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  1. Etude

    1000000.00x in 5 rolls

    I have not previously seen this bet until today and just wow! It is definitely a pity though that the payout multiplier target is only set at 1000x by kenokill.
  2. Plinko memanglah sangat waiting-game yang membuat seseorang menunggu nuggu sahaja untuk menjatuh di payout yang tertinggi, tetapi lumayan kalau bernasib baik ia boleh diperolehi awal dalam sesi permainan tu. Cuma payout yang tertinggi x170, x420, x620 dan x1000 berdasarkan pin berkesan dalam membagi profit.
  3. Hari harian ini sayan semakin rasa malas nak menyertai weekly stake forum challenge dah. Walaubagaimanapun biasanya weekly challenge memberi amount dari 30k satoshi sehingga 40k atau 50k satoshi pun sebenarnya ok untuk selesaikan satu challenge.
  4. I suppose adaptation to the new system is part of the requirement then from the looks of it. Well at least there is a reward system now as compared to before!
  5. Pretty sure the new rules and watchful eyes of chat moderators have an adverse effect on these changing trends in chat that you have mentioned. I guess it somewhat people learn to adapt to the new situations.
  6. Oh well I guess can't exactly satisfy everyone's needs. Even so I believe Stake has been doing their best to try accomodate most worldwide user's best timezone for the events. I guess you might have to choose one or the other when it comes to difficult time clashes.
  7. I usually just go for high multipliers hunts on HiLo usually. Anything above the Triple Ks or As which is already at x167 payout.
  8. I do not think this strategy qualifies as a passive income lol. Eventually the red streaks of dooms will evaporate your balances as the odds are stacked against you in the long run since there is the house edge!
  9. Lol well that is really unfortunate that you missed out on the Mega Races! Better luck next time as these Races are starting to happen very frequently although not of this size.
  10. Yeah the Races in Stake has definitely became a hype trend so far. Everyone is taking their chances to snag at a prized spot and there are even Mega Races that has nearly 1 whole Bitcoin prize pool that just happened few days back!
  11. Yes HiLo indeed too often plays on your feeling of security by making you feel like choosing the safer side where the probability is higher but ends up exactly the opposite whereby as you mentioned trolling.
  12. Yes anything of extreme payouts is really possible with the use HiLo bot with the correct settings, but it all still comes up to your luck at the end of the day whether can your bankroll overcome the odds.
  13. Interesting developments happening in this topic so far but big thanks to hui for clearing up many questions in regards to the rainbot that most people have so far!
  14. Haha the opening post is done with the most minimal effort to elaborate on the topic posted. To answer your question, it is only normal that when you feel stress it is well because there is risks involved and you are afraid of a possible loss outcome from the gamble. You could say that it is a basic psychological effect when risks are involved.
  15. Well I believe the main issue here would be is the person in case, the high roller betting way above what his bankroll can actually sustain? If so then it is only playing with fire and it is only sooner or later the house edge of the casino will very well play its role to cause a loss thats takes away the said player's whole bankroll due to the reckless playstyle.