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  1. Etude

    Road to 2 BTC

    Will you be restarting this journey to 2 BTC again soon as I heard it didn't went as expected in the first run. 😛
  2. Omg lol what a lenghty post you have made @Shaniqua, props to you it is like a thesis you have typed out here. I suppose mission statement being declared by Stake seems like a fine idea.
  3. Etude

    New Games

    I think there is a New Game incoming very soon as it has been teased to us on Stake's blog recently. There is however no indication yet at all what kind of game it is!? How curious. 😛
  4. Hi there, I have been experimenting with the usage of Seuntjie's dicebot on Stake lately but I noticed that occasionally I get a time out error stated on the dicebot when it is left to run on a automatic betting through it. I have heard from others that the cause of this is because there is a site imposed limitations on Stake especially for Dice on the amounts of bets allowed at specific moment. The main error I noticed on the Dicebot is "Connection Timed out" being stated and the automatic betting is left hanging but then it resumes again approximately 10 secs after or so? I think the same limitations are being noticed on PD too when using the Dicebot? Would love to have a clarification on this matter. @Dan Thanks!
  5. Etude

    Play with btc or eth?

    Currently the 2nd highest in terms of value available in Stake is actually Bitcoin Cash right after Bitcoin with ETH holding the 3rd spot. ETH is still definitely a fan favourite in comparation to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in terms of usage overall from what I see at the moment.
  6. Etude

    Where do you get the crypto to depo here?

    Bitcoin purchases from traders in Localbitcoins and faucet wins from certain sites mainly.
  7. Seems like a great input right here @Shaniqua! Even though I can barely even enter the Legend listings this would definitely promote more wagering attempts by most people!
  8. Without a doubt I would choose HiLo amongst the three given choices you have stated. It is a much more exciting game of the three.
  9. Etude

    How about StakeLottery every weeken?

    This seems to be a great idea, it would be even better if there is more winners selected such as consolation prizes not just the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  10. Etude

    Would you like if there is ..?

    Would you like there to be a possibility for even more pin customizations available for Plinko than there already is currently? Maybe something along the lines of above 16 pins with a harder difficulty that would bring the highest multiplier to be above 1000x. Is this a sound idea, plinko fans?
  11. Etude

    How much....?

    Lol unfortunately I think my gambling career in Stake has been a negative in all coins so far.
  12. Hey there @Shaniqua, welcome back to Stake.
  13. Etude

    I won 6000 php

    The original poster of this topic has already been banned for whatever reasons. Even so cool story I guess.
  14. Etude

    What Game Gives you more profit here

    HiLo is my game of choice to try for profit but often times as gambling goes it is not always a happy ending.
  15. Etude

    Red streaks

    I think the longest red streak I gotten while playing for profit on dice is 16 reds with a 100% increase on loss martingale on 2.2x multiplier. It was a disaster lol.