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  1. Kesan/Effect pertama saya megenali Stake adalah tiada pun satu hari sejak saya mengetahui Stake yang saya tidak membukakan sita Stake. Setiap hari pun akan buka beberapa kali tanpa gagal.
  2. Stake boleh menambahkan lebih permainan yang betul betul ialah Player vs Player (PvP) seperti Texas Holdem Poker. Atau juga apa sahaja permainan yang boleh berlawan dengan Stakers lain dalam masa sebenar.
  3. Interesting write up on how to make a deposit last longer than most I guess. The key idea would pretty much be bankroll size management 101.
  4. This is a weird request, but sure whatever fits you self-muter's lovers fancy I guess.
  5. Well I can roughly assume that most of the marketing funds are currently being channeled to the Daily Telegram Challenges hence the reduced amount of email coupons. It would be great if more priority if possible placed on higher wagerers and loyal stakers too.
  6. It would seem like Bitcoin ATM as a method to purchase Bitcoin has certainly gained traction and is trending even here in Malaysia.
  7. It would nice to see Bitcoin to really go on a bull run again like it did back in latter part of 2017.
  8. Username: Etude Found Stake during your live streaming, Edward of Stake when I was in PrimeDice chat. Before I knew it the rest was history here.
  9. Well this seems to be interesting but personally I have yet to use the vault function yet for the purpose of saving up.
  10. Nice its good to know these are the official maximum multipliers we can actually achieve in the respective games.
  11. This is a interesting new features for these high end phones in relations to Bitcoins. 😮 Advancement in these areas are definitely beneficial to cryptocurrency and blockchain as a whole.
  12. Of course a person should at least have some basic principles as to not fall to the state to perform stealing just for the purpose of gambling. 😮
  13. Well Keno huh? I like the idea of martingale on Keno but it is awfully risky no matter the amounts numbers or your bankroll size but it can be insanely profitable very quickly if the big multiplier hits on the deeper/higher amounts of martingales.
  14. I think developer should really look into this issue and find out why does the Stake website keeps consuming a large amount of CPU processing power which causes browser lag.
  15. I never usually use this kind of strategy in gambling so I will give it a shot and see how fibonacci strategy playa out in Roulette. 😛