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  1. diving my balnce in to 18 and that will be my base bet then martingale
  2. i think btc will crash before end of the year, and it will not be used again
  3. HILO: 792,763,349 placed by mimiglow on 14/09/2018 Wagered 0.00000128 Multiplier 8.28666x Profit 0.00000933
  4. i just cycle it, i get from giveaway, then i enter give away again before i bust it, then if i get the following week giveaway i will use it for giveaway again.
  5. maybe focus on your family and work, coz if you make gambling as carrier , you will end up dead with eyes open, haha
  6. hello, i trie what chrisblack said about mine 2.45x and it actually work, i used martingale on mines, double be on lose, and i end up making 200k from 40k, and it feels overwhelming , i think i will stay here, im from duckdice btw, thx
  7. jual is right, there a lot of thing you can do aside from betting, you can also focus on makig business, online, like buy and sell,
  8. goodthing for you,. some never recover, some die addicted, some got wasted and busted, but you found your way out, i give salute to you friend!
  9. never get muted since im new here, but on other site like duck dice i got muted 3x , lol, need to read rule here first,
  10. are you still winning on this stratefy? i think this is more on goal than stratefy, your daily target is 200k now?