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  1. OneEyedKing

    What do you hate and love at stake?

    Love: Everything, Hate: When i lose i rage and get muted
  2. OneEyedKing

    Probability of 5 reds?

    The Chances are astronomic
  3. OneEyedKing

    John Daly: I lost $55 Million Gambling

    That's a lot!
  4. OneEyedKing

    New game idea: Towers at Stake!

    Great Idea, but it would lead to a lot of Greed lol
  5. OneEyedKing

    What are you Listening to?

    Not a big fan of music honestly, i dont even know 20 songs
  6. OneEyedKing

    From 0.001 - 0.012 BTC ( 14 mines payout )

    "No Guts no Glory" Grats!
  7. Deposited 0.04 ETH There, i didnt receive it so i contacted the admin and he called me a liar, i proved it and then he delievered it, took 30 mins to deposit and receive funds 😒
  8. OneEyedKing

    Least Popular Game

    Baccarat, i almost never play it nor understand how it works
  9. OneEyedKing

    No luck in Plinko

    I've been on Stake for a year and never hit a 420x
  10. OneEyedKing

    What do your statistics say?

    Mixed Stats
  11. OneEyedKing

    DarkBlood069 - Giveaway 5

    Good Luck Humans
  12. OneEyedKing

    TOP 5 of your favorite casinos

    1. Bitvest 2. Bitsler 3. Stake 4. Luckygames 5. Dice-bet
  13. OneEyedKing

    I fucked up big time today.

    EDIT: I Recovered all of this in a week starting with 40$