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  1. Greed = lose You hear this from someone trapped in this. I started with 1 bitcoin a few years ago and moved slowly to 10 bitcoin. But greedy made me make bigger bets and lost all 10 bitcoins. Play calmly. If you win 3 days, it's not a problem if you lose a little. Never greed and never play with anger and anxiety.
  2. . Hello. Thank you for defining the game I like. But this part of your saying is wrong. You can separate the matched cards and double the bet on each one. It gets 3x to 4x Hope I'm right!
  3. 10 Satoshi is very small. Please return to 50 Satoshi Last night, when I was 10, I was about to cry One of the attractions of every site is the same amount of faucet. thank u.
  4. Really 20 is very low. But every day there's an hour you can get 500 every three minutes. . go to the stake Twitter and find it ((happy hours))
  5. thank u. I copy your post in my computer to read that more.
  6. stake is fast. safe and with more game. I play in more site. but I want to play in stake more than of them.
  7. I saw the suffering of humans thanks for your post
  8. Thanks for writing this post. I add a story: every day there are hours that the mind is hoping for the future. This is the best time to gamble. And there are hours that we are very disappointed. This time is the worst time for gambling. (( personal experience))
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    I could not keep up and eventually lost You should not hurry. Play a little every day