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  1. hi how much we have time? and must send wallpaper here?
  2. hello to all After five years of gambling experience and studying the memoirs of other gamblers, I've come to the conclusion that you should never leave an automatic mode. Because it will ultimately lead to your loss. The automatic adjustment is very good, but always be careful not to cause a lot of damage. I wish you success
  3. I am having fun with gambling. Of course, I lose everything that I get by working and I laugh at myself. I once gambled as a daily job. But since I had to get a certain amount of money a day, that's why I would be losing very soon. Tell you about yourself
  4. Laszlo Hanyecz made the world's first recorded purchase using Bitcoin. He lived in Florida, USA, to buy two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. May 25th (Bitcoin Pizza Day). On this day, some pizza vendors around the world will pay special discounts to bitcoin buyers to commemorate the first purchase of pizza with bitcoin.
  5. I download steam and download dota2 too. and play. but when I click on verify Button just ((Public Account)) be green. anybody can help me? sorry i fix that thank u
  6. Greed = lose You hear this from someone trapped in this. I started with 1 bitcoin a few years ago and moved slowly to 10 bitcoin. But greedy made me make bigger bets and lost all 10 bitcoins. Play calmly. If you win 3 days, it's not a problem if you lose a little. Never greed and never play with anger and anxiety.
  7. Hope as the number of members grows. Do not drop awards
  8. . Hello. Thank you for defining the game I like. But this part of your saying is wrong. You can separate the matched cards and double the bet on each one. It gets 3x to 4x Hope I'm right!
  9. hello to all Extraction of 80% of the bitcoins that will exist in the world will end. That means only 20% left to extract the exploiters. This makes it harder to get bitcoin in the future. Only 4.2 million bitcoins are left to be extracted Eventually, there will be only 21 million bitcoins in the world, no less, no more ----------------------------------- How many years does it take to extract the remaining 20%? =======> About 122 more years
  10. thank u for sharing this. I try it today.
  11. Results of a research: Bitcoin whales do not blame for it! In a recent research by Blockchain Research, Chainalysis, it has been noted that Bitcoin fluctuations are not the fault of the Whales of this digital currency. The study was conducted on 32 wallets with a volume of about 1 million bits of coins and worth $ 6.3 billion. Personal opinion (researched): Whales have helped stabilize the market by purchasing Bitcoin at a time when it falls further than the destabilizing parameter.
  12. hello to all The basis of the work (Blockchain) implemented by Bitcoin and other digital currencies is based on mathematical calculations performed by computers around the world. All of this processing and encryption are now done by classical supercomputers Now, if Google and IBM really do their promise to make the first quantum computer by the end of 2017, what fate awaits bitcoin and other currencies? personal opinion: If Bitcoin improves its cryptographic protocol at the right time, it can adapt itself to quantum computers and not only will not be able to overcome it, but its entire network can continue to work at a very high speed, as well as network blockchain will have the ability to fully implement on quantum computers ... so this can be a beginning, not an end!
  13. Once I reviewed this topic on a site other than this site, where you could see all the bets in it. Between 100x first and second, 700 times distance to repeat. I will never suggest this. Thank you, however
  14. hello, everyone. ▶️ ROULETTE: Maybe it's strange to you, but I've just noticed that you can bet on a lot of numbers in the game and win fewer. I thought that I would definitely have to try black or red or a few concise options, with a 2x odd. Minor problems: In the game, you do not know how much you can win (for example, if you choose 12 numbers from the table) In the automatic section, it does not show you how much money is on the table and you have to go back in the Manual betting or figure it out as a countdown. Thanks to the support team
  15. hello Hope you have a good day. I learned four years ago that there are also casinos on the Internet. I wish I would never discover this. Since then my whole life has changed. Of course, bad and sad changes. I've played and lost on many sites. As: primedice BitSler MBitcosino rolling And 6 or 7 casinos that I do not remember. Of course I have always been a loser because of the rush I would be glad if you would like to share your memories