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  1. Computer

    [Giveaway] How much profit?

  2. Computer

    [Giveaway] Only for the 10 fastest people here

    thanks for giveaway its computer
  3. Computer

    [Closed] Lunar New Year Giveaway!

  4. Computer

    Sam9597 got Hacked (IMPORTANT)

    ahh that's so bad who did hacked your account, but thankfully you did not lose coins and got back your account.i had your telegram is that delete now or no account on telegram for know.
  5. Computer

    New comer

    hello hello Good luck to you😃
  6. Computer

    [Closed] Elite Staker Prediction Giveaway

    1 Computer 2 Irawk0 3 Shaniqua 4 Kristoffff 5 Shinjo
  7. Computer

    Gambling Is Over

    sorry about your loss.sucks when lose such a nice amount of coins.yeah chasing losses bad habit better to stop if you don't afford to lose
  8. Computer

    Hello From Shrey

    welcome here Best of luck to you
  9. man i only talk about the site you advertise https://sharkoin.com/?ap=nhoyasim101 is complete scam i have proof my friend lost over 2 btc when he withdraw they banned their account
  10. Computer

    0.10 BTC win on Plinko? Perhaps ...

    wow congrts man good luck for 1000x if you hit that will be 0.4 btc but enjoy your winning.
  11. Computer

    What’s your top crypto for 2019?

    ADA NEO Tron Bitcoin ETH
  12. i trust Edward and staff.
  13. Computer

    Disappointed about my gambling

    you lost hardly $1200 i lost over 10 btc in 2018.Gambling did not make you rich rather more losses.Gamble only for fun sometimes which you afford to lose.
  14. Computer

    5A or 6A? lol xD

    4 A omg i never got more then 3 in my life hehehehe