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  1. Etude Indigo Well lets see how this dlive platform stream goes
  2. Etude Violet 😏 Hopefully there's truly no budget concerns regarding rank when choosing.
  3. Very likely there will not be a list although it is often defended by those in charge that there is nothing to hide. One reason being is that if there is a listing of winners, people will be able to track back to the selected winning users post entry on whether the higher chance keyword is used or not (in this case of previous stream it was : smargardine ) . On closer observations of the past selected winners many that are selected doesn't have the keyword in their post, meaning they are likely not actively participating in watching the stream at all in a way in order to note the changes of including a keyword (color of the week) each stream. Secondly, I'll be speaking from a Diamond rank perspective regarding this streaming forum giveaway's budget constraint and concerns by the VIP host. It comes to my attention that they are most certainly hesitant in choosing a Diamond user given that the base amount for unverified is $250 while $500 is for verified. If a Diamond rank is listed in the winners list in the first post of the forum giveaway itself there should be a fair chance to not avoid picking because of budget concerns such as possibly wasting companies' money while in effect causing deterioration in the customers relationship department, giving the picture of shooting oneself in the foot if I have to portray the situation. I'm certain that @Steve has a list somewhere of all the overall forum giveaway winners for each week since the very beginning of streaming forum giveaways, and I can say with certainty that I have only seen user mossss who is a diamond rank at the material time which is around the time of Stake's 3rd birthday then never seen again any Diamonds were ever picked, or Steve can please correct me if I'm wrong on this fact. Well $500 is not to say a small amount of money neither is it a huge amount that decides life and death but the point here is that, why bother putting Diamond ranks in the winner list of the forum giveaway if it is beyond a vip hosts given selection budget each week? That being said, a forum giveaway winners list could still be posted possibly at a later time after this post but it is way late now not to be seen anywhere still. All things asides it certainly can work as a form of check and balance whether certain criteria (keyword of the week) are fulfilled or not if there is a listing week after week. 🙄 Have a nice day.
  4. Yeah where is the forum giveaway winner's list for last week's stream? There should even be a official check list of who is chosen week after week as there is constantly the same people getting picked, not to mention even permanently muted users (They must have done something wrong based on the community rules in the first place to get permanently muted isn't it? Technically that should have forgone the rights for most giveaways) are getting picked. Having a official week after week check listing for the forum giveaway somewhere on this forum officially (preferably a topic called "Eddie Stream Forum Giveaway Winners Listings Overall" would also act as a indicator how often a particular user was picked and can encourage more spread out picking since VIP hosts often gets overwhelmed by the decision making process in the short time frame given to pick 1/25 users out of the given page rolled on stream. They typically would end up unconsciously choosing the very same person week after week without even realizing the fact of doing so.
  5. Etude White In occasion of Eddie's first white t-shirt streaming! 😄
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