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  1. It's not even worth playing Baccarat, so no I don't use automated. iirc, Badger said betting on ties is something ridiculous like 14% house edge, so playing that like 8x dice is out of the question. If you bet on player/banker it's basically martingale, which we all know is martingfail lol. The only benefit I could see of auto-bet is to complete challenges which requires ties
  2. I think most of us had to try this due to the challenge. My take on it is basically it's great to have "Chartbet" back, however I preferred the original simply because you can manually stop ahead of your target multiplier, since I think most of us have this "superstition" that Stake can read our minds and crash just before our target πŸ˜‚However, aside from that I LOVE the instant results function and autobet features, which make this game mode much much more pleasant to play. If I had to choose between the old and the new I'd have to say the new simply because of that. I haven't tried strategies yet, but basically I think we can treat this game similar to Dice.
  3. 2.86: DICE: 3,351,070,441 placed by irawk0 on 28/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 20x Profit 0.00001900 2.28: DICE: 3,351,127,048 placed by irawk0 on 28/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 20x Profit 0.00001900
  4. Great to finally have some rules "set in stone" for Trivias. However, there are a few points of issue with the whole idea of trivia: 1. What if someone "stumbles" across the answer with spam? (See user: super4's chat log, when he does the 51646846165497897897894321 spam it means he's trying to land on one of the answers in his spam). I can say for the majority of people hosting trivia they do NOT want someone who had to resort to being pathetic winning the trivia. 2. Like someone above mentioned, sometimes trivia is spammy. In fact they become spammy regardless of how meaningful we make them, thanks to the "eagerness" of the community (insert seagull meme from Finding Nemo). I've tried to get people to browse through forums to find the answers to trivias sometimes, and gave up after it became apparent 99.9% of those who answer are just spamming. 3. I believe the current Trivia system is broken. I've seen a couple instances where the second/third winner "won" according to the bot. I think the best solution is to make a pop-up interface where you enter your answers so it doesn't clutter the chat. Maybe make it a notification, and only those who click on the notification can get the pop-up.
  5. Congrats on finally making a deposit (about time? lol). However your fees were outrageously high. At that point it's not even worth buying BTC. I recommend either a local store or a local ATM if you don't feel secure with ID on localbitcoins. If you have skrill there are peer-to-peer sites you can use though.
  6. 13 gems 3 bombs is 10.35x, I'll definitely give this a try, do you change patterns or stick to the same chess-looking one?
  7. It's 1m-x. Try putting a number any higher and you'll see the notification saying the max multiplier you can get. I've hunted for 100k-x for hours and never hit it though, you must've gotten lucky, or unlucky when you think about how much potential winnings you lost lol
  8. LIMBO: 3,322,628,210 placed by irawk0 on 27/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100x Profit 0.00009900 LIMBO: 3,322,838,120 placed by irawk0 on 27/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 150x Profit 0.00014900 LIMBO: 3,323,177,359 placed by irawk0 on 27/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 200x Profit 0.00019900
  9. Yup I noticed this very quickly. Red also doesn't work with the new theme color though. But yeah, psychologically... it makes most peeps bet more recklessly
  10. Yup that issue is the only major obstacle blocking crypto from skyrocketing, the internet insecurity of it. I fear with hackering/scamming becoming more advanced as the years go on this'll only get worse. It doesn't help that the anonymity attracts owners of exchanges to just steal everything and run and no one the wiser -.- We should just keep funds on Stake not even joking lol >.>
  11. DIAMONDPOKER: 3,302,139,833 placed by irawk0 on 26/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.5x Profit 0.00000050
  12. irawk0

    Wheel revamped

    Wheel is one of those games I don't play much simply because it's 99.9% luck. However today's challenge forced me to give it a test, and I have to say I'm very pleased with it. Multipliers are much bigger now, and the best part is instant results which means I no longer have to spam the bet button to "skip to results" It's actually faster than dice autobet speed-wise I think, maybe I'll give this game a serious try later lol
  13. I've definitely noticed this except in a different scenario. I realized the base bet I set carried over to each game whereas before it reset to 0 when I switch games. I've never played Plinko seriously since losing so much before but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the increase on win/loss % carries over as well. /req move to bugs section
  14. My strategy is to just hold pairs or 3 of a kind and re-deal the rest of the cards. If I don't have any pairs, hold anything Jack+ and hope for the best, but it'll usually be a bust. I'm very very noob at video poker though. Oh yeah, martingaling of course. It'll never work in the long run which is why I've only bet with Doge so far.
  15. WHEEL: 3,277,611,454 placed by irawk0 on 25/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 29.700000762939453x Profit 0.00002870 WHEEL: 3,277,611,841 placed by irawk0 on 25/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 29.700000762939453x Profit 0.00002870
  16. Tyvm for the feedback Josh Just want to clarify what I meant with a couple of the suggestions: 2. Oh ok, it felt like forever to me, maybe because on PD the notification is on the right and the betting section is on the bottom so they don't obstruct each other, whereas on Stake they are all to the left. 3. Yup I know about those buttons, it just seems a little cumbersome to go there, especially when we want to encourage people to check out forums, and when newcomers see only the deposit button and no withdraw button, scam bells sound in their head (I assume). 6. If there is a way to autopick 1-10 numbers, like I personally prefer 8 numbers so I autopick 10 right now and deciding which 2 to remove is a big dilemma
  17. irawk0

