT: 3,070,270,024 placed by irawk0 on 18/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00000700
  9. irawk0

    My frist big hit in new plinko

    It was a joke, obviously smaller bets is better since neither of us have the bankroll to support big bets 😛 We should be scared to play bigger bets on games with no control, but with games like Hilo/Mines/Dice/Keno it's sometimes beneficial to raise bets.
  10. That was quite a read, and quite a thread, lol. Welcome to Stake I've definitely seen you on Discord as well, so you are not a stranger to the giveaways on there. Gl but don't keep hopes up for Chartbet, it's going to be down for awhile afaik. Sent ya something for this massive thread you've written haha Don't bother grinding faucets, it's not worth the time and effort.
  11. Easily Plinko. I know some people have insane luck on it, but just watch Shinjo's last stream and you'll see how it is like for 95% of the players lol, straight downslope to Mariana Trench I guess it's one of those games no one chases with huge bankrolls (because you need that huge bankroll or you bust lol)
  12. irawk0

    My frist big hit in new plinko

    I thought you told me to do bigger base bet and here you are betting that small XD Jk, huge grats 15 rolls only watduheck? lol I gotta try your seed now, smile inside huh
  13. irawk0

    New Stake Games

    There are new games in development. The latest news can be found here:
  14. irawk0

    The magnet does not exist

    Haha Mav, yes peeps like to complain about the reds and never talk about the greens, it's human nature 😛 I like how your green streak comprises only of tiny Doge bets btw lol. It's weird when I pre-roll/test with Doge I get all the luck, when I change seeds and actually bet with BTC my graph becomes Mariana Trench
  15. Yay been waiting for this, gl Shinjo!