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  1. Cryptodice has stepped up its game and launched through a new domain, https://luckydapps.com/! This DApp sure is lucky, for new features were added to the game site, all of which we are going to look into in this article! Here is a list of the add-ons made in the new site for better gameplay and experience: HOW TO PLAY Cryptodice is a game based on the casino game Sic Bo. For all game enthusiasts that wants to try different games but don’t know how to play Sic Bo, Cryptodice allocated a page on the site dedicated to give new players instructions on how to play the game! FAQs Since humans are curious beings, Cryptodice knows how players have a lot of questions in mind before playing a certain game. Questions like the game’s edge, security, honesty and registration are answered in the FAQ page in the new site! TELEGRAM CUSTOMER SERVICE Cryptodice is now easier to reach! In just one click from the Telegram or Contact buttons in the game site, you may reach its customer service and interact with a representative who can answer all of your questions! SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS You may check out and follow Cryptodice’s social media links easier by clicking the logos provided in the new game site. REPORTING BUGS If you find bugs or glitches in the game, you need not to worry! In the new game site, Cryptodice provided an email address where you can send your concerns. It would also help if you send a screenshot of the problem you found. The game may have launched to a new domain, but it’s still the game we all loved! Support Cryptodice by checking out https://luckydapps.com/!
  2. I didn't know that Blockchain games was a thing! I thought blockchain is just complicated IT stuff.
  3. Cryptocurrencies did not take as much flight as expected. This year, prices of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether (via Ethereum blockchain) plummeted as they met with tougher times.This is mostly because it failed to lure retailers to accept it as payment method, and as its regulators become tighter, the masses also don’t quite get the grip. But Fidelity Investments, one of the largest retail investments services firms in the United States, hold so much promise in changing the situation. According to Forbes, this week, Fidelity investments “announced it was creating a stand-alone company that is focused solely on bringing cryptocurrency trading to institutional investors. Dubbed Fidelity Digital Assets, the company will offer institutional investors custody services, a cryptocurrency platform and advising to its institutional clients”. It’s not just selling to retail investors. What Fidelity is doing could greatly assist in boosting the credibility of cryptocurrencies and eventually, it may push through with regular investors. Fidelity’s focus is still on the institutional side of cryptocurrencies. Jason Davis, Chief Executive of Hoard, a cryptocurrency company, said it's only a matter of time before cryptocurrency trickles down to the retail investors just like any other investment products. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/donnafuscaldo/2018/10/16/will-fidelity-be-what-it-takes-to-bring-crypto-trading-to-the-masses/#184060221936
  4. frances818

    Speed change?

    Sometimes the speed of the dice roll gets slow but today it was fast. Is it, for you as well?
  5. @Demarkus89 I agree! @sixguns where I can find the Primedice?
  6. Thank you everyone for the detailed response, @Dan, @dreamvision, @farhadteshne! 😉
  7. Looking for Virtual Casino... Anyone has an idea?
  8. A blockchain is a decentralised digital ledger that is distributed to all members using the same system. You may have come across blockchain related articles that promise secured transactions that is nigh impossible to be tampered. But what really makes it secured? And what makes the chain unbreakable? There are three main elements inside a block in a certain blockchain. One, the data. Every new data passes through the assessment of all people using the system. For a new data to be added to the chain, more than 50% of the people using the system must be verify it. Two, the hash of the block. Hashes are like fingerprints. They are unique. The hash of a block is unique to its data. Any minimal change in the data causes change to the hash. So any slight tampering is easily detectable. Third and last, the hash of the previous block. This makes the chain in the blockchain. This is the connection of the current block to the new added one. It makes the chain secured by ensuring that the hashes match one another. In today's society, secured transactions is very important. And blockchain technology is being used in different ways like entertainment. Apps powered by the blockchain technology are called DApps or Decentralised Apps. Visit https://dappsite.com/ to know more about DApps!
  9. Yeah! It is good that the Stake is here for others. Thanks! Sure next time. You can try online gambling, there's a lot of online platform where you can experience the real intense game like a traditional.
  10. What is your opinion of gaming?
  11. We all know that lots of people have an interest in gambling. But do you have any idea just how many people gamble? The numbers are essentially mind-blowing, and they've just developed over the most recent two decades as online gambling has turned out to be increasingly well known. Here's a look at a portion of the numbers that help give us a thought of the extent of the modern betting world. Not all nations are similarly enchanted by gambling, however. A few countries have intensely limited – or even restricted – gambling, while others see putting down bets as a part of their lifestyle. So just which nations have the highest rates of gambling? According to the studies, more than 80% of Australian grown-ups are said to be gamblers, which is additionally the most astounding rate in the world. A recent report showed that Singapore (which has two exceptionally new and successful casinos) was not far behind Australia. In any case, no other country spends half as much per grown-up on betting, with countries like Ireland, Canada, and Italy all spending under $600 per grown-up every year on wagering. This isn't to imply that those in other countries aren't serious about betting too. In the UK, studies show that almost 75% of grown-ups bet every now and then, and 85% of American grown-ups are said to have bet at any rate once in their lifetime – with 80% of them have done as such in the most recent year. Different countries have found a way to measure the size and development of online gambling also. At last, in 2012, numbers from the UK showed that versatile betting was up 75% year-over-year and that it presently represented more than 25% of all gambling-related inquiries. It's nothing unexpected that numerous industry experts trust that in the future, mobile devices or blockchain technology might be the primary source of online betting around the world. Like how Cryptodice an online dice casino appeared on blockchain gaming. With the expanding scope of online gambling, those numbers have likely became bigger as of recent years.
  12. Do you feel that gaming has affected your life in a way that is more positive, negative, or neither?
  13. Do you enjoy playing with others online or in person? Neither/Both?
  14. Are you searching for an online casino where you can play variety of games in 24-hours? Has it become a struggle to find the best one? Would you appreciate a little help and be pointed on the right path? The good news is that we can assist you to find the top online casino game. Also, we'll be glad to give you as much details as possible to help you to make the decision. There are important factors you need to consider when looking for the best casino. In order to be successful, the best casino site will meet certain industry standards. So here is the Dappsite, an online game platform offers variety of online casino games. You can play online casino with ethereum wallet and I highly recommend Cryptodice game and visit this link https://dice.dappcasino.net/ and start playing online casino game.
  15. Cryptodice is the first dice game on Ethereum blockchain that without borders, limitations or any special terms. It is a blockchain Sic Bo game, the world’s first fully distributed fair and equitable based on Ethereum. An ancient Chinese dice game available till today and still having immense popularity around the world. It is also a platform which has a series of advantages in Ethereum Dapp through its fairness and transparency blockchain dice. It is generally easy to play Cryptodice. It’s enough to have your device, internet access, browser, an ethereum wallet and eth credits. Just create an account, fund it which is quick and easy when you use ethereum and start rolling. Click the link https://dice.dappcasino.net/ and play Cryptodice. Your 24 hour entertainment.