    Crazy idea

    This sounds like a good idea at the surface, except it results in 100x more work for challenges/moderating chat, and it'll never work. So many people have alts, and while I don't agree with 90% of them which are used to scam/imposter etc (the rest using it as alt betting/bank accs), the fact is it's allowed to have alts, and banning people's alts that have a lot wagered makes no sense at all.
  18. 1. Please make the live stats smaller. The new chat is now bigger forcing the actual game play section to be smaller, meaning if I keep live stats open I'd have to block the entire chat window just to play. 2. Please make notifications disappear by itself after a minute. I've gotten the "Update available" notification 3 times already and it's very distracting 3. Please add a button for Forums and Withdraw on the top. There is enough space up there. 4. Please revert Statistics back to the old format. I'd much rather see individual stats for each game then be able to actually find previous for example, Hilo games, than having to scroll through all games to find one. The new system jumbles every currency and every game together, so it'd take like 100x longer to find old bets lol 5. Dice: please speed up autobet, or fix the new glitch where if I stop autobet it still does one more bet. Either leave it slow but make us be able to stop autobet in time, or speed it up so it's understandable if we can't stop in time. 6. Keno: I'd love for the auto-pick option to pick less than 10 numbers. Also please increase Keno payouts. Current 1000x for 10/10 hits is still way too small imo 7. Wheel: I prefer the old look where the multipliers are on the actual wheel instead of below it. What happens is you'd have to scroll down to see the actual payouts (at least for chrome):http://prntscr.com/mpp2er 8. For games like Keno/Plinko/Wheel: I suggest having the different risks be buttons placed side by side instead of a drop down menu. It looks cleaner that way imo, as well as avoiding accidentally choosing different risk than intended. That's all for now. I'm getting used to the smaller fonts for games but larger spaces for chat, and the new commands, but there are some things I think are fine just the way they were Edit: there's a visual bug with Hilo. Going high on Ace shows up as going low on the bet ID page: http://prntscr.com/mppun2 Edit2: It'd be nice if there's a guideline for requirements to be "forum hero" on chat. Right now it's basically whoever can post the most on forums with no consideration of quality. I'd actually think those with VIP tag on forums should get it, and as to those with 1k+ posts without VIP... basically satoshi farming right there imo.
  19. I'm extremely dissatisfied with the new Keno. In the sneak peek, we were told the 10/10 payout on Keno will be 100k-x, and it's now 1000x. We all know how difficult it is to achieve 10/10 hits on Keno so 100k-x was not too much... I don't know why it was decreased so much :s
  20. This is definitely great, the suspense of watching balls dropping is something I could definitely do without Still won't be playing Plinko though... haha
  21. I'm hoping there'll be two major updates to Hilo which will significantly reduce the bot's usefulness. By the way, I've never had the bot, and never will probably. I like the fun/thrill of manual playing. 1. There needs to be an option to choose starting card, shuffling starting cards is too slow right now, so either the option to choose or faster shuffles would be nice. 2. There needs to be an option to bet the same card. Currently, 7>7 is 1.84x manual play, but 12.87x on the bot. That is a huge advantage the bot has, and I've asked Dan and he said the option should've been added long ago.
  22. It's Stake recovering losses from those 5 BTC wins on 5000x Plinko πŸ˜‚I know it shouldn't be since different seeds and whatnot, just feels like it somehow lol
  23. There is already an official exchange option for Stake:
  24. I've been 1k+ rolls dry on High-8 pins on Plinko, hunting 29x, which should've been 1/128 chance. Then after the 5000x Plinko came out, I was dry another 1k+ rolls hunting 50x which was the new High-8 pins payout. After this reverting back to old Plinko, I again got a 1k+ dry streak hunting 29x. I dunno what to say except I'm never touching Plinko again except for challenges lol Yes it would be nice to have the option to switch, which I hope the new Stake 2.0 will have. It doesn't really matter though as Plinko will eat your balance 99% of the time πŸ˜›
  25. Yup, this entire community, or rather 99% of it, is pathetic to the point of no return. You will never see people replying to you when you are losing, when giveaways happen they forget you entirely, but when you win 1 cent, oh suddenly you are the star of a show LOL. Learn to either do what Wryy said and block pm from strangers and delete those spamming your pm when you are busy betting, or welcome them and report quickly. I usually find myself winning after I report someone and they get muted, it's usually a great feeling By the way, this letter will never change anything, it's futile because either the pm attackers don't read these, or they ignore it knowing fully what their goals are. The only way to truly clean this up is to disable rain/tip functions, but the downside is there will be no community left and no players after awhile. It's a dilemma I've yet to find a good solution for sadly