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  1. Troy

    Mines Multipliers

    Really? That's awesome then i'm gonna go for the 40X soon
  2. Troy

    Mines Multipliers

    I'm trying out some Mines multiplier calculations on this site here https://repl.it/@playful/Stakecom-Mines-Multiplier-calculator which I found while browsing on this forum. I found some crazy multipliers and I was wondering if these calculations are correct and if you guys ever hit them ↙️ ↙️ ↙️ Mines 12 , Diamonds hit - 5 = Multiplier 40.87 X Mines 12 , Diamonds hit - 6 = Multiplier 102.17 X Mines 12 , Diamonds hit - 7 = Multiplier 277.33 X
  3. Stake's support is unrivaled in my opinion. You just text whatever issue you have, and *sound* the reply is back without 1 minute even passing. Just keep it up guys Though, i would like to receive a notification here on forum, when a mod/admin/support of Stake posts about something really important like an update, or a giveaway etc. The reason being, i don't have much time to check through of all my unread posts and so i might miss a thread from Stake support/mod/admin that is really important. Other than that, it's all cool
  4. Troy

    Mines - 12 bombs

    Yeah, it was very helpful
  5. Troy

    Mines - 12 bombs

    How much did you bet ?
  6. Troy

    Mines - 12 bombs

    Thanks, i will send you a PM right now actually, i don't fully understand the site. You should try it, 5 bombs is okay but if you can catch even a single diamond when you play 12 bombs, you make a good profit. Advice: Try figuring out some of the Mines's patterns like where they appear next, which tiles have diamonds most of the time etc. I know you need luck as well, but Mines have a pattern too which if you can figure out and follow, you might make a good profit. 3 mines is good too, try risking a bit higher next time I know right, but if you bet something not too high not too low, i'm sure it's worth the profit in the end
  7. Troy

    Mines - 12 bombs

    Yeah i hope i'll have success with this 17x multiplier Btw i see some sites that you've written down below your reply like Free BTC, Free DOGE etc. I'm interested in this Free BTC every hour ; does this site really hand out free BTC?
  8. Troy

    Mines - 12 bombs

    I think playing Mines with 12 bombs is really good since even one diamond can be really profitable and the risk of clicking a bomb is significantly lower than playing with 24 bombs. I made a nice profit a few days ago playing like this so next I might try playing with 12 bombs and cashing out after finding 4 diamonds since i read 4 diamonds brings you 17x profit. What do you think?