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  1. irawk0

    [Threats in PM box] Discussion

    I believe the word is spelled "phish" btw Great thread. Also huge update coz it means HR will no longer get pestered by annoying swarms of beggars akin to the insects in a wheat field. Just to add, if you are tired of all the stupidity coming from randoms on the internet, you can either A. close the chat window and turn ghost mode on or B. create an alt with a random name so no one will know who is it
  2. irawk0

    what is you biggest dream

    My biggest dream is to visit all the natural and man-made wonders of the world. All the historic battlefields, all the famous paintings and sculptures. Also all the food coz I'm a foodie lol 😛
  3. As long as there's been the idea of a currency there's been laundering happening. Like when the Swiss helped the Nazis launder god knows how much money during WW2. Comparatively bitcoin is so new I'm surprised at the idiocy of people complaining about it when compared to how much actual money have been laundered in the past century alone. That's like complaining a new country acquiring atomic weapons will end the world when for the past 6-7 decades both US and Russia could've single-handedly destroyed the world. (coughIraq/Irancough)
  4. irawk0

    Giveaway [Everyone Is A Winner #2]

    Thanks db First btw
  5. Please also provide a non-reference website link.
  6. irawk0

    367580.00x Payout In Hilo

    I was there in chat when this happened, still can't believe it, huge congratulations Faris has competition finally on these insane multipliers! (1/13)^6.... the chance of that geesh Brb stealing your client seed
  7. irawk0

    Gary Halloween mask

    It'd be cool to add two cards onto there, like Ace King, for blackjack, or for another prop you could be holding two dice 😛 Not sure how to add other games to the mask, and it'd be a pain to hold a roulette table while going trick-or-treating lol
  8. irawk0

    [Suggestion]: Bank System

    I believe they are already working on a Vault system for bankroll management. However I don't think Stake would actually put it in simply because they won't make as much money if we all get smart on our bankroll management 😛 Use an alt as a bank, it's the same thing. P.S. I tell everyone to do that yet I'm lazy af and pay the price when I bust lol
  9. irawk0

    Giveaway [Everyone Is A Winner]

    Tyvm for yet another giveaway db
  10. hearts: BLACKJACK: 1,151,842,264 placed by irawk0 on 22/10/2018 Wagered 0.00001400 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00004200 spades: BLACKJACK: 1,151,919,590 placed by irawk0 on 22/10/2018 Wagered 0.00001400 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00004200 Diamonds: BLACKJACK: 1,153,709,129 placed by irawk0 on 22/10/2018 Wagered 0.00001400 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00004200 clubs: BLACKJACK: 1,155,524,005 placed by irawk0 on 22/10/2018 Wagered 0.00001400 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00004200
  11. irawk0

    DM Begging

    I personally like to give them a second chance before reporting by telling them the rules and how I will report beggars the second time they ask. Who knows, maybe it's their first time and not one of the countless alts they made to beg. I also like to educate these people by telling them via pm how useless it is to beg for 1-5 cents when you can make more picking up garbage (literally) off the streets, and how they will never get ahead in life. If all else fails, I suggest you report them like everyone else is saying.
  12. irawk0

    Free Credits?

    Faucet is claimable every 3min for a limit of 20 times/day provided your balance is 0. Forum earnings are based on topics as well as how useful are your contributions. Btw, wrong topic section lol
  13. I don't think mods being rich has anything to do with this, since the fee I'm suggesting is very little (Mods can make their own fees depending on how busy their schedules are). This is simply a way to have trusted trading without anyone being suspicious of being scammed. If you have any other way of doing that I'm all ears. And I don't mean reputation, since new traders will always be suspicious without a vouch system/sub-forum on here (which I also suggest we add). Also, I don't think mods are getting paid enough. They are pretty much paid to babysit a bunch of gamblers, at least half of which are passive/beggars/both. I dare you to compare the wages mods get here vs the ones in actual casinos, taking into consideration irl casinos do NOT tolerate beggars whatsoever while here they only mute, and mute again, and again... meaning more work. Lastly, Mods feeling nice or are already rich can offer 0% fee. It's entirely up to them My idea was just to compensate them for their efforts. P.S. I didn't say you can't do your business @darkblood069. I'm ok with your fee added on top of the middleman fee, e.g. your 4% + 1% mm fee = 5%, me paying 4.5% you paying 0.5%. It's a minimal amount considering the peace of mind that comes along with it.
  14. irawk0

    Hilo is killer?

    I believe there are only 2 ways of playing Hilo to make money: 1. Hunt those 3x or even 4x AAAA/KKKK. This takes luck, patience, and most importantly a HUGE bankroll. I'm talking about having 1m satoshi and betting 100 satoshi each time or something. 2. Go for safe multipliers and cash out after 2-3 cards or 2-3x multipliers. This mostly works except when you hit that 2-A-A-A streak and go FML lol I like number 2, it's more consistent and I've been breaking even at Hilo even though I'm quite noob at it 😛
  15. Bumping this because no one has commented or noticed it before (thanks alot -.-) Becoming more relevant than before due to the marketplace phasing out. Please post your feedback, thanks!