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  1. Both games are certainly extremely draining on the bankroll when nothing is hitting at all right until the moment where the desired high multipliers such as 500x on Keno or 1000x on Plinko hits is where the great profit is start occurring while anything else below would eventually incur losses.
  2. Well I suppose a yearly bonus for the most loyal Stake members who have been here since the very beginning of Stake does sounds pretty awesome if it is done. That being said though, there is already weekly and monthly bonuses so I'm not to sure if Stake would be keen to do yearly bonuses consistently or if ever lol.
  3. I have to admit that the Forum rewards feature of the Stake forum attracts me here alot but I also get to learn new things which Stakers post of the forums while joining giveaways too where you can win prizes is cool!
  4. I gotta say though this time around, the 15th billionth betid seems still so far away at the time of this post. It is being posted the earliest of all compared to previous similar giveaway of this kind.
  5. I have not join this giveaway yet so far as I do not have much of a interest in football / soccer but I would have to say that it does seems not cool that the other guy's predictions is a carbon copy of yours Thepug.
  6. It has gotten really competitive lately in the races with alot of Stakers now fully experienced on how to race efficiently. When it comes to Mega Races, even the big shots of Stakes who makes thousands of dollars in a single bet would appear to grace the crowds.
  7. I believe you will need to at least reach the Member forum rank (approx 100 posts) in order to begin receiving Forum Rewards.
  8. Oh just do not think while gambling and you will almost certainly 100% lose everything you have even when you are the world's luckiest person given that in general most people always only realize how much they had on hand only when it is no longer with them anymore.
  9. Well I would have to say that I mostly gamble for the sake of the thrill and the high that can be gained while having a great winning streak which is absolutely ecstatic. Aside the thrill, it is then about the possible profit that can be obtained too from gambling while not thinking how easily losses can rake up too.
  10. I suppose I would have to say that my biggest wins that ever happened are mostly at online casinos specifically at Stake to say than compared to real life casinos where I would certainly be more cautious handling fiat currencies.
  11. I have not used the Gamble Aware hotline yet as I guess I am still not yet at that point where I require their help... I think. Uhm ... *looks away* I'll be fine I guess.
  12. Well I generally do not think that there is any "safe" strategy in gambling as it will all eventually hit a wall and that is exactly when the loss happens since it is all still within probability however low the chance % is.
  13. This is a rather awkward and personal question to pose here in the Stake forums, don't you think? Well in general it is not recommended to be taking loans for gambling as it is lost typically as easily as a blink of an eye.
  14. Thats a good mindset for the 2020 New Year you have there, may it all goes well for you.
  15. Well trying to earn from faucet sites nowadays does seem to consume way too much time just to make a reasonable enough amounts. On the flip side you could always use time in a more efficient way to earn decent money than being dependent on faucet earnings.