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  1. i think everything is already in stake. its like all in 1 that why its a very good site, i think for me its the number 1 gambling site, unless you can send me link of other site that might be much better
  2. thx for this info, will be really help in case i win i will tip
  3. pimpman


    yes weekly payout it think is every tuesday or weds
  4. good when its just for past time, but when it started to be addictive, its not good anymore
  5. yeah this is the best site i visited so far , i think i will stay here for so long, i love the games, rainbots, moderators and supports are awesome,
  6. yea so we know if we got tha jackpot,
  7. thx for this advice, give me sucess on my bets, i actually winning good amount now, thx again
  8. i have one on mine, and sucess rate is 90% so far, i will post it once i have 1m win with it, im still tryin to make it perfect, remember its mines,
  9. no question, many deck is being use here, and i think ever round use different deck and this use seeds so completely random cards
  10. yes sure it will, since it part of stake now,
  11. never, this is a bad thing to do, if you start selling things just to be able to bet, that means you are addicted, one of sign and symptoms of bad addiction
  12. right, should include on giveaway, i think they will process it, just give them time aqua
  13. pimpman

    Another one

    this is good, atleeast you bought something from free money, very wise,
  14. i agree, so that we know if we hit jackpot, much better if theres like confetee,