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  1. I think you will have the natural tendency to bet much more recklessly and carelessly if you do not have a clear specific idea of the current value of a certain cryptocurrency you are betting and that can be disastrous especially when you just realised you lost a huge amount when you initially thought it was not all that valuable.
  2. The very first game that I played on Stake would be Dice which is the easiest game to understand which from then on I found that HiLo is the one game that I can never stop playing from then onwards lol.
  3. Well the first thing that comes to mind of the word Eddie would be he a is owner of Stake and a very good and sociable person that put alot of focus in trying to improve Stake in order to create a better and more fun environment for Stakers.
  4. Well even at Platinum, the weekly bonus (Mega Boost) or actually most bonus are really based of the new amounts that you wager which includes the rakeback amounts too. The only time that you get a fixed and rewarding bonus amount would be the first time you reach a new rank e.g. from Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold, Gold to Platinum and so forth.
  5. Yes I agree we should have the option to hide the big banner in the main page if we want to do so. This is be a great convenience for the regular players of Stake but of course I understand that the purpose of the big banner is to inform Stakers of the latest information and events perhaps.
  6. I think I would love for there to actually be new multipliers for Plinko for instance like that one time that it was given a 5000x multiplier for a limited time would be a good example of what I would change.
  7. Interesting thing here, I guess it does gives me a new perspective on tooth brushing.
  8. Yes so TRON ( TRX) cryptocurrency is finally being introduced at Stake now, which personally I feel I am not all that interested in it but it might just grow on me as time goes by. In terms of value it does seems like its like a cheaper XRP while more expensive Dogecoin when being compared to the other available cryptocurrencies on Stake.
  9. I believe the key question is here what exactly is your purpose in the first place of playing those multipliers. At 1.01x, I believe the purpose of this multiplier is much more effective as a means to wager a large amount in a short time but theres the risk of losing your initial bet size while on the other hand multipliers such as 2x and above are usually used for the purpose obtaining a profit with good streaks of consecutive wins.
  10. So far I have not made such a pledge yet in my life, but there are really times that makes me feel that I want to stop gambling for good altogether. Perhaps one fine day that I would choose to actually do so, we shall see about it.
  11. Well I think it is a good idea to have the proper priorities in life and if your life situation requires you a job in order to sustain your living expenses which includes gambling, then of course full priority should be first given to the importance of having the job secured. Well in gambling $100,000 might not last you for a long time if you are a gambling addict I would say.
  12. Uhm I do not think I would want to teach my children to be professional gamblers or even to get them to be way too involved in gambling either cause too much of gambling is generally not healthy I believe.
  13. Well good job on achieving 9900x roll by closely following your gut feelings to keep going at it even though with streaks of reds happening. Good job though!
  14. I never really set a specific target of profit usually in my gambling session, perhaps it is something I should consider upon from now.
  15. I think this has already been done by a great number of Stakers so far but it is not really something of an open discussions by them. Well this is typically maintained until one or few of the members of the so called tipping inside group gone rogue or something lol.