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  1. barciajay

    Will you tip when you win big

    both you and bm are generous, all stakers knows you, hope you got blessed always
  2. barciajay

    Busted all reds

    you should take rest, dont do martingale if you dont have enought balance
  3. barciajay

    Last thought on btc for today

    hope i dont go down, i really need it up and i will wtihdraw my investment
  4. barciajay

    Share your winning formula

    is this effective? haahhaa, ur joking? maybe just check his profit, if positive means its effective .
  5. HILO: 793,148,742 placed by barciajay on 14/09/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 24.044x Profit 0.00002304
  6. barciajay

    Will you tip when you win big

    in case i win 10m ill tip everbody on chat, so that i can share my happiness, small thing for you might be big things for other, so we dont know maybe someone might win big too bcoz of 10k tip
  7. barciajay


    play dice 99x, or 2x, then do the job, play and try to win
  8. barciajay

    What do you do when you have zero balance?

    if no if none of this is working for me, i sleep rest for a while then try to repeat process after i woke up
  9. barciajay

    how to control addiction

    i agree, but im still not planning to have one at the moment, i need to be stable first before getting one, just keep it up friend chrisblack!
  10. barciajay

    Dice strategy

    this is high risk bet, you need to bet high and youll win low, you will will most of the time, but if you lose, you lose too much too, ive tried this before but not effective for me
  11. barciajay

    how to control addiction

    yeah family first and you should only bet what you can afford to lose, if not you need to stop gambling
  12. barciajay

    I made 200k today

    martingale is not safe, some people lose bigtime with this stratgy should play wise , hope you win more
  13. barciajay

    What do you do when you have zero balance?

    i begg, wait for rainbot, trivia, or ask money from my relative and depo