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  1. Etude

    When you cashout?

    My typical point of cashing out is not really dependant on the amount of cards that has been opened but rather I focus on the amount of profit accumulated so far which sometimes can be amazingly profitable with just maybe 2 or 3 cards opened with high multipliers.
  2. Etude

    HiloBot vs Manual

    It really depends on what am I aiming for, for instance if I am goimg to hunt very extremely high multipliers then usimg the HiLo bot is ideal whereas to enjoy the game of HiLo properly would certainly to be playing it manual on site itself.
  3. Yes I do often do this when I play HiLo where I focus more on the lower % side of the button and just keep clicking it without putting much thought as to what card is it and just hoping that a high multiplier comes along with consecutive correct cards opened with the lower %.
  4. Yeah seriously though the sharp Ding sound whenever you picked the correct card in HiLo just makes me have such a happy and high feeling that urges me to press forward to open more cards lol.
  5. Etude


    That is one nice looking egg right there.
  6. I would say that I never missed a single day of gambling for years now. So I guess it is pretty much a daily routine to me now to gamble everyday.
  7. I think my life would certainly be very different today if I stayed away from gambling or was never introduced to it in the first place. Perhaps I would be doing much more healthy and outgoing activities compared to now. 😛
  8. I think for now it seems to be already quite sufficient with the recent introduction of XRP coin. If Stake really intends to add another new cryptocurrency to the list, I would the support Monero coin.
  9. On paper this is certainly a good advice, but for people who spend most of their days at Stake so far especially the regulars are definitely either wanting to make a profit or at least recover their losses so that makes it less of a entertainment but more like on a mission. 😛
  10. Well unfortunately I roughly bet similar amounts in terms of values across the available cryptocurrencies on Stake since I would not want to miss out a high multiplier bet on a low basebet amount of value.
  11. Seems like its another step of improvement in terms of privacy for those players who so frequently receive unwated attention whenever they make large bets which also helps them keeps their focus on their game too without the annoyance of notification popping up.
  12. I prefer to use the private tip function as to not attract unwanted attention when I want to tip a certain person which I intend to. It is certainly a very useful option for tipping.
  13. To be fair that when you are repeatedly under a stressful activity such as gambling especially during the times where you begin to suffer big losses, I really think it is not healthy in the long run. These few days I do feel quite on the edge from the effects of gambling itself and had headaches too. 😖
  14. Yes there are a variety of games at Stake where you will be able to have a good chance in getting a very high or extreme multipliers. The games that you can try for high multipliers are HiLo, Limbo, Mines and Dice.