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  1. OneEyedKing

    Super Speed on mines method...

    Will try this out as soon as possible, thanks for sharing!
  2. OneEyedKing

    The Day I Found 500$

    Sounds funny but still you shouldn't have taken the cash
  3. OneEyedKing

    Most losses in a row?

    17 Losses in dice in a row 70/30, 10 DP Losses in a row then all balance bsuted
  4. OneEyedKing

    Biggest Chartbet payouts?

    3.89x won 0.004 ETH
  5. OneEyedKing

    Got my biggest HILO payout!!!

    INSANE winning bro keep winning
  6. OneEyedKing

    How to win big (legit)

    Busted 0.03 ETH with this strategy, it worked for a few times then other numbers kept coming up
  7. OneEyedKing

    Come watch this video

    Such misery.
  8. OneEyedKing

    Mine strategies

    12 Bombs, click 2-3 Mines, if you click 4 mines you'll get 17x
  9. OneEyedKing

    Strategies for Percentage Bets

    I Bet 3.5% of my balance each bet
  10. OneEyedKing

    Buy VPN accounts cheap and some Premium VPN's

    How much do you sell The NF accounts for?
  11. Try Contacting the support for any bugs or glitches
  12. OneEyedKing

    Update: Christy

    Hope for the best for her and her family
  13. OneEyedKing

    Most affected altcoins ?

    ETH Used to be 1000$ now it's struggling to get through 200$
  14. OneEyedKing

    Busted all reds

    You shouldn't have done Martingale
  15. OneEyedKing

    Big Win

    Nice win but very risky!